[Top 5] The Forest Best Melee Weapons And How To Get Them

The Forest Best Melee Weapon
Nothing like a good axe that evokes realism in a survival game.

The Forest puts great emphasis on how melee weapons can help decide whether a survival game is worth your time or not. It has a variety of weapons for close combat. You get to keep every one of them in your inventory because you never know when one of them can come in handy. Now, let’s talk about some of these weapons to appreciate their different qualities and make sure that you don’t miss out on them in the actual game.

5) Upgraded Spear (best for hunting)

The Forest - Upgraded Spear

The Upgraded Spear is the best for salvaging and hunting at close range.

Having trouble aiming your ranged weapons at cannibals? Do they keep chasing you and trapping you every time you stop to swing something at them? The Upgraded Spear might be quite the best friend that you’ll need in these types of situations. This is an upgrade of the Weak Spear. It inherits all of its functions but plays out better in almost every way.

  • Using the Upgraded Spear as a throwing weapon doesn’t actually give you any different results to the Weak Spear. That’s because most of the advantages that this upgrade gives you are revolving around melee combat.
  • The Upgraded Spear is one of the few weapons in The Forest that you can use to attack enemies while running. It has the longest range out of all the melee weapons in the game, and it doesn’t take much stamina to use. This makes it a very appropriate weapon for this strategy.
  • It’s very fast, and uses less stamina than most melee weapons in The Forest, especially when it comes to ground attacks. You can use it to collect leaves and sticks from bushes and small trees.
  • It doesn’t have a technical advantage over the Weak Spear in terms of fishing, but it does feel different when you use it to impale fish in small ponds. It just feels way more satisfying.
  • The Upgraded Spear is a very easy weapon to craft. Combine 2 Sticks to craft the Weak Spear. Then, add 2 Cloths and 3 Bones to get the Upgraded Spear.

The Upgraded Spear: https://theforest.fandom.com/wiki/Upgraded_Spear

4) Katana (the fastest in combat)

The Forest - Katana

The Katana swings the fastest and requires the least stamina in The Forest.

The Katana is one of those weapons in The Forest that has its own lore in the game. It’s the former property of a Yakuza member who seems to have had an even less fortunate fate than most people who crashed into the peninsula.

  • The Katana feels very special from the moment that you find it in The Forest. The scene is very horrific and feels faithful to the gory history of the Yakuza in Pop Culture. You find the Katana stuck in the body of a Yakuza gang member who is positioned in an unsettling manner on the floor of a cave.
  • It has a very fast attack speed that some people find hard to adapt to. And if you adjust your reflexes to it, you won’t become exactly Tom Cruise here, but it’ll definitely put you on the path to become the swiftest samurai you can be in The Forest. 
  • Don’t mind the Katana for being a weapon that you can not upgrade. Trust me when I tell you that this melee weapon is good enough as it is to make The Forest more fun for you. However, if you combine it with Twin Berries, Snow Berries, Amanita Mushrooms, or Jack Mushrooms you’ll add Poison Upgrade to it. It will slow the enemies’ movements and attacks for the span of a few hits, and damage them over time.

You can watch this video as a guide on how to find the Katana.

The Katana: https://theforest.fandom.com/wiki/Katana

3) Club (among the best for combat and design)

The Forest - Club

The Club has by far the best design for a weapon in The Forest.

We’ve already talked about the Crafted Club in another article, but we haven’t talked about its sexier cousin. The Club is one of the most unique melee weapons in The Forest in terms of design and how to get it.

  • The Club has a very suitable design for The Forest. The end is a human skull that has three sharp claw-like objects coming out of the mouth, and two hands wrapped around it. And it’s attached to a handle that has a snake wrapped around it.
  • The fact that you find the Club in the hands of the strongest of the cannibals gives you a sense of belonging to the peninsula. It’s as if the game is welcoming you to this world.
  • Don’t you dare hesitate to pick this one up. The Club only has a slight difference to the Crafted Club in terms of stats. It’s only being mentioned for the sake of it. And you can have them both in your inventory if you don’t want to play favorites.
  • If you didn’t find the Club a satisfying weapon in The Forest, you can upgrade it. It takes the Speed Upgrade if you combine it with 1 Feather and 1 Sap. 
  • The Damage Upgrade if you combine it with 1 Teeth and 1 Sap. The Damage Upgrade+ if you combine it with 1 Booze and 1 Sap. 
  •  The Fire Upgrade if you combine it with Cloth
  • Some of the strongest of the male cannibals in The Forest will be using the Club to fight you. You can take it from them after you kill them.

The Club: https://theforest.fandom.com/wiki/Club

2) Chainsaw (the best for cutting down trees)

The Forest - Chainsaw

The Chainsaw's speed in terms of cutting down trees is unmatched in The Forest.

By the time your teammate finishes his debate over which axe is the best for cutting down trees in The Forest, the Chainsaw will have already gotten you enough logs to build a small home.

  • The Chainsaw is the most efficient tool for cutting down trees in The Forest. It requires no stamina, and it works way faster than any alternative weapon.
  • Gathering Fuel for The Chainsaw is not a difficult task. You’ll find it in the Center Village, The Main Village to the south-east, the Waterfall Village to the north-west, and the Beach Hut Village if you go deeper into the latter heading.
  • The Chainsaw is not a very fast weapon at killing cannibals, but it gets the job done. It will frequently stun them, stopping them from moving around and dodging your attack.
  • This little murder tool is very sadistic when used in combat. Blood will splatter in every direction as you use it on cannibals and whatnot. It adds to the gory aspect of The Forest. This weapon hasn’t failed to make every player who used it fall in love with it.

You can watch this video as a guide on how to find the Chainsaw.

The Chainsaw: https://theforest.fandom.com/wiki/Chainsaw

1) Modern Axe (the absolute best for combat)

The Forest - Modern Axe

The Modern Axe is the most popular and ideal weapon in The Forest.

One of the best decisions of Endnight Games was adding this baby to the fold in The Forest. The Modern Axe is a weapon that you will very much need to survive in the game, and it really lives up to its reputation.

  • The Modern Axe is basically the undisputed champion of all axes in The Forest. It excels over the rest of the axes in speed, damage, and blocking.
  • Cutting trees using the Modern Axe will save you time, resources, and explosives. This weapon will take down a tree in no more than 9 hits.
  • The Modern Axe performs among the best in combat, especially since it grants you great knockdown power against cannibals. This will help you kill them individually very faster.
  • Not only will it already be your best friend as soon as you’ve acquired it, but you can always upgrade it. With the right combination of upgrades, you can get it to do up to three times the damage that it already does.
  • The Modern Axe is one of the most realistic weapons in The Forest. Endnight Games modelled it closely to a Fiskars splitting axe.

You can watch this video as a guide on how to find the Modern Axe.

The Modern Axe: https://theforest.fandom.com/wiki/Modern_Axe


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