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Here are some movies Dead Space fans must see

5. Howl (2015)


Directed by Paul Hyett, this story centers around a group of passengers on a train who are besieged upon by a menacing creature. Now they must combine their talents in an effort to survive this creature’s onslaught until the morning light breaks.

This film is a deviation from Dead Space in that it takes place on Earth. Though you could draw some parallels between this film and Dead Space. For example, you have an infection that twists man into something else. Couple that with the ambiance and you may be getting some flashbacks. The film itself isn’t so much sci-fi as it is a pure thriller. The plot of a group of people who can’t escape a supernatural force is a well trodden path, however howl gives you plenty of jump scares and we all love those. While it’s not getting any points for originality, it is definitely a film worth seeing if you are a Dead Space fan. I give it 8 out of 10.

Howl Movie Poster

A werewolf from the film

4. Pandorum (2009)


In this film two crew members awake from cryo-sleep to find that they have no memory of why they are there or what their mission is. Slowly they realize they are not alone and as Cpl. Bower ventures out to explore the ship with Lt. Payton as his guide. Directed by Christian Alvart, this is a must see for Dead Space fans.

This film is definitely a psychological thriller worthy of the Dead Space fan-verse. From the first scene with Cpl. Bower waking from cryo-sleep frantic and disoriented, this film draws a number of parallels with the game. There is a ship with a crew that’s been ravaged by Pandorum, space madness, causing people to resort to canabalism. There is a psychological component that airs on the side of a thriller, but there is plenty of violence to make Dead Space fans cringe. I can’t help, but give points for originality. The plot is one you wouldn’t normally encounter in a horror movie and is one most will have never encountered before. The plot arch is like nothing I’ve ever seen before and it’s this originality that makes Pandorum an instant cult classic. I give it 9 out of 10.

Pandorum Movie Poster


Cpl. Bower waking up from hyper-sleep

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