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Here are some movies Dead Space fans must see

9. Harbinger Down (2015


Written and directed by Alec Gillis, this film is definitely reminiscent of Dead Space. When a group of grad students book passage on a crabbing vessel bound for the frozen Bering Sea they quickly find the discovery of a lifetime. A Soviet space ship frozen for over 3 decades. Not only that, but the ship contains a mutated experiment that has survived the harsh conditions of space and the Antic. What happens next, is more than any of the crew were prepared to deal with.

After recovering a relic of the Soviet Union, the overzealous student rushes to investigate and Inadvertently unleash a mutated parasite on the crew. A parasite that kills its host and mutates them into something else. It manipulates its host’s DNA to create twisted visages. The grad student is quickly regretting having thawed this creature out in the first place. But it’s too late for regrets as the creature hops from host to host on a bloodthirsty rampage that will definitely satisfy Dead Space fans. There is a slight psychological component to this film as you never know who is next and plenty of action to keep you engaged in the plot. The start is admittedly slow, but once it gets going it’s a roller coaster to be sure. The visuals and score are well formulated to produce a great cinematic experience that you won’t forget. All in all I give this film a 7 out of 10

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Grotesque alien changing forms

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