Is Mario And Rabbids Kingdom Battle Good?

Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Mario and Rabbids team up for an epic adventure!

Let’s a go! Get ready my Mario lovers, it’s time for yet another spontaneously and insane adventure to embark on. Mario and Rabbids team up together to take down enemies in an attempt to restore peace to the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle was released in 2017 for the Nintendo Switch consoles. 

1. The Battle for Peace

Mario and Rabbids link up to save the Mushroom Kingdom

The story opens up to a simple Mario fan working on a hat referred to as SupaMerge that can fuse together two objects. With help from his robot assistant, Beep-O, he works diligently on the project but is interrupted by a group of silly Rabbids. 

These Rabbids accidentally transported themselves with their Time Washing Machine and begin to create havoc. The Rabbids carelessly get their paws on the SupaMerge and produce Rabbid Peach and Rabbid Mario along with other Mario members. The Time Washing Machine crashes, transporting Beep-O and the Rabbids to the fabulous Mushroom Kingdom. 

In the Kingdom, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, and Toad get sucked into an unknown vortex. Beep-O mutates into a Rabbid version while the SupaMerge gets fused to a Rabbid. The gang lands in the Ancient Gardens befriending their Rabbid clones and defeating Garden Ziggies with weapons addressed from an unknown FB. 

During their journey they discover the vortex called Megabug. Mario’s gang come across Luigi and the Rabbid attached to the SupaMerge. SupaMerge Rabbid is startled by a Piranha Plant and accidently fuses another Rabbid with it producing the fierce Pirabbid Plant. Of course our heroes defeat the Plant and restore normalcy to the plant and Rabbid. 

Luigi links up with Mario’s team while Beep-O observes the MegaBug has vastly grown. As they travel across the Kingdom battling gruesome villains, allies such as Princess Peach, Yoshi, Rabbid Yoshi, and Rabbid Mario tag along to help out. 

Bowser Jr has been spying on Mario and his crew and jumps on the opportunity by making friends with the SupaMerge Rabbid who he refers to as Spawny. While his father is on holiday, Bowser Jr stirs up an evil plan to use Spawny and devise a plan to overrule the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mustache faced Mario and his league square up against a mutant Rabbid Donkey along. After a fierce showdown, Rabbid Kong is beaten and falls to his doom off the battle platform. 

Our colorful party find themselves at Sherbert Desert to discover MegaBug growing more powerful with each Rabbid enemy conquered. Rabbid Mario becomes frozen in a cube of ice being placed in a door which opens revealing Bowser Jr and poor Spawny. Spawnys SupaMerge powers are triggered by Mario’s team ready for action. 

He is shut down by Bowser, conjuring Blizzy and Sandy who attack Mario’s gang only to be beaten. Rabbid Mario is freed, but our heroes encounter Icicle Golem who freezes them. Sweet Princess Peach pops up and defrosts them resulting in the Icicle Golems' downfall. 

Mario and Rabbids trot on to Spooky Trails in search of two Relics of Goodness- a gramophone and a Boo shaped balloon. An unknown message to awaken “Tom Pham” is uncovered promising the crew of Bowser’s defeat if this powerful being is found. They obtain the relics further discovering a full moon is needed to activate the relics. 

Rival Calavera stands in the group's way with Rabbid Yoshi in its grip. Standing no chance against Mario’s powerful clan, he is annihilated and they stumble upon a clock tower and summon a full moon. 

Unfortunately the Moon Gate leads them to the unknown messenger, Bowser Jr. Spawny becomes startled and combines a Rabbid with the Relics of Goodness constructing The Phantom. The Phantom's melodious tune is cut short thanks to Mario and his mighty helpers. 

Team Mario wanders to the Lava Pit to battle Bowser Jr in his Mecha Jr form. Once taken down, Bowser escapes and Spawny returns to his normal self begging for forgiveness. 

All seems well there as they prepare to leave the Lava Pit. Nonetheless, Spawny is hypnotized and absorbed by the Phoenix form of MegaBug who heads to Bowser’s Castle. 

Bowser Jr scolds the team for Spawnys capture while receiving a message that his dad is coming home early. Jr and the gang make their way to the endangered Castle of Bowser but are stopped by Rabbid Bwario, Bwaluigi and the Lava Queen. Commencing battle, they are vanquished and the crew continue to the castle. 

Bowser Jr begs Mario to help save a now combined Bowser and Megabug. MegaDragonBowser puts up a tough battle, ending in Bowser's separation from Megabug. Megabugs raw form is finally put to death. Bowser Jr returns Spawny to Mario and apologizes for his behavior in hopes they’ll calm Bowser down for the chaos he caused. 

The team refuses his proposal as they peacefully return to Peach’s Castle. Beep-O mails a letter of weapons through the Time Washing Machine to his previous self uncovering FB was future Beep-O all along. 


2. Choose your Character

Pick your favorite Mario and Rabbids characters

Mario lovers are in for a treat with this Rabbid/Mario character play. Nintendo got super creative in designing Rabbids that mimic the Mario crew. Each main character and Rabbid character possesses individually crafted characteristics. 

Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, and Yoshi are the main playable characters in the game. Rabbid Mario, Rabbid Peach, Rabbid Luigi, and Rabbid Yoshi are playable as well. The gamer can use three characters at a time requiring at least one to be a Rabbid. 

The Mario/Rabbid combination adds a hilarious element to the game that keeps players on edge with their wacky outbursts. The Rabbids hold the main character's disposition while also maintaining a goofy Rabbid quality. This keeps the flow of the game unpredictable allowing anything to happen at any moment. 

Fun and oddball mutant villains are battled throughout the kingdom. Majority of enemies are in Rabbid form and sport crazy weapons and armor. Each main level is home to enemy Rabbids who possess traits of that specific area. 

Ancient Gardens is home to Garden Ziggy, Garden Hopper, Garden Smasher, Pirrabid Plant, and Rabbid Kong. 

Sherbet Ziggy, Sherbet Hopper, Sherbet Smasher, Sherbet Supporter, Blizzy, Sandy, Sherbet Buckler, and Icicle Golem reside in the Sherbet Desert. 

Spooky Trails contains Spooky Ziggy, Spooky Hopper, Spooky Peek-a-Boo, Spooky Supporter, Calavera, Spooky Valkyrie, Spooky Buckler, and Phantom. 

The final level has the most enemy characters. Lava Ziggy, Lava Hopper, Lava Smasher, Lava Valkyrie, Lava Buckler, Lava Peek-a-Boo, Lava Supporter, Mecha Jr, Bwario, Bwaluigi, Lava Queen, and MegaDragonBowser can be found in the Lava Pit. 

Players get to experience their favorite villains and heroes in normal and Rabbid form. This puts an awesome, engaging, and comedic twist on the Mario adventure. 


3. Wacky Weapons and Levels

So many killer weapons and curious levels to unlock

Mamma Mia! Those are some new shiny weapons! Rabbids Kingdom Battle has a surplus of weapons to choose from. During battle two human characters and one Rabbid have to be selected. The heroes have two usable weapons: one primary and one secondary weapon.

Between attacks the secondary weapon requires a cool down. Two techniques are able to be implemented during a battle. One of the techniques is for the Super Mario characters which is a line of sight, allowing users to fire at targets while moving. The shield technique is for the Rabbids to select and apply. 

Exclusive to each 8 characters, there’s a unique technique that only can be used by that specific player. The player's weapon power and health can be upgraded at the shop using coins and clearing stages. 

Campaign Story Mode has four worlds requiring puzzles to be solved to progress to the next section. Weapons and collectibles can be gifted as well with level completion. Beep-O will obtain a new ability to solve the next puzzle to unlock a new world section. 

Mario’s primary Weapon is the Blaster and his secondary is Melee. His main technique is Hero Sight and the second is M-Power. His health can reach a maximum of 220. 

Peach has Boomshot as her first weapon and Grenaduck placing second. Technique one is Royal Gaze and technique two is Protection. Princess has a whopping 340 health point max. 

Brother Luigi holds Precision as Weapon 1 and Sentry as Weapon 2. Steely Stare and Itchy Feet are his favored techniques while holding 130 point health. 

Yoshi can utilize his Rumblebang and Rocket Weapon to inflict damage. Egg Beater and Super Chance are his go to technique options. His health stabilizes at 420 points. 

Rabbid Mario’s weapons include Boomshot and Melee while techniques consist of Bodyguard and Magnet Dance. 265 health points are reachable for him. 

Rabbid Peaches Blaster and Sentry Weapon are available for combat. She can use shield and healing abilities and stands at 220 in health. 

Bworb is Rabbid Luigi's primary weapon with Rocket flying in at second. Technique approaches consist of Super Barrier and Weaken. His health was halted once it arrived at 200. 

Then we have Rabbid Yoshi coming in with 290 points for health. His battle gear of Rumblebang and Grenade are his damage defenses. Rabbid Yoshi has the ability to use Outer Shell and Scaredy Rabbid. 

Power orbs can be gained within the game and used to purchase various upgrades for the characters. Movement, Attack, Technique, and Other are the four categories. 


4. Co-op Battles

Go head to head with your friends with the co-op option

Kingdom Battle allows two players to play in Co-op Mode. Multiplayer is one of the first secrets that can be unlocked. It’s quite simple to access and adds some friendly competition to the Rabbid infested Mushroom Kingdom. 

To unveil Co-op, a single player must first complete one world in the game. The Buddy Dome will then have completed its construction and can be accessed at Princess Peach’s castle. 

Two players can pair their Joy Cons to the console engaging multiplayer. Desired campaigns can then be chosen based on the player's preference. 

Buddy Dome campaign quests differ from that of the main game. They are limited to a few different challenges that gamers can participate in. Multiplayer campaigns are unlocked by beating a world in the main game. 

Two players will pick out their team of three characters, assigning them specific weapons. During turns, opponents are restricted to three actions split amongst their chosen characters. 

Characters in multiplayer mode have different abilities than that of the main game. Nevertheless, powers and actions are based off the main games and are distinctive to that character only. 

A total of 5 Campaigns exist offering numerous challenges to take on. Once a campaign is beaten, harder versions are revealed adding even more difficult quests and battles. 

Careful not to shoot your game partners! Friendly fire is included in co-op and can damage your friends when attacking foes. 

Multiplayer is a fun way to release some tension and play around with the game. It’s a great addition for those who enjoy head to head combat with friends and family. 


5. Modes and Strategies

Bowser can be taken on at full power or defeated more easily by selecting your desired difficulty mode

Challenges, Mode settings, and difficulty are key elements to think of when introducing a new game. No doubt that Kingdom Battle can be tough at times. Big bosses are powerful and if weapons aren’t at full strength, you’ll be knocked out quickly. 

Thank you Mario creators for inserting the option for an easy mode. Before a battle goes down, the Y button can activate easy mode. Enemy damage will be less keeping players health for longer spans of time. 

When battling enemies, the turns are rotated. Mario’s team will be able to inflict damage on enemies with each of the three characters. 

As weapons and skills level up, you can choose certain strategies and new ability upgrades. Before a battle, gamers get to choose what characters they want. Characters can move locations and have a set distance they’re able to travel. 

Weapons and attacks rely on the selected character and how much damage they can inflict. If a battle holds tougher enemies, users have the opportunity to opt for the character with higher damage ability. 

Dashing ability comes in handy by ramming into an enemy before weapon use. Boost is an awesome power for characters to travel even further with help from their allies. 

Strategy is key during Kingdom Battle. Players can map out their line of destruction and get an idea of how the attack will look and where they end up after their turn. It’s crucial to plan out a scheme where your character is shielded from enemy attack- if vulnerable it’s likely you’ll be defeated after a few hits. 

Beyond normal damage, some weapons have special effects power. Gobs oh honey can be shot, sticking enemies in place disabling movement for a turn. Fire bullets set enemies ablaze leaving them in the open and vulnerable for attack. 

Players have a myriad of options to choose from that can make battles easier to get through. Coins and orbs can always be used to boost weapons and techniques in case a player becomes stuck. No one said saving the Mushroom Kingdom would be easy!


6. Amazing Graphic Visuals

Mario and his Rabbid sidekicks venture through the dark, Spooky Trails

Nintendo consistently nails it when it comes to world designs and creative characters. Color scheme and graphics are quite aesthetic and appealing. With each game produced, the character's quality is accordingly perfected to fit media standards. There’s some pretty exciting new lands for users' eyes to feast upon during game play. 

Four main Worlds are carefully catered to fit the whimsical lands of Mario. Ancient Gardens, Sherbet Desert, Spooky Trails, and Lava Pit each comprise 10 sub levels to be explored.

Ancient Gardens flourishes with greenery and plains kicking the game off with a lighter feel. Teeth infested plants and Chain Chompers can be recognized in this first World. Colorful platforms can be leaped off and on while familiar tubes transport players from one section to another. 

Sherbet Desert is covered in sandy grounds and heaps of dirt mounds. Cactus structures pop out of the ground and stand tall and voluminous with its 3D properties. During the last few sub levels, the landscape transforms into an icy wonderland filled with frozen battlegrounds and snow capped hiding blocks. 

The third world serves up a case of the heebie-jeebies. Spooky Trails is not for the faint hearted as it’s run by ghostly enemies and terror infested pathways. The cinematic design teleports players into the world of darkness by mastering lighting techniques and shadows that bring out the essence of Spooky Trails. 

The heat is turned up in the Lava Pit stage. Molten rocks and blazing fire rule the world as gamers are engulfed in life like flames and lava rivers. 

Fighting scenes are super neat to witness. Battle weapons and techniques are enhanced with the help of 2D and 3D animation properties. It features slow motion shots and explosive scenes that fuel the fighter in each player. 


7. Donkey Kong Adventure and Add Ons

Peach and Rabbid Peach stray off from the gang and encounter the mighty Donkey Kong

Mario’s adventure features a sort of side story involving Rabbid Kong, Rabbid Peach, and Beep-O. Following his initial defeat, Rabbid Kong swings his way to Peach’s castle running into Spawny. Out of fear, Spawny shoots a beam that knocks a banana into the Rabbids Washing Machine causing it to malfunction. 

Distracted by her phone, Rabbid Peach gets sucked into the Washing Machine along with Beep-O, Rabbid Kong and mutant Rabbids. They teleport to an unknown realm where enemy Rabbids are ready to pounce on them. Heroically, Donkey Kong and Rabbid Cranky burst out of nowhere and kick some Rabbid tail. 

The four of them patch up the Washing Machine transporting Rabbid Peach and Beep-O to their homeland. Rabbid Kong threatens them resulting in their retreat. This leaves Rabbid Kong hungry for revenge on Rabbid Peach. 

There are multiple add on packs and content that can be purchased to use during the game. Pixel Pack can be bought in the Nintendo eShop and includes a variety of primary destructive weaponry. They consist of:

  • The Fragmenter for Mario
  • ASCII Eradicator for Rabbid Luigi
  • Retro Deflator for Rabbid Peach
  • Boom Broom for Luigi
  • Cartridge Commander for Rabbid Mario
  • Bait N’ Switch Bruiser for Peach
  • Raster Blaster for Rabbid Yoshi
  • Hostile Voxel for Yoshi

Season Pass consists of three separate packs. Pack 1 has eight secondary “steampunk” secondary weapons which are:

  • Cranial Abogator for Mario
  • Effectual Atomizer for Rabbid Luigi
  • Calamitous Coupe for Rabbid Peach
  • Jeopardous Jalopy for Luigi
  • Baleful Bad-Ender for Rabbid Mario
  • Defalcating Dandy for Peach
  • Exalted Entropic Eggs for Rabbid Yoshi
  • Direly Dulcet Doomsayer for Yoshi

Solo and Co-op challenge levels are available in the second pack and the third holds the Donkey Kong Adventure previously mentioned. 

There are lots of add ons and additional bonus content that can be purchased via online. This creates more challenges, surprises, and character skills and abilities. Add on features can be used for further exploration providing hours of fun to levels. 


8. More Fun to Discover

Be on the lookout for treasure chests, hidden prizes, and coins!

Rabbids add a delicious and refreshing spin into Mario’s World. It’s unique and unlike any other Mario adventure yet. Aside from the main gameplay, it offers so many secrets and additional downloads for when the game has been completed. 

If the gamer has chosen easy mode to get through all levels, now difficult mode can test their skills further. Each mode has different discoverable trinkets and items. Players can relive their favorite battles while seeking out missed prizes and coins. 

Accomplishing all main Worlds and levels opens more co-op levels to battle with friends. With so many levels within each world, it’s impossible to have uncovered every secret pathway and treasure. More than likely players will need to journey through stages again if they want to acquire every item. 

Gamers can choose different character combinations and play around with their specific techniques and weapons. Loads of combined combat strategies exist and await to be put in action!


9. Kooky Tunes and Music

You'll always ne on alert thanks to the high pitch screams of the Rabbids and whimsical Mario tunes

Screeches and squawks will be bouncing around gamers heads while embarking on this journey. One thing this Nintendo switch game does not lack is kooky sounds and enchanting music. Rabbids add some pretty quirky aspects to Mario’s adventure. 

The Rabbids have always had distinctive grunts and giggles. Their loud, boisterous personalities keep players lured in gameplay. The Rabbids are downright goofy and unpredictable. 

Creators captured their foolishness perfectly by stuffing as many sound effects in every empty space they could. Intensity of battles are amplified thanks to the cries and grunts of our hero Rabbid mutants. 

This Mario-Rabbid crossover is the first of its kind which contains exciting new elements and noises keeping the user engaged and alert. 

As always, weapons and combat devices are ramped up to full blast and buzz. Characters' fighting equipment have their own unique clamors. When using abilities such as shield or heal, a magical tune is released from the corresponding character. 

Certain weapons bear unique combat abilities displaying fantastic colors and ear filling zaps and booms. Sound effects are pretty up to date and are very clear and concise. 

Of course it wouldn’t be a Mario adventure if the characters didn’t have their normal catchphrases and accents.  Mario’s “whoopies!” and “mama mias!” can be heard throughout the Worlds as well as Luigi's scaredy-cat gasps and yelps. 

Opposing nemesis’ offer deep and mutinous growls alerting gamers before attacks. 

Each level has musical chords that match the vibes of the World. Upon exploring a World the music is a bit more dainty and light-hearted while Campaigns are more upbeat and intense. 

Nintendo maintains its funky, original musical energy while adding new atmospheric rings and dings. 


10. Is the Game Worth the Hype?

Come join this legendary Mario and Rabbid crew in their chaotic adventure!

So is this insane Rabbid-Mario crossover worth all the hype? Ubisoft’s Rabbids and Nintendo’s beloved Mario sounds like a skeptical duo. The fusion of the two creates a messy, vibrant world filled with joy and satisfaction. 

The games concept is quite simple for leisure players and die hard gamers. Sliding Mario and friend through pipes while blasting wild guns is appealing for all audiences. The game has lots of depth with each new weapon and character unlocked, providing tons of endless combat strategies. 

Players who take pleasure in mapping out detailed traps and tricks will have a blast while easy going gamers are able to get by with the bare minimum. 

Scenery is gorgeously depicted further with the merging of Mario’s human figures and Rabbids zany structures. From pipes alive with rabbit ears to toilets and frilly plant life, silliness keeps the players returning for more. 

Wanderers will be delighted as they can explore the Mushroom Kingdom between battles. It’s packed with bonus stages, riddles, and hidden treasures. Collectibles and prizes are buried deep along twisted paths and off sections. 

Humor is one of the factors that ties this game together making it a complete package. Rabbids unusual and rude demeanors spruce up Mario’s clean and cut routine. Younger audiences will be entertained by Rabbids goofy tactics while adding an edgy style of humor for adults. 


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