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The game's best changes

7. Heirloom updates

Leveling still takes a long time though, even with heirlooms.

With 100 levels to go, starting fresh can seem like a very daunting task. Heirlooms are gear pieces that give experience boosts by a flat percentage rate and help you level significantly faster. Previously you could only buy these with justice or honor points. Well justice points are removed from the game and almost all heirlooms can be purchased with gold now. This is such a relief and allows a lot more players to get access to the heirloom pieces.

In order for the heirlooms to scale past level 60 though, you need to buy an upgrade for it. So leveling all the way to 100 can be quite expensive. However, if you have the cash you can simply pay Blizzard $60 and you’ll get a level 90 character instantly. Boosting your toon for $60 dollars would save you probably at least a couple of weeks’ worth of dedicated playing.

One final mention regarding heirlooms is the fact that they are now stored in the game’s UI. You don’t need to keep them in your inventory, and multiple toons can have the same piece equipped at the same time. It is a huge improvement to the previous system. No more mailing heirlooms around!

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JPodz's picture

JPodz 8 years 6 months ago

It may be older but it is still golder. There are tons of quests, lots to do, many ways to earn resources. You do not need to spend a ton to get what you need. I like the old click and grind tasks. Fishing and cooking are relaxing (in the game). Tired of one type of character... start up another. I do not recommend in game flirting and avoid those types of chats and comments. I good guild can really help you - change guilds until you find one that matches your style. I love the group guild raids and I also like the random dungeon raids where you play with virtual strangers.... AND you never know what celebrity is in character and may be in your guild or random encounters!

Huehuehuehue's picture

Huehuehuehue 8 years 7 months ago

World of Warcraft, more like World of Borecraft

James Lightning's picture

James Lightning 8 years 7 months ago

The game is more than 10 years old. It wasn't what it used to be.

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