[Top 5] Zelda: Majora's Mask Best Swords That Are Powerful (And How To Get Them)

Behold, God Link!

Within the sorrowful world of Termina, there’s 5 different swords at the player’s disposal. Unlike Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask has more options to Link’s armory. You could play the game only wielding the default sword (Kokiri Sword), or you could be legendary and acquire all the swords on this list. Let’s dive into the swords that make our green clad hero’s adventure even better. 

5. Kokiri Sword

The Kokiri Sword is Link’s default weapon; it’s a simplistic short sword that’s fit for a youngling like Link. Unlike the model in Ocarina of Time, the Kokiri Sword in Majora’s Mask doesn’t fashion the classic red ruby and has an entirely different hilt design. 

Instead of the design we’re used to, it has a white grip, a blue pointed pommel, and a straight golden crossbar. I personally found the design change to be a bit of a physical downgrade, but that’s just me. Unlike every other sword in the game, the Kokiri Sword doesn’t need to be manually obtained – Link has it before the game even begins. 

Typically, default weapons in any video game are usually the weakest. Majora’s Mask is no different in this case, as the Kokiri Sword is Link’s weakest sword in the game. 

According to the Zelda Wiki, weapon strength is measured from 1-6. The Kokiri Sword deals 1/6 damage in Majora's Mask specifically. However, if Link performs a Jump or Spin Attack, the sword deals twice the damage at 2/6. The Kokiri Sword’s most prominent appearances are in Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask respectively, along with non-canon media such as the Smash series and Hyrule Warriors.

What the Kokiri Sword Excels In:

  • The handy default sword 
  • *Nostalgia from Ocarina of Time ensues*
  • Cuts grass and slashes enemies with a click of a button

How to Get the Kokiri Sword: 

Kokiri Sword details: https://zelda.fandom.com/wiki/Kokiri_Sword

4. Razor Sword

The Razor Sword is the first upgrade made to the Kokiri Sword in the game. Unlike its prior Kokiri form, the Razor Sword has an eccentric cutting-edge style. 

It has a metallic and gold hilt with spikes accessorizing the grip and pommel. The most distinct physical attribute of the sword is its asymmetric double-blade, which makes it look a bit more serious. 

To acquire the Razor Sword, Link needs to go to the Mountain Smithy, located in the Snowhead region, towards the center of the Mountain Village. The Smithy is easy to spot, you can’t miss it, despite being covered in snow. 

The Smithy is operated by Zubora and Gabora, two unlikely business partners. Zubora is the owner and is a slob while he lounges around with his body slumped on a couch. Gabora is the running force behind the business, a hulking bodybuilder-looking character. 

Upon entering the Smithy, Link will talk to Gabora, but unfortunately, our lumbering smith speaks his language of seemingly gibberish: “Ugoh-oh! Ugoh ugo ugo?”. Zubora will interrupt the encounter with a gleeful tone, as Link is the first customer to arrive during their perpetual Winter. 

Zubora will immediately examine Link’s Kokiri Sword and offers to reforge it for 100 Rupees. However, it won’t be ready till sunrise. Zubora warns Link that after using the sword 100 times, it’ll lose its edge, returning to its original sharpness. 

Keep in mind; upgrading the Kokiri Sword to the Razor Sword is not a waste of Rupees – as it’s the only way to have the sword upgraded again to the Gilded Sword. The last step is to wait around or make time worthwhile until morning. If you’re impatient, you can walk outside the Smithy and play the Double Song of Time.

The Razor Sword deals twice the damage as the Kokiri Sword, making it 2/6. If Link performs a Jump or Spin Attack, the Razor Sword inflicts 4/6 damage. The sword reappears in non-canon media such as Soulcalibur II

What the Razor Sword Excels In:

  • Inflicts twice the damage as the Kokiri Sword
  • The first sword upgrade in the game
  • Cool looking

How to Get the Razor Sword: 

Razor Sword details: https://zelda.fandom.com/wiki/Razor_Sword?so=search

3. Gilded Sword

The Gilded Sword is slightly longer and bears a resemblance to a classic Zelda sword than its Razor counterpart. The crossbar is striking and upturned, the blade has a diamond silver/gold pattern, and most importantly, the sword is partially made of gold. 

After reforging the Kokiri Sword into the Razor Sword, Link is ready for the last and best upgrade. This upgrade will again be forged through the Mountain Smithy, and unlike the Razor Sword, the Gilded Sword required Gold Dust, not Rupees. Zubora will hint at the Gilded Sword after he’s given Link the Razor Sword: “If you bring me gold dust before this sword loses its edge, I’ll be able to make it the strongest sword around.”. 

To get the Gold Dust, Link must defeat the boss in Snowhead, win the Goron Race and have at least 24 hours before the dawn of the 3rd day. Keep in mind, all sword upgrades do not have to be done within the 3-day cycle, so don’t get overwhelmed. However, you’ll need to refrain from breaking the Razor Sword. 

The Goron Race isn’t too challenging once you get used to Goron Link’s rolling mechanics, and you can make unlimited attempts at winning the race - hopefully that aleviates pressure. Upon becoming victorious in the Goron Race, not only will Link obtain precious Gold Dust, but he’ll also thoroughly impress the Elder’s Son (what a cutie). 

Link will need to head back to the Mountain Smithy and give Zubora the bottle of Gold Dust. To his surprise, Link’s Gold Dust is top-of-the-line quality. Zubora will offer to reforge the Razor Sword for free, but warns Link not to tell anyone (yeah, as if people in Termina have gold dust lying around like it’s a normal thing), then tells Link to come back in the morning. 

When dawn arrives, your newly forged sword is ready! When Link enters the Smithy, Zubora will hand him the Gilded Sword. Unlike the Razor Sword, the Gilded Sword is unbreakable and deals 3/6 damage. When Link performs a Jump or Spin attack, the gold-laced blade deals 6/6 damage.

Considering the Gilded Sword is comparable to the last three on this list, it inflicts three times more damage, so I recommend you fully reforge the Kokiri Sword. The Gilded Sword reappears in non-canon media such as Hyrule Warriors.

What the Gilded Sword Excels In:

•    The most powerful upgrade to the Kokiri Sword
•    Unbreakable
•    Partially made of gold

How to Get the Gilded Sword: 

Gilded Sword details: https://zelda.fandom.com/wiki/Gilded_Sword?so=search

2. Great Fairy's Sword

The Great Fairy’s Sword is an ethereal-seeming sword with a mystic pattern of mainly purple and green. The blade has black roses etched into it and the blade itself is much longer and larger than the previous swords on this list.

To acquire the sword, Link must collect all 15 Stray Fairies in Stone Tower Temple. Collecting the fairies in any temple in the game would take quite a bit of writing, but the YouTube video below can help you retrace your steps. 

After finding all the Stray Fairies, Link needs to head to the Fairy Fountain of Ikana Canyon, located in a building in the northwestern part of the map. Once Link enters the Great Fairy’s domicile, the Stray Fairies will culminate.

For Link’s compassion, the Great Fairy of Kindness will grant him the Fairy’s Sword. The sword deals twice the damage as the Razor Sword, making it 4/6. When Link performs a Jump or Spin Attack, the Great Fairy’s Sword deals 8/6 damage. 

Unlike the other swords in the game, Link can still use it when he’s jinxed by a Blue Bubble. The Great Fairy’s Sword makes another appearance in non-canon media such as Soulcalibur II and Hyrule Warriors. 

What the Great Fairy’s Sword Excels In:

  • Most powerful weapon playable throughout the game (overworld and all locations)
  • Unlike the Kokiri/Razor/Gilded Swords, the Great Fairy’s Sword is an individual item, meaning it’s used with the C buttons 
  • Its large size makes for a great attack radius

How to Get the Great Fairy’s Sword: 

Great Fairy’s Sword details: https://zelda.fandom.com/wiki/Great_Fairy's_Sword?so=search

1. Double-Helix (Fierce Deity) Sword

The Double-Helix sword is a massive two-handed weapon perfectly fit for a terrifying God. With steal blue blades and a disturbingly long body, this sword is famous for good reason. 

Although the Double-Helix sword is worth writing home about, it can only be used while Link takes his Godly form through the Fierce Deity Mask (you really thought Young Link could wield that??). Not to mention, the mask itself holds more recognition. In other words, it’s like comparing Darth Vader to his red Lightsaber. 

To get the fearful Fierce Deity Mask, Link must collect all 23 masks in the game (Fierce Deity adds 1 so it's technically 24) and evenly distribute the masks to several of the Moon Children. To get to that point, Link will need to replenish each region in Termina, meaning you will have to defeat all 4 main bosses in their respective dungeons. 

Skull Kid will be awaiting Link – unlike the first time when Link was a measly Deku Scrub, Link now has the power to summon the Four Giants by playing the Oath to Order. A cutscene will play of Skull Kid having a mental breakdown as the Four Giants come together to stop the Moon. Majora will detach from Skull Kid as the “puppet role” and enter the Moon’s mouth, Link following. 

The inside of the Moon is a heavenly field with endless green grass and a large tree in the center of a hill. Children wearing masks of the defeated bosses frolic around the hill, and one singular child sits patiently under the tree. These are also known as the Moon Children. 

Link must speak to all the children, they’ll tell him (not ask) to give them his masks. Link will also need to undergo a series of lengthy trials wearing each of the transformation masks. 

After giving all his masks to the Moon Children, one child is left, and he’s wearing Majora’s Mask. Upon talking to him, he’ll ask Link if he wants to play with him and suggests: “Let’s play good guys against bad guys”. 

Link receives the epic Fierce Deity Mask, and the battle begins between the Fierce Deity and Majora. After a painful-looking transformation, Link stands at roughly 9 feet tall and automatically has the Double-Helix sword in his hands. 

If you’re a fan of the Zelda series’ history with energy disks, you’ll be pleased to know that the Fierce Deity Sword has them! The sword itself deals 4/6 damage. However, the energy disks inflict the most damage out of any weapon in the entire game at a whopping 6/6 damage. When Link performs a Jump or Spin Attack, the sword deals 8/6 damage, but the energy disk damage is unchanging no matter your attack strategy.

Because of the combination of attacks the sword inflicts, energy disks surge out of the blade while Link is swinging the sword, making constant double-damage hits! The energy disks also allow the player to use the gaps of space between Link and Majora to their advantage, attacking from afar. 

The ultra-powerful blade, Link’s godlike form, and impressive energy disks make the final boss fight an absolute joke. Link destroys Majora, and with the Fierce Deity Mask, you’d have to purposely try to lose this battle. 

Unfortunately, Link can only use the Fierce Deity Mask during boss battles (I know, bummer). However, there are plenty of emulators and ROM hacks out there that support utilizing the Fierce Deity Mask in all areas of Termina and even Ocarina of Time. But fair warning, Fierce Deity Link is unnervingly tall, so gameplay won’t feel the same. The mask’s limitation is kin to the Giant’s Mask being only equip-able during the Twinmold boss fight. 

Because of the sword’s iconic reverence, it reappears in non-canon media such as Hyrule Warriors and the Majora’s Mask manga by Akira Himekawa. It also appears (along with the armor) in Breath of Wild.

What the Double-Helix/Fierce Deity Sword Excels In:

•    Most powerful weapon in the game
•    Literally a Deity Sword 
•    Shoots energy disks

How to Get the Double-Helix/Fierce Deity Sword: 

Double-Helix/Fierce Deity Sword details: https://zelda.fandom.com/wiki/Fierce_Deity_Sword?so=search

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