Overwatch Review - Good To Play in 2020?

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The growing cast of Overwatch, primed for action

Is Overwatch actually worth playing in 2020?

Over the past few years, there has only been one game that I keep returning to again and again. Overwatch is a game that continues to deliver thanks to a growing roster and addicting game modes. That said, Overwatch is not without faults, and plenty of them.

Having played since launch, I’ve seen the game at it’s high and lows points, so I’m able to provide interested players with an honest review. So four years after launch, is Overwatch still good to play in 2020?

About Overwatch

Overwatch is a first person shooter game that sees players duking it out in a six verse six format, utilizing heroes from a varied cast. Easy to learn but hard to master, Overwatch allows players to pick up the ins-and-outs of these unique heroes while battling others for control of objectives.

When Blizzard Entertainment launched Overwatch in 2016, the community hype circulating was unprecedented. With fan art, videos and other media disseminating across the internet at exponential rates, it’s no surprise that Blizzard reported seven million players only a week after launch.

By offering play styles that match various hero stereotypes, Overwatch appeals to many different gamers, resulting in a playerbase of 50 million in 2020.

Overwatch Story

Four heroes of Overwatch face off against the looming Omnic terror in the legendary battle of King’s Row

Overwatch gets its name from an international group of super powered heroes within the game’s world. Formulated to fight back against a powerful robotic menace, the Omnic Crisis, Overwatch is made up of characters with diverse backgrounds and abilities.

The game itself takes place many years after the organization’s heydey, leaving much untold about these fantastic characters, and even less about the heroes unrelated to the main plot. Even though there have been cinematic shorts, comics and stories released to build on the lore, the story is still where it was when the game launched four years ago.

While Overwatch’s world leaves much to be desired, Blizzard has announced a story mode expansion that will be coming to the game, hopefully alleviating the slipshod nature of the plot.

Overwatch Gameplay

Two teams of players engaging at short range to determine the winner of the first objective on the Numbani hybrid map

See Overwatch gameplay in action: 

Overwatch Gameplay

One of the many highlights of the game, Overwatch’s gameplay sets it apart from other major competitive shooters. Overwatch offers multiple game modes across a series of international maps, with standard matches following a six verse six format.

Whether fighting for dominance of objectives or pushing payloads through chokepoints, Overwatch ups the ante by requiring players to develop a complex game sense. Add in 31 individual hero play styles to the mix, and you have yourself a deep competitive multiplayer game that will constantly keep you on your toes.

The downside to this complexity is that new players will likely experience many hours of whiffing big plays or picking unideal heroes, resulting in defeat. Yet, the appealing nature of the characters and game modes will bring players back to improve, revealing the addictive quality of Overwatch’s gameplay.

Overwatch Combat

See Overwatch combat in action: 

Overwatch Combat

An extension of the overall gameplay, Overwatch’s moment to moment combat can truly be heart pounding. The cast is broken into three roles: Tank, Damage Per Second (DPS), and Healer, necessitating all three to see success. Unlike many other shooter games, the hero kits in Overwatch are static, and cannot be improved or changed over time.

Typically, a character will have a basic attack, a few abilities that cooldown after a few seconds and an ultimate ability that can swing team fights. By keeping hero kits the same, players will know what to expect going into a confrontation, and can develop strategies on the fly based on what each team picked. 

The simplicity of the hero kits means that players can get right into the action as their favorite character. Through continued training, a player can learn the intricacies of each role, offering a meaningful grind rather than a hollow one. You may pick up Reaper for his forgiving shotguns, but the true feeling of success will come when wiping an entire team with his ultimate, Death Blossom.

However, due to a poor tutorial and training zone, new players may get stomped as their favorite hero with little indication of how to improve. If they can push through the learning curve, players will find hours of replayability with Overwatch’s combat.

Overwatch Mission System

Certainly a lacking aspect of the game, Overwatch does not offer much of a mission system in comparison to competitors. The only true growth in Overwatch is in the form of player skill and hero cosmetics.

By playing and leveling up, players will earn loot boxes that drop various customizable items for each hero at random. Each week, players can earn three loot boxes over the course of nine wins. Between this and the occasional skin challenge of the same format, these are the only actual “missions” players can follow through and complete.

While the gameplay itself keeps players logging in, Overwatch could use an improvement when it comes to providing quests or missions for players to chase. 

Overwatch Graphics

Cherry blossoms sprinkle the landscape of the highly detailed and colorful Hanamura assault map

See Overwatch graphics in action: 

Overwatch Graphics

In an industry dominated by gritty, realistic shooters, Overwatch was a breath of fresh air when it released. Blizzard is known for its charming graphics, but Overwatch pushed the buck by combining a bright, signature style with the popular shooter genre. Each map is meticulously developed to authentically represent the real world location it is modelled after.

Even the heroes are well designed, and have become instantly recognizable because of it. On top of that, the game offers solid frame rates across all platforms, resulting in a smooth and beautiful experience no matter the mode. Four years in, and Overwatch still looks as good as it did at launch, showing that the graphics can stand up against the test of time.

Overwatch Developer

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, players can rest easy knowing that Overwatch is in the hands of a long time game developer. Famous for creating World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, Blizzard is no stranger to hit games that have attracted millions.

While the company itself may have some faults, such as poor decision-making and public relations, anyone can see that the developers for Overwatch love the game. Blizzard provides consistent updates to Overwatch in the form of developer videos and public patch notes.

Having stated that updates will be free for the life of the game, Blizzard has stayed true to that promise. New players can feel confident jumping into Overwatch in 2020, because Blizzard is all in on developing the game currently and for many years to come.

Overwatch Price

Overwatch is available on every major platform, including PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The price fluctuates depending on which platform, ranging from $20 on PC to $40 on Nintendo Switch.

Fortunately, all the hero, map and game mode releases are added to the game as free updates, so players will not have to purchase anything else to stay up to date. Blizzard offers the best of both worlds, since cosmetic loot boxes are purchasable or earnable within the game. For the amount of depth and replayability Overwatch offers, it is well worth the initial cost.

Final Verdict: 9/10


  • A hero pool that offers a wide range of play styles, perfect for gamers of all kinds
  • High-octane gameplay that pushes game sense and mechanical skill to the limit
  • Jaw dropping graphics starring locations from around the world
  • Lower entry cost with consistent free updates


  • Steep learning curve with limited tutorials and training zone
  • Poor story and lacking missions for players to follow
  • Limited competitive mode with weak rewards and misleading scores
  • Little recourse for players experiencing high amounts of toxicity while playing

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