Do Companies “leak” E3 Secrets to Create Interest?

Every year companies have rumours about what they release at E3 and constant “confirmed rumours.”

Are these “Rumours” Actually Rumours?

Every year there are multiple articles that say “games rumoured to be announced at E3” or “is this the big announcement that PlayStation has?” It’s nearly impossible to escape them as they’re on every site multiple times. Gamespot even has a list of every game rumour for this years E3.

Some games are actually announced before E3, like Star Wars Battlefront 2, so they can create more hype by demonstrating at E3, but what about those games that aren’t confirmed? There is always speculation about what games what companies will demonstrate or bring to the table. These speculations aren’t always right, but they are necessarily wrong.

The Image released of Project Scorpio.

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