[Top 10] Rocket League Best Dominus Designs That Look Awesome

Dominus is Latin for Master or owner and with it you'll dominate all your opponents.

10. Wowie Zowie

Wowie Zowie

Our centerpiece is the classic Zowie wheels. To complement the yellow color we'll use the Grey RLCS decal. For the boost we'll use the standard yellow which you can feel free to switch with any yellow boost of your own choice. Finally For the trail we'll go with the Grey Tachyon to go with the Grey on the decal.

9. Black Lightning

Black Lightning

For the Black Lightning it will be centered around the Black Reactor wheels. For the decal we'll use the Skewered, with the Sun Damaged paint finish to go with the lightning on the wheels. For the boost we'll go with the Black Magic Missile and Lightning Trail.

8. The Rocket Car

Rocket Car

The Rocket Car get its name from its wheels the SARPBC-10 which is a reference to Psyonix's predecessor to Rocket League on the PS3. For the decal we'll go with one of the flashiest in this list the Sky Afterlife. The Proton boost and Luminous trail are a perfect match for the wheel's and decal's colors. Finally we'll use the Pearl Matte and Anodized paint finishes to pop off the colors of the decal.

7. The Heavy Stone

Heavy Stone

The Heavy stone is the translation of Tungsten. Which gets its name from its centerpiece the Tungsten wheel which we're gonna use for that burnt sierra mixed with dark blue. For the decal we'll use the Grey CRL Eastern which matches perfectly with the wheels' colors. For the boost we'll go with Sierra Slash Beam and Sienna Laser Wave for the Trail which match perfectly with each other and the designs colors.

6. Night Terror

Night Terror

The Night Terror is named after its boost which is this design's centerpiece. For the decal we'll go with the Purple Afterlife and we are using the Sun Damaged paint finish again but this time to make the car's primary much darker. For the wheels we are going with Purple Madness 2 which fits perfectly with the theme. Finishing off with Blazer trail to give a hint of Orange to match with boost we used at the beginning.

5. Disco Dots

Disco Dots

This design is based off of the very abstract Saffron Infinium wheels which pair perfectly with the Pink Funny Book decal which gives off a very 90s cartoonish vibe. For the boost we'll go the Saffron Disco Trail to fit with the Infinium's style. And a Pink Tachyon to give a final hint of Pink to pair the design.

4. Kraken


For this design we'll be using the Leviathan decal and to fit in the sea monster theme we'll use the Crimson Grimalkin wheels. You can also put on the Crimson Octopus topper if you'd like and for the boost we'll go with the Crimson Cirrus which has an animation that fits perfectly with the decal and the theme. Finally we'll be using the Crimson Tachyon Trail.

3. The Demon

The Demon

For this we'll start off with the Demon Disc wheels which were released at the Hallows event. For the decal we are going with the CRL Southern, a very rough rugged design that fits perfectly with the theme we're trying to make here. And this is the final design where we will be using the Sun Damaged finish because it pairs really well with the wheels. For the boost we're going with the Sienna Hot Rod and topping it off with the Friction trail.

2. Knightfall


This is the cheapest design on this list. Which consists of the Templar decal and the Sky Hiro wheels. For the boost we'll go for the regular Tachyon which luckily matches the color of our design and finally we'll use the Lightspeed trail to finish things off.

1. Dignitas


For our final design we'll kick things off with the Dignitas decal. Combined with the Saffron Razzle They form a very consistent and clean color scheme. With Saffron Slash Beam for the boost and Saffron Hack Swerve for the trial will give us a very low budget clean cut design.



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