[Top 10] Hyrule Warriors Best Characters (Ranked)

Best Hyrule Warriors Characters
Link considers the perks of dual wielding

Some of the cast of Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors boasts a pretty large roster of characters from many of the games, from Link’s Awakening to Link Between Worlds. Within the game, there are several warriors who are simply easier to control and some who are much more powerful, especially given the many different battles you’ll have to deal with. This list will show you the top 10 warriors in Hyrule Warriors, ranked.


10. Zant

Zant, the King of Twilight

The Usurper King of Twilight is a Twili warrior with a scimitar in each hand and a powerful dark magic at his fingertips. He is one of the better characters in Hyrule Warriors for his unique, mixed-range attacks, despite his heavy chance to whiff. While he is low on the list and he has a few major flaws, that doesn’t mean he isn’t worth playing.

Zant is one of the antagonists in this game, in alliance with Cia, Ganondorf, Ghirahim, etc. He is mainly a melee fighter that enhances his attacks with his twilight magic, though he is capable of using magic directly to attack. I would call Zant a “spellblade” fighter since he uses both spells and blades to fight.

Zant makes good use of his Twilight powers by using them to make himself large, summoning big attacks, and slamming balls of darkness onto the stage. They are wide attacks that are great for clearing stages. His rapid attacks block grunts from attacking and are fast enough to keep you hitting while you move away from elite enemies.

I always prefer using his “giant tantrum” combo, which is Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-X, when he gets crowded. You have to make sure you vent out his twilight gauge every so often so you can use his strong combos without fear of fumbling. A good strategy for Zant is to attack about three times before dodging and repeating this pattern unless you need the other combos and such for elite enemies. This clears grunts away and saves your health bar.

Zant’s Pros:

  • Versatility. You can use Zant for both close-range and long-distance battles, which makes him very versatile.
  • Rapid Damage. Zant has many attacks that do lots of hits in rapid succession.
  • Combos. Every hit in his basic combo can be easily dodge-canceled.The twilight energy combos can be cancelled out as well, but some are harder to escape, like Ook’s pillar.
  • Crowd Control. Many of Zant’s attacks cover a wide area around him or make him cut through a crowd in a whirlwind.

Zant’s Cons:

  • Fumbles. Zant can fumble when you overfill his Twilight gauge, which isn’t exactly hard to do. It makes it hard to keep strong combos going.
  • Enemy Guarding. A lot of Zant’s moves are weaker hits to balance how fast andwide they are, so he can’t break through blocks.
  • There is only one weapon. Zant only has one weapon he can use, which keeps you from making a lot of choices with his character.

Choose Zant if…

  • Every attack is devastating. His multiple ranges give him the ability to take on enemies from a distance and get out of their attacks without getting hit, which is best for these stages.
  • You’re rackin' up KOs. His rapid attacks and his many spinning moves are great for racking up kills.
  • You Need Boss Monster Assistance. I wouldn’t use him solely against boss monsters unless it was required, but his CPU is great for helping out with them while you play a harder-hitting character.

Zant Power Rating: 65/100


9. Skull Kid

Skull Kid, the puppet of Majora

Majora’s Puppet is a Skull Kid who stole a powerful mask and uses an ocarina to cast his magic attacks. He only really uses long-range attacks unless the specific strong combos bring him close for a spin attack. His magic isn’t quite as powerful as Zant’s, but he has no chance to fumble; no one past this point does, so he is a little higher on the list.

Skull Kid is one of the antagonists in this game, but he does not align with Cia; he simply causes mischief. He has the dark element, and his attacks are easy to redirect, though, because of their rapid succession, he isn’t very strong. Skull Kid is definitely a “spell caster,” since all of his attacks are magic-based and he doesn’t really have a weapon.

Skull Kid is one of the options you go for when you need a dark-type character on a stage that doesn’t require focused attacks. His moves and combos are strictly wide-ranged, which means they don’t work well when you only have a couple targets. The stages where you are surrounded by people are the best.

When I play as Skull Kid, I usually only use his basic combo. You can cancel out of it pretty easily, and it can get angled all over the place with ease. His strong combos are worth using in a big crowd that includes a couple elite enemies, but they are not much stronger than his basic combo moves.

Skull Kid Pros:

  • Wide Attacks. Skull Kid’s attacks hit a wide area and are capable of easily dispatching grunts.
  • Fast Pivoting. Though he is unable to move out of the way when he attacks, he can swivel around easily to strike foes before they come too close.
  • Easy Canceling. Skull Kid doesn’t get locked into his combos too much, so you can dodge and cancel out of them when you need to escape, move on, or restart your combo.

Skull Kid Cons:

  • Low Strength. Skull Kid sacrifices strength for the range of his attacks. He is usually enough for the grunts, but he struggles with enemy warriors.
  • Unfocused Attacks. The range is great, but it means he has a hard time hitting single enemies and should be fired solely at crowds.
  • Slow Dodging. His dodging is weirdly slow, probably due to his floaty nature. Be careful on the recovery because you run the risk of getting hit.

Choose Skull Kid if... 

  • You’re rackin' up KOs. His attacks are wide and fast, so they are great for stacking KOs in stages where that is the directive.
  • You Need to Protect Keeps. Skull Kid can sit in the middle of a keep and wipe out intruders, which is useful when protecting keeps, especially if you're playing another character at the same time.
  • You're up against Manhandla. Strangely enough, I found Skull Kid to be really good at handling Manhandla, which was a godsend for me because Manhandla sucks.

Skull Kid Power Rating: 67/100


8. Fi

Fi, the spirit in the goddess's sword

The Spirit of the Goddess’s Sword, Fi, is a sword spirit that fights by dancing and twirling all over the screen. She is strictly close range, with few of her attacks extending beyond her personal space radius. Her short range and low attack are saved by her speed and her ability to apply light damage to her attacks, which makes her a good character to play.

Fi is one of the protagonists and one of the many characters wielding the light element. She is from Skyward Sword and is a counterpart of sorts to Ghirahim, who is also a bit of a sword spirit. Fi is a “melee” fighter but more like a martial artist than a swordswoman, despite being the embodiment of a sword.

Fi has some decent damage on her own, a little more than Skull Kid, but she is really only worth playing if you keep her light ability on, which means replenishing it whenever it dies. Beyond that, her attacks are great for knocking enemies down and asserting yourself on the field with a lot of flare. Fi is nothing if not a showman; every move is flashy and blows the enemies away.

Fi’s moves are a bit harder to redirect since she doesn’t pivot as much as she is slowly turned another direction, with a curve instead of an angle. One of her best moves, in my opinion, is her Y-Y-Y-X-X, which is one of her few moves that launch her forward rather than blasting the immediate area. It’s great for escaping and mowing down a row of grunts.

Fi Pros:

  • Special Ability. Fi’s special ability to cloak herself in light magic at will helps to pad her strength and make her attacks deadlier.
  • Rapid Attacks. Fi can attack fast and in full rings of constant damage.
  • Crowd Control. Many of Fi’s attacks are good at clearing crowds around her and clearing the screen of low-level enemies.

Fi Cons:

  • Low Strength. Fi’s attacks do not have the highest base strength stat, but that is padded with her light ability.
  • Low Versatility. Fi is mostly close ranged and has few medium or long range moves, which limits her to one role.
  • Too Open to Attacks. Her attacks don’t block incoming damage, and they lock her into her combos, leaving her very open for incoming attacks.

Choose Fi if... 

  • There is artillery fire falling. Fi can move fast and will get out of the line of fire and under cover really easily, using all of her techniques to then win the match.
  • Shield Moblins are invading. Shield Moblins block damage from the front only, which Fi can get around with her “flower of light” combo.
  • You’re battling across the field. Fi, once again, moves extremely quickly, so she excels at racing from one location to another. Because of her lower attack, she isn't the best for time-sensitive stages.

Fi Power Rating: 70/100


7. Yuga

Yuga, sorcerer from an alternate Hyrule

The Sorcerer of Lorule is a magician from an alternate land who wields a picture frame as his preferred weapon. The picture frames are large and have a surprising punch behind them, which might come from being a DLC character. Yuga has a surprising bit of strength behind him that can be brought out with the right strategy.

Yuga is an antagonist in his original game, but he is not considered an antagonist in this game because he only appears as a result of purchasing DLC or unlocking him in Hyrule Warriors: Legends or Definitive. He is a rare user of the lightning element, which only has eight weapons attributed to it, two of which are Link’s. He is a spellcaster through and through.

Yuga’s skillset is very interesting, as it seems to have a little bit of everything except melee attacks and an extra gauge. He has a hard-hitting combo, a large special, a dodge attack, and constant element application. I would only put him so low for literally being “pay to own” and for not having the overall strength to make it further.
Though I would probably be the last person to heavily encourage buying a character, I don’t have to shill for Yuga since he is included in the base game of the Definitive Edition, which is the one that I play. Yuga’s dodge attack is used with X, which makes it incredibly easy to get to and utilize. It sends him into a picture frame to launch forward, avoiding damage. I would only fault this move for not making use of the lightning damage.

Yuga Pros:

  • Element Damage. Yuga’s attacks are automatically imbued with the lightning element, so you just have to attack to get that damage applied.
  • Dodge Attack. Yuga’s dodge attack is incredibly easy to access, and any form of dodge attack is automatically a plus.
  • Crowd Control. A lot of Yuga’s moves can clear a crowd pretty easily. Not all of them are too wide, but he can swipe lines ahead of him easily.

Yuga Cons:

  • Few Opportunities. There aren't many opportunities to use lightning damage, let alone on Yuga, who is a late arrival.
  • Unlocked Very Late. Yuga is a very late arrival to the game. As a result, he is unlocked late in the game and thus more difficult to use until he reaches a reasonable level.
  • Not Very Fast. Yuga generally doesn’t move too fast compared to many of the others on this list.

Choose Yuga if…

  • Lightning is Recommended. There are only a few lightning recommended stages, so take advantage of any opportunity to use this power up!
  • You’re rackin' up KOs. A lot of Yuga’s moves are great for wiping out crowds in a timely manner.
  • You’re Fighting Argorok. Argorok almost never lands, so if you have all the badges required to punch through Boss armor, then you can whack at Argorok while he’s in the sky with Yuga since a lot of his attacks shoot upwards as well.
  • You Need Keeps Protected. In stages with extra character slots, Yuga is great for protecting keeps while you focus on other things.

Yuga Power Rating: 77/100


6. Zelda

Zelda, the princess of Hyrule

The Princess of Hyrule, Zelda, has a few weapons to choose from that are made  of several different elements. Her main weapon is the rapier, but her dominion rod is my favorite weapon of hers to use as I feel it is stronger than the other two. Depending on the weapon you choose, she fluctuates pretty heavily on the list so, this spot is specifically for her dominion rod build, which I would classify as a spellcaster build.

Zelda is one of the main protagonists of Hyrule Warriors, as well as most of the other Zelda games. She is usually crowned for her light element, but her best build is her dark one. It gives her a good variety of attacks and allows her to summon statues into battle, which are very strong additions to her skillset.

Zelda’s best moves are the ones that summon the large statue with the hammer, because the hammer is incredibly strong. Both of her other weapons attach the element directly to her attacks, but I don’t believe the dominion rod does that in favor of summoning help. I believe it is the elemental damage that the other weapons use to try and make up the distance between them and the dominion rod, but sadly, they still fall short.

The large statue can be reached with the Y-Y-Y-X-X combo, so you can summon it ASAP and make good use of that hammering power. The smaller statue is fine enough; I just don’t prefer to use it. Keep an eye on the summon gauge for your statues because it runs out fairly fast and you won’t be able to use them anymore until you summon them again. Luckily, summoning them again isn’t really hard.

Zelda Pros:

  • Multiple Elements to Choose From. Zelda has three elements you can choose from, allowing her to get the benefits of many stages’ recommended elements.
  • Summons Help. Not many warriors can summon help at all, so that is a major plus for this character/weapon combo. I believe only three characters can do that at all, but I might be wrong.
  • Versatility. The dominion rod gives Zelda a choice between short and long-range attacks, with an additional melee attachment in the statues.
  • Pivots. Zelda is able to pivot her attacks pretty easily.

Zelda Cons:

  • Not Very Fast. Zelda doesn’t run very fast, so racing from keep to keep is not something you want to rely on her for.
  • Weak on her Own. Without the statues or the elemental abilities on her other weapons,Zelda is pretty weak on her own.
  • Only One Good Weapon. The only good weapon of hers is the dominion rod, leaving her with few real choices and cutting down on what she can do.

Choose Zelda if...

  • You Need a Warrior of Light. In “Warrior of Light” stages, Zelda is great because you can abuse the suggestion and choose a different element instead.
  • You're battling it out in quizzes. The quiz rounds can be really hard because the correct answer is always guarded and the wrong answer keeps running into all of your attacks. You can use the dominion rod to sic the statue on the correct answer while distracting the incorrect one!
  • You’re Aiding with Ganon Battles. Zelda, I believe, has some advantage built in against Ganon. So in stages where you fight him, you should put her on your roster.

Zelda Power Rating: 78/100


5. Twili Midna

Twili Midna, the true ruler of Twilight

The Ruler of Twilight is a Twili who wields giant hands and the mirror that transfers people from the world of light to the world of twilight. She uses interesting attacks to wipe out the screen with her medium- and long-range attacks. She is the better of the two Midnas in terms of strategy and power.

Twili Midna is one of the DLC characters that were carried over to the base game of Definitive Edition, but she unlocks much, much sooner than Yuga does. She is the protagonist of Twilight Princess by virtue of being Midna, but this Twili form actually only shows up at the very end of the game. She is a spellcaster who uses a mixture of massive hands and pure energy blasts from her mirror to attack enemies.

Twili Midna is where the sheer strength of the characters starts coming into account. She is a very powerful ruler! Her attacks can wipe out entire keeps in no time, and her special is a strong punch that sends enemies flying, making elite enemies mere fodder. The only reason she isn’t a little higher is because she is pretty open to attacks from behind and she doesn’t dodge as fast.
Twili Midna does not imbue her attacks with dark energy, but all of her attacks have so much reach and strength behind them that it doesn’t even matter. She is able to ignore the defenses of a lot of elites and some enemy warriors. Her best move, in my opinion, is "Y-Y-Y-X-X," which summons the bridge and swipes the screen clean of all enemies.

Twili Midna Pros:

  • Wide Attacks. A lot of Twili Midna’s attacks are incredibly wide. Many of them would be full circles because they reach so far. But they are all angled in front of her.
  • Armor Punching. Twili Midna is able to ignore Shield Moblins and elite enemy guards, so she is perfect for mowing them down.
  • Clearing Keeps. With her above advantages, she clears keeps extremely quickly. Her attacks have a wide, powerful, armor punching set of combos that get keeps emptied out really easily.

Twili Midna Cons:

  • Open from Behind. Twili Midna’s attacks only aim in front of her, leaving her open from behind for anything that might be bold enough to attack.
  • Difficulty Dodging. Twili Midna’s combos are hard to cancel out of, and her dodging sometimes decides not to take effect for some reason. She moves, but she still gets hit. I don’t know why.
  • Not Very Fast. Twili Midna does not move as fast as her counterpart or the people further up the list.

Choose Twili Midna if...

  • You’re Protecting Keeps. Midna clears them fast and can keep them blue the whole time with little effort.
  • You Need a Warrior of Darkness. Midna is the best choice for warriors of darkness stages because she is a powerful character who doesn't get many opportunities to shine.
  • You’re Fighting Gohma. Twili Midna is surprisingly helpful with Gohma, specifically out of all the boss monsters. She is able to whip out the bow pretty fast, and she can do decent chip-away damage without the weakness being broken.

Twili Midna Power Rating: 80/100


4. Volga

Volga, the cave dragon

Volga, the Dragon of the Mines, is a dragon that can true-polymorph into a human and usually attacks in that form. He wields a spear with the fire element and attaches that element to everything he does, even breathing it like, well, a dragon. He can get through guarding with his special ability, and he is only hindered by his lack of elements to choose from.

Volga is one of the antagonists of this game, and he sides with Cia in the beginning because of  her strength. He is a spell blade fighter, by my classification, because he is melee with a few long-range attacks that utilize magic as well as his transformation. Volga is one of the only characters that can transform during his combos.

Volga is very powerful and the best possible option for fire-type warriors. He only has one weapon or element to choose from, but he makes it worthwhile with his strength and abilities. I believe Volga is the only character that can break guards as one of his non-focused abilities. Every other character can break guards in their focus mode (used with R when the magic bar is full), but Volga can do it in basic mode.

Volga’s Y-Y-Y-Y-X turns him into a dragon to dive-bomb and explode. It is very powerful, but you can’t cancel it out. This attack clears an entire keep instantly. You use his guard-breaking ability with the X button. The only issue is how few fire element characters, and thus stages, there are. It keeps him from being at his peak and thus does not allow me to use him as often as I would like.

Volga Pros:

  • Versatility. Volga can perform a wide range of moves, from close to long range to massive explosions! The only problem is his lack of wide attacks. He has two.
  • Dodge Attack. Volga’s dragon transformation is a dodge attack! You can’t get attacked while it is going on, but you are left open for a little bit after you land.
  • Special Ability. Volga has a special ability to break guards, which I feel I have gushed about enough.
  • Transformation. Volga’s transformations make him incredibly strong! They only last for one attack each, and they are hard to cancel out of. But they hit like a truck!
  • High Defense. Volga has a high defense and does not lose hearts as fast when he gets damaged by attacks.

Volga Cons:

  • Open to Attacks. Volga’s moves only hit a small area, unless they are his special combos, so they leave him open to attacks.
  • Hard to Cancel. His dragon moves are hard to cancel out when you need to course-correct.
  • Few Wide Attacks. His fire breath is his only wide attack that you can access easily.

Choose Volga if...

  • Fire is Recommended. There are few fire-recommended stages, so they automatically go to Volga.
  • You’re Defeating a Squad. There are stages where you kill a couple enemies while locked in a keep, usually with additional hazards. These stages are best left to Volga.
  • Enemies and Traitors are Attacking. Volga is quick to dispatch the turncoat leaders because of his powerful attacks. I always use him against traitorous armies.

Volga Power Rating: 84/100


3. Impa

Impa, advisor and bodyguard to the princess

The Sheikah advisor and bodyguard to the princess, wielding both a naginata and a Biggoron sword with the fire and water elements, respectively. Impa is one of the staples of Zelda games, appearing in plenty of them with a couple different jobs depending on the game. Impa is one of the strongest women in Hyrule Warriors.

Impa is one of the main protagonists in this game, and she is tasked with being Zelda’s bodyguard. She makes herself well known as a powerful character with her unique attacks, which include making whole new weapons out of the individual elements to use on enemies. Impa is a spellblade fighter because of her use of magic to wield more than one weapon and her pure elemental attacks.

From here on out, we get into the top three strongest characters with few hangups. Impa ranks third in general strength and dodge attacks.  She is able to dodge around the stage and get very little damage, though it sacrifices her ability to consistently attack people, so she gets fewer KOs.

My favorite weapon for Impa is her Biggoron Sword, but both of her weapons are very good in terms of strength and ability. I wouldn’t use her naginata on fire-recommended stages over Volga, but she is on par with him in those instances. She is the best water warrior on the entire roster, with plenty of moves to infect enemies with lingering damage.

Impa Pros:

  • Multiple Elements to Choose From. Impa has two elements you can choose from, and both are about as strong as each other.
  • Dodge Attacks. Impa actually has multiple dodge attacks. The water kunai, Y-Y-Y-Y-X, is the best move for dispersing a crowd and dodging at the same time, and the dash, simply X, is the best move for launching forward and striking.
  • Special Ability. Impa’s X ability is to dash. You can abuse it to dash around the stage and dodge attacks while slashing at some enemies. If you aim it wrong, then you can entirely miss any KOs, so be careful.
  • Strength. Impa is very strong in general!

Impa Cons:

  • Hard to Cancel. Impa’s attacks are hard to cancel out. You cannot redirect when enemies flee or retreat from battle.
  • Fewer Kills. Dodging around a lot makes it difficult to defeat enemies, but Impa is not as defensive, so you have to be careful about getting hit.
  • Few Wide Attacks. Impa only has a few wide attacks, making it difficult to keep it empty.

Choose Impa if...

  • You’re Taking on Boss Monsters. Impa’s Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-X attack summons several water Biggoron’s Swords that strike in the same place, which is perfect for boss monsters since it is consecutive and strong.
  • You need Ganon Aid. She is one of the three warriors I always use on Ganon stages. She doesn’t seem to have any specific additions that make it easier beyond her strength.
  • You’re in a Quiz. Impa has very focused attacks that are great for quiz stages.

Impa Power Rating: 87/100


2. Ganondorf

Ganondorf, king of thieves and wielder of the triforce of power

The King of Thieves is a Gerudo man who commands the triforce of power and definitely shows it, using a spear and dual swords as his preferred weapons. He has lightning and dark elements, respectively, though I don’t feel they are very well utilized in his character, bumping him down to second place. Ganondorf is a must-try character with immense strength and great strategies to take advantage of.

Ganondorf is the main antagonist of the game and the only one with multiple weapons to choose from. Though his elements are in line with the majority of the others, with darkness as the principle one and lightning being shared with Yuga, Ganondorf is a melee fighter, with all but a few of his attacks coming directly from his weapons.

Ganondorf is one of the better darkness characters to choose, though he is outclassed in lightning by Link with his power gloves. I personally love using his Y-Y-Y-X-X-X attack, which brings out a large orb of dark energy that he smashes and then explodes. It clears a group and is heavy on elites, allowing you to get past an area with ease. It also does large damage to boss monsters.

His trident excels at keeping people away from Ganondorf while he fights the more important enemy. The only issue is that it isn't quite as punchy as his dual swords, and so it doesn’t defeat things as easily. The trident also doesn’t make the best use of the lightning element, imbuing very few attacks with it.

Ganondorf Pros:

  • Versatility. Ganondorf has a wide range of attacks for all sorts of occasions, from his massive claw strike to his dark lightning.
  • Strength. Ganondorf is the second strongest character in the game, with his base strength before adding his weapon actually being higher than Link’s and only being defeated with the additional Master Sword attack.
  • Multiple Elements to Choose From. Again, he is the only villain with two elements to choose from, which gives him a lot more space to be used in battle.
  • Pivots. Ganon can easily pivot with most of his attacks. He is locked in one direction with others.

Ganondorf Cons:

  • Element Utility. The Trident issue has already been mentioned, but the dual blades also use their element sparingly.
  • Hard to Cancel. Ganondorf can get locked into attacks with no way out. Luckily, he has some decent defense, so tanking a couple hits isn’t a problem.
  • No Knockback on Multislice. Ganondorf has a multislice attack that is very useful, but it doesn’t knock back enemy warriors, so they can get in a lot of damage before he finally finishes the attack.

Choose Ganondorf if...

  • You’re Racking KO’s. With his speed and power, Ganondorf wipes out elite enemies with the same ease he handles grunts. This is best for “beat X enemies” and “rack up kills” battles.
  • You’re Beating Boss Monsters. His skillset with the Swords of Demise is so powerful and punchy that he is able to take on three boss monsters at once!
  • Time is Limited. Ganon is a fast character who can wipe out keeps with a few moves, making him the best choice for timed stages.
  • Darkness is Recommended. Ganon is the top dark element warrior to use in darkness recommended stages.

Ganondorf Power Rating: 96/100


1. Link

Link, Hero of Hyrule, Time, Twilight, etc

The Hero Chosen by the Sword, the Hylian and his iconic sword that we all know and love Link can be almost every type in the game, but he is at his strongest when he uses light elements. He is at the very top of the list for many reasons, one of which I bet is the fact that he is the main character. That doesn’t stop him from being the very best choice in this game!

Link is the main protagonist of all Zelda games, and that includes this one. Link has all the strengths you can think of; after being reincarnated so many times, you’d hope he would pick up all these skills! He is a “soldier” in fighting style, though the light beams give him some reach. I wouldn't call him a spellblade for having one ability that uses magic. Especially since it goes away when you get hit.

Link is your go-to character when you want to blast through a stage without much thought. Because of this, he levels up incredibly fast and blows past all the other characters in no time. It takes time away from training your other characters, but it makes him incredibly powerful, and he can then carry the other warriors through their levels and help them get stronger.

Using Link’s held X attack, he releases a quick spin that can clear crowds very easily, though it is a bit weaker than the rest of his attacks. The end of his basic combo and the end of his Y-Y-Y-X-X-X combo release light beams when he is at full health and using the Master Sword, his strongest weapon. His Power Gauntlets and his Master Sword are really the only weapons worth using.

Link Pros:

  • Strength. The highest strength possible in this game is his 900 attack Master Sword and his full level strength is over 1500. Nothing tops the hero!
  • Versatility. Link has an incredible range of attacks on the Master Sword, not to mention the even larger range on all of his other weapons.
  • Special Ability. Links light beams are only available at full health, but they add extra distance to several attacks and often come in clutch for elites that might have been missed.
  • Speed. Link is incredibly speedy in dodging, attacking, and running.
  • Multiple Elements to Choose From. Link has one weapon of each element except dark, which allows Ganondorf to shine through.

Link Cons:

  • Only Two Good Weapons. Link only has two weapons that are very good in most battles. The Master Sword and the Power Gauntlets. His fire rod is decent, and his spinner is fun to use, but the rest of them are not very strong at all.
  • Boring Gameplay. If you use nothing but Link the entire time, the gameplay gets boring and all the stages are done really fast.
  • Hinders Other Characters. Having Link available means less time is spent training up the other warriors, so you can use them sometimes too.

Choose Link if...

  • Time is Limited. Link is incredibly fast at accomplishing tasks. It makes him the best choice for stages that can’t wait.
  • You’re Taking on Boss Monsters. Link can cut through boss monster defenses to deal good damage to them while you wait for the thing to open itself to the item.
  • You’re in a KO Contest. No one makes KOs like Link does! He will get up to 3000 KOs without trying.
  • You’re up Against Ganon. The Master Sword was literally designed to defeat Ganon. I’ve attempted to kill him without Link, and it is nearly impossible. You have to have the chosen hero with you when killing the embodiment of malice.

Link Power Rating: 100/100


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