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Command and conquer!
Command and conquer!

2. Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm


Like pieces on a gameboard (Image from grogheads.com)

What if the 1980s Cold War had escalated into a full-blown World War III? Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm pits NATO against the Soviets, either of whom you can play as in this thrilling what-if scenario.

The game features an innovative turn system. While pauses occur to give you time to marshal your forces and deal with operational concerns, these intervals change depending on the faction you’ve chosen, and how turbulent the struggle has gotten. NATO enjoys superior command infrastructure, allowing more dynamic reactions to events. The Warsaw Pact can issue orders less often, but possesses greater firepower and numbers.

Red Storm is about knowing the best tactics to pursue in response to ever-changing circumstances. This gets tougher as the war wears on and the situation gets worse for both sides, and they find their ability to control their forces increasingly diminished. With impressive A.I., over 20 scenarios and game maps based on Central Europe’s actual terrain, and a huge variety of authentic weapons and vehicles, this is one military strategy game that should not be missed.


(Image from grogheads.com)

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