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Best Fighting Games for PC
12. Tekken 7 - 2015 (PS4, XBOX One, PC) Tekken 7... Read More
5.NeNe The Dragon Nene The Dragon is another great... Read More
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Tekken has many characters that might seem hard to use at first but... Read More
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All fighting games are a tad bit complex and it might seem that... Read More
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Whether or not you play Tekken 7 as a pro or just casually, you... Read More
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Now, when you talk about a fighting game, it is natural to think of... Read More
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Being popular in a fighting game means a lot of things for a... Read More
Best PS5 Fighting Games
If you can believe it, most of PS4’s library of wicked fighting games... Read More
Summary: Tekken has been considered one of the most balanced fighting... Read More
Tekken has a wide variety of characters to choose from. Tekken 7 was... Read More
Over the seasons, Tekken 7 has seen major changes, especially in the... Read More
Tekken 7 was the first of its franchise to be released on PC. With a... Read More
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