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Command and conquer!
Command and conquer!

7. Unity of Command


Seeing red

We come to the Eastern Front of the Second World War in Unity of Command.

Unity of Command brings the operational considerations of war to the fore. Can you manage those supply lines properly to ensure your forces are fed, armed, and fueled? If not, you could be in for a world of trouble. But what can kill your troops can also be used against the enemy. Cut them off from their supply sources, and their soldiers will be shooting blanks as your tanks bombard them with shells.

It’s rarely as easy as it sounds. Your armies will be covering vast distances while the enemy constantly harasses you from all sides. It’s a game about bold planning and mastery of the map, as well as the timely exploitation of opportunities that come your way. One of the best military strategy games, but also one of the toughest.


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