What We Can Expect in Elder Scrolls VI

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What we can expect in Elder Scrolls VI

It’s been almost five years since video gamers stepped foot in Tamriel for a new single-player experience. In the past years AAA game developer Bethesda has given gamers the latest addition to the Fallout franchise with Fallout 4 and a twist on the traditional Elder Scrolls experience with the MMORPG Elder Scrolls Online.

Bethesda will be hosting E3 2017 so with that news in mind and the history of releasing the next Elder Scrolls after a Fallout game, it’s a winning bet to say there will be some big news about Elder Scrolls VI soon next year.

A map of Tamriel and the places where past Elder Scrolls games have taken place

Fans have been waiting almost half a decade for this game. During that time they have come up with some interesting and creative wishlists for the next game, and due to the addition of new features in Fallout 4 some of these once far-out ideas may become a reality.

Although nothing is 100% known yet, here is what we can reasonably expect in Elder Scrolls VI.

Expanded Settlement Building

Helgen was a semi-ruinous fortress community in Falkreath Hold in south-western Skyrim. It was one of the only friendly settlements located in Falkreath Hold, apart from the city of Falkreath itself.

One of the biggest features in Fallout 4 was the settlement builder. For the first time players could rebuild the wasteland into a network of thriving small communities. Many mods expanded this feature even further, letting players build huge exciting towns and cities.

Bethesda’s Fallouts have always been a testing ground of sorts for their main flagship title, which is the Elder Scrolls series. It’s no secret to true Fallout and Elder Scrolls fans that Fallout tends to get the unfinished prototype treatment while Elder Scrolls gets all the polished bells and whistles.

The settlement builder was one of those features. It was a great addition, and one that added to the feeling of making a difference in the wasteland game-world.

An expanded settlement builder would actually work as well if not better in Elder Scrolls VI.

I can see a “Conan the Barbarian” quest requiring the player to conquer lands and having the options to add to conquered towns or create new ones.

Not only that but Tamriel is a huge continent with abundant resources spread throughout the Empire. Imagine being in Skyrim and having all the wood and stone to create a huge castle and armaments. The world of Fallout is limited to scavenging for materials. But in Elder Scrolls there is a fresh world with resources and magic to build your settlements.

Guild Management

In Skyrim when you finally became  the leader of a guild at the end of the quest line, there wasn’t much else the player could do. As leader of the new Dark Brotherhood wouldn’t you want to pick back up and begin those assasinations again? Only as leader you wouldn’t do the dirty work yourself. Instead you’d send your Assasin Brothers to do the bloody work for you.

Again, thanks to the experimentation in Fallout 4, we can expect increased guild management in Elder Scrolls VI.

Unseen Location for the Game World

Lots of speculation has been made about the next setting. Each Elder Scrolls game is set in a different area of the game’s world, Tamriel.

Some fans think there might even be a Skyrim 2, but that’s unlikely.

Two top runners are Argonia and a return to Morrowind.

Argonia is home to the Argonian reptile people. It’s also known as Black Marsh because of its swampy, water-filled landscape. This is possibly the most popular choice.

Another top runner is a return to Morrowind. Although players already explored Morrowind in Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, that was only part of the province: the island of Vvardenfell. There is the island plus the whole mainland section of the province to explore.

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