[Top 15] Rocket League Best Cars That Look Freakin' Awesome’

Rocket League Best Cars

I’m one of those people who spend too much time in the garage in Rocket league, knowing that it doesn’t matter which car to pick considering the only difference between them lies in their hitbox, but that doesn’t stop me from taking my time in the garage cause I want my ride to look epic. 

I’m guessing I’m not the only person to do that and you’re probably the same, so here are 15 cars from Rocket League that look freakin’ awesome.


15 - Takumi 

One of those advantages is the Octane Hitbox.Takumi has a small build which may not be the best defence wise but if you're a hoops person you get the advantage because of its pronounced nose

Why is Takumi great?

  • Octane Hitbox
  • Great nose for offence 
  • Flies like a bird


14 - Dingo

Why is Dingo Great?

  • Solid handling and turning cycle
  • Beautiful Neon Green design 


13 - BMW M240i

Why is the BMW M240i great? 

  • Sharp round turns

  • Kinda good mid-air 

  • Hitbox makes it able to control the ball more

  • Enables you to flex by pulling off awesome flicks and double touches.


12 - The Fennec 

Armed with the Octane Hitbox, The Fennec also has a bit of Dominus and Merc, which is a recipe to win.The Fennec was called "The Beast" and would be your best pick if you're going for strong turns, strong ball-hitting abilities and handling.

Why is the Fennec great? 

  • A combination between Dominus and Merc

  • Kickass ball hits 

  • Great handling

  • Strong turns


10 - BoneShaker 

What makes the BoneShaker awesome you ask?

  • It’s massive with a flat top 
  • It instantly destroys your opponents 


9 - Endo 

What makes Endo great? 

  • Mid air handling
  • Longer than most cars in the game


9 - Aftershock 

Aftershock equipped with the Dominus, is by far the best handling car in Rocket League, for its spectacular high speed and the fact that it’s gigantic which allows you to make the coolest, mistake free turns.

This car has a great offence mechanism to help you score like a champ.

What makes the Aftershock great? 

  • Great handling 
  • One of the fastest


8 - Nimbus 

What makes Nimbus great? 

  • Faster than most cars 
  • Great handling
  • Better at offence than defence 


7 - Marauder

The Marauder is awesome because let’s state the obvious it looks COOL and badass but also:

  • It might be one of the best picks for defence 
  • Despite the fact that its handling is not the smoothest, The Marauder makes up for it with epic ball hits.


6 - Breakout

Why is Breakout great? 

  • Accuracy in terms of shots
  • Better mobility and flexibility
  • Phenomenal speed


5 - Mantis 

Why is Mantis great? 

  • Best mid air attacks
  • Good defence on the ground level
  • Balanced car with a slim design to provide good manoeuvring


4 - Twin Mill III 

Why is Twin Mill III great? 

  • Great for defensive play
  • Easy to control and hit straight on
  • The structure makes it easy to deflect hits from the sidelines


3 - Dominus

Why is Dominus great? 

  • Great both in mid-air and on the ground
  • Can be used in both aggressive and defensive strategies
  • Classic look


2 - Octane 

Why is Octane great? 

  • Great for defensive and offensive positions
  • Versatility in terms of speed, control, shots, and manoeuvring
  • Easy for both beginners and professionals


1 - Batmobile 

The batmobile is the car you’ve been dreaming of owning since the first time you watched Batman as a kid to this day and Rocket League brought your dreams to the game. With a Dominus Hitbox, the batmobile is pretty fun to manoeuvre especially if you’re going for a last-minute save, and it kinda gives you a better handle on the ball. 

It has a beautiful chilling Dark Night design and it’s honestly pretty intimidating.

Why is Batmobile great?

  • The Dominus Hitbox is the longest and best balanced in the game
  • Looks AWESOME
  • Short for easier pops
  • Great power shots






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