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The two heroes: a condemned warrior and a mystic brought back to life.

5. Interact with Literally Everything

Character sheet and items.

This is another one of the best RPG elements in Divinity.  If you’re the type of player that likes to interact with everything, know that you will add 80+ hours of gameplay to your playtime if you have to turn over every stone.  If an item’s not bolted down or too heavy for you to lift, you can pick it up and interact with it.

You can even interact with things you can’t lift, just in different ways. 

Items that you can carry in your inventory may seem useless, but if you get into crafting, you might be surprised with what you can create.  You can make your own mace out of a stick and nails.  Or if you find a doll, you could make a Voodoo doll out of it and those very same nails. 

Halloween Special with some interesting item combinations.

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