[Top 5] The Forest Best Defense

The Forest Best Defense
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The Forest is a survival game where you’ll need to focus on every strategy you make and every possible outcome of it. Among the most important aspects of The Forest is that you will need to add and customize suitable defensive structures to your base in order to keep it safe from mutants and cannibals in the game. But, some players find it hard to know which defenses are suitable for which areas in the peninsula. Others may not even know their way around the components that they’ll need in order to build defenses that will stand their ground. So, we wanted to demonstrate all of the above to you by showing you the top five most impressive defensive strategies and structures that were made by talented YouTubers. These defenses will protect you and your base from every danger in The Forest.

5) Farket's Best Defense

Farket is one of the most recognizable YouTubers who play The Forest. This take of his on how to best defend your base seems a bit random. But it’s a great idea if you think about it, especially for the smaller of bases. 

  • He basically placed Deadfall Traps all around the base. It’s a very simple and cheap strategy – depending on the size of your base – but it’s still as effective as any successful defense approach.
  • The Deadfall Trap only costs 3 Sticks and 3 Logs. So, as far as resources, it won’t take you much time to gather what you need to build enough traps that defend every possible point of attack.
  • You will have to reset the Deadfall Trap every time an enemy activates it, but it only costs 1 stick and a 3 seconds button-hold to do so.
  • You can build enough Deadfall Traps so that they could form some sort of perimeter that holds its own defenses and alerts you every time something attempts to breach it.

4) The Overclock's Massive Defense

The Overclock is one of the lesser-known The Forest players in this article. But it doesn’t mean that he hasn’t an idea of what he’s doing here. The Forest drives its players to be creative, especially when it comes to their bases and defending them. 

  • This defense strategy consists of building one stack of Rock Walls, placing a Defensive Wall on top of it, and leaving a few gaps to fill with the Happy Birthday Trap.
  • The Rock Wall is very steady and stern. So, enemies who tend to hit low will have a very hard time breaching this defensive structure.
  • The Defensive Wall will add height to your points of defense. This will prevent your enemies from leaping on top of your walls, or breaking through them.
  • The Happy Birthday Trap is a nice addition to this structure. You’re free to place as many as you want. You’ll only need 1 Stick to reset it, and it basically turns into a small in its own right after having been activated by an enemy.

3) SIVOH's Best Defensive Wall

This defensive wall design of SIVOH’s is well structured and gives you many choices in terms of tactics. It’s best for those who like building large fort-like bases. 

  • The most important elements of this design are platforms Rock Walls, Defensive Walls, Double Gates and Deadfall Traps. The rest of the elements seemed merely secondary, and you could probably use different choices for them and still get the same results.
  • The Rock Walls are indisputably the best, and reinforcing both sides of them with Defensive Walls – although it is a bit costly - will only prove the structure to be impregnable even by mutants.
  • The higher Platform is by far the most important element of this structure. It will give you the freedom to defend your base from great range.
  • The Deadfall Traps are a nice touch. They serve as the first line of defense. It doesn’t matter how large of a group will attack your base. You won’t have to directly face them, since the traps will probably take out all of them.

2) The Outer Middle Show's The Art of the Trap

The Outer Middle seems to favor simplicity and being attentive to independent structures in this defensive approach of his. 

  • This time, he chose to set his base sea-side. He built his main buildings on the ledge of a hill by the shore and surrounded it with Rock Walls. He also built Defensive walls that allowed him to have his own piece backyard on the shore and left out a couple of gaps to fill with Happy Birthday Traps.
  • The location for this is strategic in its own right in terms of defense. Cannibals and mutants will find it difficult to cross around the walls if they’re deeply embedded in the water.
  • Anything that attempts to cross the Happy Birthday traps and activates it will turn them into small walls of their own. They will only turn back to their former state if you reset them using 1 Stick. So, if something actually successfully goes into your backyard, you’ll have more than enough time to deal with it one on one.
  • The shore backyard itself is the most important aspect of this design. If a group of enemies attacks your base and you feel overwhelmed, you can lure them out back to deal with them somewhere you’ll have space and time to do so. So, it would be best to have some resources there to get you prepared for a fight.

 1) Kage848's Double Wall Defensive Platform

This defensive strategy of Kage848’s is a mix of tradition and innovation in The Forest. 

  • He built his base in-between a few small mountains. He filled the gaps with three stacks of Rock Walls and added a layer of Defensive Walls, and Defensive Wall Spikes. In addition to that, he built a few platforms in both the interior and the exterior of these walls to help him patrol and defend his base and connected them using Tree Bridges. 
  • The way the walls are layered helps you preserve the integrity of your defenses, without having to frequently repair the damages that cannibals and mutants will do to your defenses.
  • The Platforms and Tree Bridges that connect them are higher points of defense. They help you patrol your base and its surroundings, and lead any attackers away from the walls to keep them from breaching them, or damaging them.
  • He also sets a Rock Path that leads him to and out of where his base is set. It could prove to be a bit costly, depending on where you build your base. However, the same goal out of this could be fulfilled by placing Skull Lamps that form a trail of light to your base that give you directions on how to venture in and out of your base’s location, especially when it gets dark.


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