Top 5 Best Legend of Zelda Games Loved By Millions Worldwide

The notorious Triforce is an essential element of every Zelda game. Which are you-power, wisdom, or courage?

We’re all familiar with the sword-slinging blondie in green. Link and Zelda save Hyrule time and time again, and each game brings something different to the table. I’ve spent hours playing nearly all LoZ games, and here are the top 5.

5. A Link Between Worlds

A Link Between Worlds gameplay

You know, sometimes it’s okay to feel a little dumb. Playing A Link Between Worlds is certainly a humbling experience, as it arguably has the best puzzles in the Zelda franchise. But somehow, that makes the game more addicting! Link follows the familiar journey to save Hyrule; however, he faces the kingdom’s doppleganger, Lorule. Playing this game feels like home, but with an added twist. It has certainly earned its place among the classic Zelda games.

The poster for A Link Between Worlds showing both Hyrule and the sinister-looking Lorule.

Here we see the graphics of A Link Between Worlds which blends the 3d aspect of the newer games with the classic style of the Gameboy Zelda games.

4. Twilight Princess

Twilight Princess gameplay

Let’s be clear, any game that has a minigame to find and hold cats has to be on the top 5 list. Oh, and you get to be a wolf? But in all honesty, the fighting, puzzles, and bosses are truly what make Twilight Princess an amazing addition to the Zelda franchise (not to mention the double hookshot). While the game is shrouded in the severity of twilight and impending doom of Ganon’s power, the comedy and whimsy of the characters add a layer of lighthearted relief. With Midna as your sassy sidekick, it is actually a joy to take on your frightening (or not so frightening) enemy Zant and save Hyrule once more!

*It should also be said that the music in Twilight Princess is my personal favorite out of all the Zelda games. Give the soundtrack, or the orchestral version, a good listen!

Human Link with his trusty steed, Epona, and Midna with her trusty steed…Wolf Link! Together they fight off the evil of the Twilight realm.

Link talking to some of the cutest characters in the entire franchise, Yeta and Yeto. Get ready to snowboard!

3. Majora's Mask

Majora's Mask gameplay

Take your eyes off the screen for a second and look out at the sky. …Is it safe? The moon isn’t about to fall down on us? Okay, whew. Link is truly up against it -the literal end of the world- in Majora’s Mask. The time limit and the dungeons could have you looking at a guide book while playing this game, but the challenge makes it a very rewarding game to beat. Majora’s Mask is perhaps the most eerie, even melancholy, of the Zelda games as you learn more about the characters. However, you cannot help but have fun as you try to get every mask in the game, especially when you take on the Anju and Kafei quest. If you haven’t played the dark horse of the Zelda series yet, I suggest taking a visit to Termina!

Look at all of these masks you can collect in Majora’s Mask. Some of them look familiar, right?

There are so many characters Link can help in Majora’s Mask, but he may have never met them if Skullkid (on top of the clocktower) didn’t cause mayhem.

2. Ocarina of Time

Ocarina of Time gameplay

Hey, listen! Who doesn’t love nostalgia? For many of us in the millennial/gen z (maybe even older) generations, Ocarina of Time was our introduction to the Zelda universe. And what an introduction it was. Playing this game makes me feel like I’m a kid again, and not much can beat that feeling. More importantly, the game play and story line of Ocarina of Time is truly classic. Not only do we get a history of Hyrule and the Triforce in OoT, but we get to save Princess Zelda from Ganon’s power with the help of gorons, zoras, kokiris, the gerudo, Epona, and everyone’s favorite (or not) sidekick Navi! Ocarina of Time may be the most famous of all Zelda games, and with good reason as it adds great lore to the entire Zelda universe.

As Ocarina of Time is the most iconic game of the Zelda franchise, these are the most iconic characters shown in the famous Temple of Time.

Any time Link gets his hands on a musical instrument, you know it’s a turning point in the game. From here on out, the Ocarina of Time gets more challenging, and more fun.

1. Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild gameplay

I cannot picture a single person that wouldn’t enjoy Breath of the Wild. It abandons the average pattern of Link’s journey for an open world experience, but keeps the same Zelda feel we all love. At times, playing the game feels more like watching a movie as you begin to unlock Link’s memories and develop the story on your own terms. The futuristic, yet ancient technology alongside the stunning graphics creates this beautiful world that you will only want to continue exploring, even after you’ve defeated Calamity Ganon. There is no wrong way to play this game, for you could complete all of the shrines, or wake up from your 100 year sleep and go straight to Hyrule Castle. But do me a favor and complete the Tarrey Town side quest. The game is best, in my opinion, if you stop to meet new people, fight various enemies, and discover new mysteries scattered all over the map.

The graphics in Breath of the Wild are unparalleled. This is only a fraction of the map, but it makes me want to jump off that cliff and sail into the distance.

These shrines prepare you to fight guardians, an essential skill in Breath of the Wild. In fact, fighting a guardian can be harder than some of the bosses! Better practice!

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