10 Best 'The Forest' Mods That Make the Game More Fun!

Best 'The Forest' Mods
Top 10 Mods in The Forest.

What are the best Mods for 'The Forest'?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if The Forest had a more realistic feel to it? How about more creative aspects for the builder in you? Look no further as this article will give you some of my top choices for mods to make your Forest experience even better!

10. Infinitely Long Ziplines

From coast to coast, discover the Zipline Mod!

There is some fun involved in this mod! Who wouldn’t like to zip across the island, waving goodbye to confused cannibals as you fly by, and getting to your destination quickly! This mod lets you make a zipline from one end of the map to the other and anywhere in between! So, from your base to each of the caves or maybe to some great hunting spots. It’s a good thing cannibals can’t use ziplines too.
If you want a mod that lets you arrive in style, with some fun involved, you certainly want to use this!

Get the Mod Here

9. The Ultimate Cheat Menu

This Mod does exactly what the name entails. It lets you cheat! While that may not sound like fun at first, it can be if you want to summon some more cannibals or mutants (maybe even the Blues). You can fly, teleport, and spawn so many logs!

If you haven’t unlocked the “secret” mode in The Forest and want to try your hand at building something amazing, this mod would be a good way to get started!

Get the Mod Here

8. In-Game Crosshairs

Some of us need a little help with our aim.

Like me, you may have a little trouble with aiming your gun or bow. I always rely on crosshairs for shooting quickly so this Mod is fantastic for anyone who needs a little help when aiming!

Like the name suggests, this Mod enables crosshairs, so you have a better aim when you need to take down Mutants or cannibals. We all know cannibals and Mutants hate fire, so this will help when you next need to get your first throw correct!

Get the Mod Here

7. Player Upgrade Points

Add some RPG to your gameplay! Level up your stats depending on what you want to do.

Do you enjoy a more Roleplay aspect in your games? Or maybe you want to compete against your friends and see who will have the highest level by the end? This mod lets you gain experience and level up certain skills like agility, strength, stamina, damage reduction, and much more!

This is a great mod if you want to play with a more Roleplay oriented gameplay. You gain experience points through killing enemies and destroying effigies.

Get the Mod Here

6. Map

This map has a lot of cool places to check out!

Being lost in this vast world can be a terror. Not to mention that every rustle of leaf or turn in the bend could bring you face to face with a horde of cannibals or Mutants. The Map mod lets you see not only where you and your friends are, but where cannibal villages are! This way you can safely take a stroll through the woods to your next cave or resource gathering.

If you want a mod that tells you where you are and where villages, caves, and tools you have yet to discover then this is the one for you!

Get the Mod Here

5. Day22SpawnChallenge

Summon the bosses, the Mutants, and more cannibals for your enjoyment!

I got to admit, this is one of my favorites so far! How do you want to enjoy The Forest? Do you want it peaceful and more on your survival against the elements? Or maybe you want to battle more cannibals and mutants?

This mod allows you the choice of having no enemies/very few enemies or tons! So, choose your fate! Set the spawn limit to high and enjoy a bloodbath! Or set it to none and enjoy relaxing on your own little island... Don’t forget Timmy though!

Get the Mod Here

4. Easy Building

Half the resources, but the same great buildings! 

We all love building, and those of us who don’t... well we must build anyway to create a safe area for our continued survival! This mod makes building much easier! Whether you are an experience player or a new one, I think we can all agree that grinding for resources before nightfall is a bit tricky.

This mod cuts the amount of resources needed in half, so you don’t need to spend hours chopping down logs and hauling them over to your base!

Get the Mod Here

3. Damage Numbers

A little added RPG for your fighting!

This is another RPG Mod that will help you in the long run! This Mod allows you to add a simple health bar to each of the cannibals along with names!

For the ultimate Roleplay experience, add this to the Upgrade Player Points mod! Have fun killing Johnny! Although, they say it’s hard to eat the things you name.

Get the Mod Here

2. Tides

Add a bit more realism to your gameplay.

This is one of our simple mods, but it goes along with a theme of keeping things “realistic”. This mod allows the tides to change throughout the day. From low tide to high tide, when the tide falls back it will reveal more of the beach for you to explore! Who knows what you might find?

Also, this will make the Yacht rise from time to time if you are close enough to see it! So, while this mod does not give you a big benefit like our other mods, it still is fun to see a little more realistic aspects brought to the game.

Get the Mod Here

1. Bigger Backpack

It's always nice to have more room to get more items.

Can you guess what this Mod does? It’s self-explanatory, right? However, this Mod is very helpful if you don’t want to keep going back to your camp just because you have too many sticks or medicine!

Keeping a lot of medicine on hand will be a big help when fighting a multitude of cannibals or mutants!

Get the mod Here

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