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Here are some movies Dead Space fans must see

8. The Thing (2011)

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This remake of the 1982 classic is a refreshing take on story. Directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., the story fallows paleontologist Kate Lloyd who goes on an expedition to Antic. Her find promises to advance the knowledge of her particular field. But some things are better left undiscovered. Quickly she finds herself fighting for her life against an alien presence that could mimic anyone at anytime.

Like Harbinger down this film is seat on Earth and in the Antic. We have a group of eager researchers investigating a once in a lifetime discovery. It’s a clear case of an alien presence being unleashed. Much like Harbinger Down, some things are better off remaining frozen. Dead space fans will notice some parallels with this film to the game. You have an eager, yet unsuspecting crew taking on more than they bargained for. In this case, an alien being with the ability to infiltrate the human body distorting it into grotesque forms reminiscent of necromorphs. Hubris leads to disaster and you can’t help feeling that some of the deaths that occur are a result of karma. The alien’s ability to absorb and imitate the human form on a cellular level means the alien can be anyone at anytime adding a whole other level of terror for the crew. The visuals are a huge upgrade from the 1982 classic, but still maintain the character of the original film. There isn’t a lot of gore in this film, but there is plenty of action and a bit of a psychological horror component that endures throughout the film.

This story is one of survival in the face of a cunning creature and a bit of a cautionary tale about fools rushing in. If you love the story of men against alien that was Dead Space you’ll love this film. I give this film an 8 out of 10

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Alien twisting the human form

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