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Command and conquer!
Command and conquer!

5. Ultimate General: Gettysburg


A bird's eye view of chaos

Set during the Battle of Gettysburg, this real-time tactical war game is less StarCraft and more Total War, giving you dominion over thousands of troops scrambling like army ants across a map.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg has you siding with either the Confederate or Union army. As general, you lead lines of soldiers on assaults against the enemy, while using all tactical advantages at your disposal. Of course, things aren’t that simple; enemy cannon fire can carpet the battleground with corpses, and the resulting low morale can exact a heavy toll on army effectiveness.

Controls boast a click-and-drag simplicity. The A.I. is impressive, possessing diverse personalities, from foes who play defensively to those who’ll get under your skin by employing more devious tactics. The campaign branches in unforeseeable ways depending on your actions, paving the way for some truly interesting what-if scenarios. One of the best military strategy games in existence.


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