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The two heroes: a condemned warrior and a mystic brought back to life.

4. Conversations and Choices are Important

Steam early access trailer with some good teaser points. 

This is perhaps the biggest RPG element of the game and why I liken it to Dragon Age.  Your choices have an impact on your party and the world around you.  Sometimes, the consequences of the choices will show up in minutes and sometimes it’ll take hours for them to play out.

The game encourages you to converse with the other hero, as well as other members of your party.  If you and the other hero are constantly disagreeing, it might make things more difficult.  Every decision adds to a social stat and will influence how the heroes behave towards one another.

Thanksgiving Special including arguing heroes. 

Do you want the two heroes to be friends? Lovers? Accomplices? Competitors? You choose. 

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