Stardew Valley Bachelor Ratings (All Stardew Bachelors Ranked Worst To Best)

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Stardew Valley Bachelor Ratings (All Stardew Bachelors Ranked Worst To Best) (2016)

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Find out which bachelors are best too marry in this RPG.

Why some Bachelors are amazing and why others aren't all that

Let’s be honest, picking a husband can be insanely hard with so many cute options to choose from. You need to take into consideration what they bring to the table, whether or not they’re going to be a good addition to the farm, and whether or not they even deserve the amazing little farmer you’ve brought up to be someone you should be protecting with your life at this point. Today, I’m going to help you come to terms with why some of these picks aren’t all that great while others are probably the best choice you could ever make.

6. Shane ; Husband Rating 35/100

Here we have Shane, one of the six bachelors in Stardew Valley. His many flaws and imperfections can and will turn most people away, not to mention the whole weird chicken obsession.

Shane can best be described as the towns most rude NPC, however his love for chickens does show you a bit of a softer (yet extremely strange) side. From his extremely offensive intro to you, and all of the “What do you want? Leave me alone” dialogue we get from him, it’s extremely hard to even want to interact with him at all.. If you’re interested in knowing the gritty details on this bachelor, click here. 

Why NOT shane?

Shane is known as the town alcoholic. Unfortunately, just because you break down his walls, he does little to change after marriage. He often leaves garbage around his space, and will even blame you for not cleaning up enough. Excuse me, but I did not sign up to be your maid? I think not.
Besides the fact that he spends 90% of his time drinking, if you thought he’d spend the other 10% of the time being productive you’re mistaken. Shane has an unusual obsessions with chickens, and I’ve found that if he isn't drinking at Pierre's or scolding you for everything you “aren’t” doing, he’s usually doing weird stuff with chickens, which comes off as a strange red flag don’t you think?
Lastly, if you can get past the strewn beer cans and the weird chicken obsession, maybe this will stop you; he’s incredibly high maintenance. While I understand why some people can deal with this, I can’t. In order to keep him in a good mood you basically have to shower him with his favorite gifts and talk to him multiple times a day everyday all while he continuously insults you for still not doing enough. Sorry bud, my farmer has better things to do.

5. Alex ; Husband Rating 47/100

Sam is our jock bachelor within Stardew Valley. Although he is handsome, below are some things to sway your outlook on him and tell you why he isnt all that great of a choice.

Ah the typical jock. Alex is introduced to us as just that, a jock with family issues. He is usually found outside tossing the football up in the air, or inside his grandparents house where he lives. His childlike behavior wasn't at all what I was looking for in a suitable husband to my little virtual farmer. Everything you need to know about Alex is here.

Why Alex isn’t a good choice.

Maybe I’m just not into jocks, and while Alex is a more handsome bachelor, I didn’t like his attitude..  His personality is downright annoying. Every time I talk to him he only talks about how great he is. Conceited much?
He stereotypes women. Yeah, I know right. I play with a female character, and a specific dialogue from him stating that because I was a girl probably meant I wouldn’t be any good at tossing around a football, really had me ready to actually tackle him in game. If only that was an option.
After marriage, Alex can be quite sweet with his dialogue if you can get over all of his need for approval from others. However, I couldn’t get passed his snobby demeanor. Sorry not sorry.

4. Sam ; Husband Rating 60/100

Sam is best depicted as the carefree wild card in the game, and is on of the younger bachelors too choose from.

Sam is best known as the fun loving, reckless, and a bit wildly off track bachelor in the game. He’s usually found doing tricks on his skateboard, playing instruments in his room, or hanging out with Sebastian and Abigail, his band mates. Although he seems great, there are some things about him that threw up giant red flags for me.. All of Sam’s details can be found by clicking here.

Is Sam a good choice?

The first thing I noticed right was was how  he’s so damn careless. He’s often seen throughout the game starting things and not finishing them, procrastinates like I did in high school, and still lives with his parents with what seems like little to no plan as to how to get out. How can I trust to him to commit to being a good husband, when he seems he can't even commit to taking out the trash?
Sam has some serious daddy issues. His father Kent doesn't show up until you are at least into year 2 of the game, but if you can work out the clues, it’s obvious Sam’s a reckless rocker and his father probably wishes  he was more responsible.
He comes off as just a kid, which throws my head for a real spin. I can’t possibly expect my mature farming gal to marry a child.. I need someone strong, able, and mature. Sam wasn’t any of those things unfortunately.

3. Harvey ; Husband Rating 85/100

Could this sophisticated doctor be your next husband in the game? Harvey shows true passion and dedication, not to mention hes kinda hot.

Harvey is the town’s local doctor. He’s one of the older and what seems like one of the more  adult options too marry. The townspeople seem too respect Harvey, and everytime you encounter him he is pleasant. You can usually find him working, which he seems to do a lot, or taking a stroll around the town. All of his info can be found here.

Why Harvey makes a good option.

Everything about Harvey screams stable. I mean come on, the man’s a doctor. He’s definitely represented as one of the capable suitors..
He’s always kind. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a moment in game where Harvey did anything to make me dislike him. He always reacts in a positive way to not only seeing you, but seeing anyone for that matter.. Also, the after marriage dialogue is incredibly sweet.
The only thing that slighted me from Harvey was the fact that I could tell he was hiding something. I get it, we all have a past we’d rather keep to ourselves, but when my little virtual farmer is trying to be there for you then you better let her! Maybe with some further investigation I can get him to open up.

2. Sebastian ; Husband Rating 90/100

Above we have sebastian, whom I feel a lof of people can relate with most. He's dark and mysterious but a bright gem on the inside.

Sebastian is one of the more relatable characters in Stardew Valley to us gamers. He himself is portrayed in game as more of a loner who likes to stay in his room playing video games or working on projects(which is actually me in real life). He is usually found hanging out with Sam and Abigail, working in his room, or at the lake next to his house. Everything you need to know about Sebastian can be found by clicking here.

Why Sebastians a great choice

He really cares about your feelings. Maybe it's from being overshadowed by his half sister, Maru his entire life, but he genuinely cares about your feelings and state of well being. Who wouldn’t be obsessed with someone who was obsessed with them?
His character actually develops throughout the game. Once he opens up to you, he really seems to become somewhat of a happier guy. His after marriage dialogue is  absolutely to die for and left me feeling entirely content in my choice for a husband in game.
He’s total Dad material. When you get into the portion of the game that involves having children, Sebastian steps up to the plate like any great father would. The dialogue about the kids is super cute, and he seems to take to it like a pro. Husband material? I think yes.

1. Elliott ; Husband Rating 100/100

Finally we have Elliot. His locks speak for themselves. I mean honestly. Need I say more?

Elliott is also one of the older bachelors. He lives in his own cabin on the beach, and reveals himself to be a writer working on a novel. You can find Elliott hanging out in the local museum, strolling along the beach, or gazing into the water on the bridges throughout the game. Everything you need to know about Elliott can be found here. 

Why Elliott makes the perfect choice

He’s instantly inviting and warm. From the second I spoke to Elliott in my first playthrough of the game, I knew he was the first bachelor I wanted to marry. He was open, genuine, and kind, which was everything I was looking for in a husband in one long haired handsome package!
He has goals. As you get to know Elliott throughout the game, he will open up to you about his lifelong goals and how he plans to achieve them even if he doubts himself a bit. This to me is far more admirable than having beer cans strewn across the floor...I’m looking at you Shane.
His dialogue is the best I saw within any of the bachelors, before and after marriage. Not only does he remind you daily how beautiful you are, how blessed he is to have you, or how he can’t imagine life any other way, but he seems to help on the farm a ton, gives you coffee almost every morning, and never gives you a reason to dislike him. In the end, Elliott is the total package.

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