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Command and conquer!
Command and conquer!

3. Command Ops: Battles from the Bulge


The chain of command

The biting cold of the Winter of 1944, Western Europe; Command Ops: Battles from the Bulge brings us to one of the most unforgiving conflicts of World War II.

What sets this title apart from others in the genre is its dedication to authenticity; here, you don’t have to be some disembodied god giving orders to everyone on the field, from individual units to entire squads. A working chain of command is at play, allowing you to hand out instructions to subordinate army leaders, who in turn will be responsible for unit organization, routes, and operational concerns before they send their troops to battle. There is no micromanagement (as well as no hexagonal tiles and turns). Because your subordinates are sweating the small stuff, this leaves you free to focus on planning maneuvers of a larger scale.

In addition to these factors, incredible A.I. and 27 scenarios make Command Ops: Battles from the Bulge one of the best military strategy games you can play in 2015.


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