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Command and conquer!
Command and conquer!

9. Scourge of War: Gettysburg


A grim morning (Image by Norb Timpko, from norbsoftdev.net)


Facing certain death (Image by Derek Fiedler, from norbsoftdev.net)

War is chaos, and few military strategy games simulate that feeling of absolute, out-of-control mayhem as well as Scourge of War: Gettysburg.

You play as a field commander in the American Civil War of the 1800s – an era of face-to-face exchanges of gunfire, tight unit formations, and spotty information dissemination. And when soldiers suddenly desert your forces for reasons unknown, or a runner delivers a message to you demanding you to spare some troops to assist another division, you’ll know the meaning of pure battleground confusion.

It’s a mentally taxing game that rewards sound tactics and quick decision-making skills. Definitely a unique entry on this list!


(Image by Matt Clyburn, from norbsoftdev.net)


(Image by Matt Clyburn, from norbsoftdev.net)

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