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The game's best changes

4. A Simplified Raiding Model

End game content accessible for everyone? Thank you Blizzard.

Mist of Pandaria introduced the LFR (Looking For Raid) system which is basically a pug for a raid. The raids were much easier than the normal or heroic versions, and it allowed for more casual players to experience end game content.

Despite the hate on the forums by elitist jerks, this change received a widely popular reaction. People loved being able to raid without having to be a part of a raiding guild or having to schedule it a week in advance. Unfortunately a lot of LFR groups failed due to players who did not understand the mechanics of certain boss fights. Blizzard aimed to fix that in this latest expansion.

LFR now scales with the number of members in your party. So if you started out at 25 and 4 people dropped, you don’t have to wait for new people to join in order to continue. Also, almost all difficult boss mechanics have been removed from LFR, and the ranking system has been overhauled. Flex raiding is now normal, normal is now heroic, and heroic is now mythic. All levels of raiding scale with the number of people in the raid except for mythic difficulty which is locked in at 20.

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JPodz's picture

JPodz 8 years 6 months ago

It may be older but it is still golder. There are tons of quests, lots to do, many ways to earn resources. You do not need to spend a ton to get what you need. I like the old click and grind tasks. Fishing and cooking are relaxing (in the game). Tired of one type of character... start up another. I do not recommend in game flirting and avoid those types of chats and comments. I good guild can really help you - change guilds until you find one that matches your style. I love the group guild raids and I also like the random dungeon raids where you play with virtual strangers.... AND you never know what celebrity is in character and may be in your guild or random encounters!

Huehuehuehue's picture

Huehuehuehue 8 years 7 months ago

World of Warcraft, more like World of Borecraft

James Lightning's picture

James Lightning 8 years 7 months ago

The game is more than 10 years old. It wasn't what it used to be.

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