The Forest Best Base Locations [Top 5]

The Forest best Base Locations
Only a small look at what you can create.

Finding the best base locations in The Forest

Are you a fan of pretty places? Or strategic setups? How about both! Let’s discuss some ideal base locations, I’ll even include one of mine! I enjoy looking for a base almost as much as fighting the cannibals because I love creating elaborate bases. Right now, I have a simple base on my multiplayer, but it will become a larger one if I get my way! From the sandy beaches to the snowy cliffs, we’ll venture through this land and discover great places that are both pretty and strategic for a base!

If you are wondering where these places are, don’t worry! I have placed a link to the YouTube Video that helped me come up with these areas.

5. Number five on our list is a place called Lonely Rocks

The Lonely Rocks, with a beautiful forest as a backdrop and a resource filled village in front.

You can build a lovely little cabin atop these rocks in the middle of the lake for a picturesque base location, if you don’t mind the Cannibal village only steps away! If you are more in to the strategic bases, cannibals can’t come in to water so if you use a tree bridge or raft, you will be safe! Another pro to this area is that it is near the beach (which has booze, coins, and food like turtles), the cannibal village is nearby for things like cloth, and there is Cave 2 near as well which is a good cave for early exploration. Me and my friends usually use the cave as our first base since it has a save point inside!

4. Our fourth base location is where the Beached Boat is near the red cliff

A large area where a beached boat and stone stairway rest, you can build quite a castle here.

This place has tons of room for your imagination to soar! Cannibals don’t visit this area often since it is not in their usual run through. However, you are next to one of the big spawn villages, so you can easily get cloth and other resources. This place also has some stone that you use as stairs to get up and down the cliff (also bad for cannibals since they don’t like stones). There’s a lot you can do with this area since it is so vast; whether you build a custom house, planters, and traps, or just keep it simple! Food is in abundance here as well since you are near the forest where you will find deer and near the water where you can gather turtles and fish!

3. Third on our list is dear to me since this is where my current base resides in my multiplayer game! It is called the Two Cliffs, One Beach!

A beautiful spot nestled between two cliffs, with a beach just ahead!

Since you are nestled against the cliff wall and a cliff edge. You only need to block off one area since Cannibals don’t enjoy jumping off cliffs. It's also a ton of fun to make ziplines to get down from your base! Challenge your friends to let go of the zipline to make it into the lake below your base and not die! There are cannibals that run by and some pales, but this area is very easy to defend. We never have an issue with gathering resources or food! So, this place is pretty, easy to defend, and has a variety of resources for you to gather.

2. Next up is a lovely little area called Rivendell!

Rivendell, a magical area of prepetual winter.

Now, this is the prettiest place you could build a base. Eleven to twelve waterfalls, depending on how you count them and a giant, crystal clear lake at the top of it all! This is where you would build your base. Be sure to have your warm suit on, this is in the snow biome! If you want something pretty to look at while you are on your journey, this is the place I suggest setting up camp. There are a lot of cannibal camps nearby for resources like cloth, luggage, and... tennis balls. Because who doesn’t love chucking tennis balls at your friends, or cannibals! Wild Boar also roam the snowy biome that you can hunt and if you build at the center of the lake you will have a natural defense.

1. Saving the best for last! Geese Lake.

Geese Lake, where your neighbors are geese and the lake is full of fish!

I’m sure you all know why it is called that. This place has it all in my opinion! Food, resources, a pretty view with a waterfall, and a natural defense if you build out in to the water. You may need to use a lot of resources to get out that far, but it is worth it in the end! You are also near Cave 5 with this base, which has some fun challenges. This place may have more cannibal activity than our previous base locations, but that’s the fun of the game! Fighting, defending, and finding Timmy! This place also has a secret location in to Cave 5, however, you do need the rebreather for it.

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