[Top 10] Garry's Mod Best Maps For Flying

Garry's Mod Best Maps For Flying
How often do airplanes crash? Just once!

What’s up guys, you like to fly? Perfect, because there are some badass maps with ultra- hyper-omega-mega massive skyboxes, where you can dogfight with your buddies, perhaps you just want to download some aircraft mods from the workshop or just do weird stuff like me and fly stuff into buildings - that’s the lovely thing about Gmod, you’re free to do anything you wish!

Now, I won’t be judging the maps only by the size of their skybox, I’ll include features like the scenery, buildings, things that go well with aircraft(aka airstrips, helipads, etc), and plenty of other things! So, let’s get into it and lemme show ya some best maps for flying:

10. Huge Flat Grass V1

Idk what to say, it’s just flat grass.

This map does not have any special features, just literally FLAT GRASS. It’s the most basic map with a big skybox. This is the map that you get if you’re not looking for anything special or fancy and just want to have fun with aircraft addons, the terrain is 99% flat so you can pretty much land anywhere. It’s a different version of the default map - gm_flatgrass, I believe it’s just a bit slightly bigger.

What’s awesome about this map: 

  • If you haven’t played Gmod for a long time it will very much give you nostalgia
  • This map is all about simplicity, a big square with plenty of space to fly in

Download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=123816714 

9. GM Helicarrier

Freeeeeeee fallinnnnnnn’

This map actually doesn’t have a visible land and it generally takes place above clouds, I picked it because of how exceptional it looks! Besides that, it has a massive skybox and looks like a decent map for making cinematic videos. Of course, you don’t spawn in AIR, you spawn on some ship with a fairly long airstrip.

What’s awesome about this map:

  • Ambient, immersive sounds
  • Dynamic clouds
  • You don’t like land? Do you think it’s too mainstream? Good, this is for you!

Download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=287575864 

8. gm_atomic

*radiation noises*

Some of ya’ll might disagree with me on this, but once upon a time I installed some armed helicopter addon and I had plenty of fun shooting at stuff, the post-apocalyptic atmosphere of the map immersed me and it has a pretty big skybox. It surely deserves a spot in my eyes, despite it being more of an RP map than a flying Sandbox map. 

What’s great about this map:

The terrain shape in this map is varied

Really nice looking

I had fun flying aircraft and detonating nukes at the same time(just an idea, I wanted to recreate the scene from Modern Warfare 1)

Download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=105984257

7. DD Dustbowl 2 Day

Cool map with plenty of cool features.

I like this map as well, it has plenty of buildings with hangars and helipads, a place for an AA turret, and most importantly plenty of space for dogfighting with yo buddies. One cool distinct feature that I’ve noticed was the valley with an oasis that allows you to pull off cool tricks with yo plane/heli and plenty of other shenanigans!

What’s awesome about this map:

  • Map as big as the source engine allowed it to be
  • Plenty of buildings to explore or fly into
  • Cool visual effects(Palm trees, 3D skybox, etc)
  • Desert. Desert is always cool!

Download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=108093685 

6. Freespace 13

This map offers space that is free.

Welcome to Freespace 13, a pretty peachy map with a city and a few bridges that you can fly under or crash into, but if that’s not your forte there are some pretty buildings near a lake that need crashing into. It has nice natural scenery to it mixed with a touch of urbanization. The map is overall good, it took the guy around 2 months to make so it couldn’t be awful, I IMOyed it and enjoyed it YEARS ago when I was a little prick - I suggest trying it!

What’s awesome about this map:

  • Eye-pleasing combination of nature&urban areas
  • Decently optimized if you have a wooden PC
  • I’ve checked the description of the addon and it says there’s an easter egg, I never found it tho, so it’s your time to shine!

Download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=115510325

5. gm_aether_aerodromes

From what I can make out of this picture, there are 2 factions fighting over a donut

This map was designed for flying, I’m surprised there aren’t any aircraft dogfighting gamemodes, cuz if there were, this map would fit right in, as you can see in the picture there are 2 identical bases with airstrips and a donut(?) in the middle, the donut is pretty cool cuz it has a gap in the middle of it that you can fly through and bamboozle your enemies!

What’s awesome about this map:

  • Best map for dogfighting
  • Fun map design(floating lands, gap in the “donut”, 2 bases for 2 teams)
  • Also one of the prettiest maps I’ve played

Download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=177059754 

4. gm_floatingworlds_2

This map is still not as pretty as me <3

Well, this map is gorgeous and that’s why I picked it for the 4th place, one of its biggest attributes is its scenic display of floating pieces of land that you can fly to, although the skybox might not be the largest one, it’s still big enough to support a helicopter. Imo, a lot of folks might disagree with me on this map, but I’ve had plenty of fun on it and I recommend it to anyone who likes pretty shieeet.

What’s great about this map:

Unique and gorgeous scenery

Angelic atmosphere(positive vibes, boyz)

Good for practicing flight(plenty of entities to dodge, medium skybox)

Download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=104486484

3. gm_calamitycoast_v2

You can stuff buildings with dr Kleiner’s and exterminate ‘em!

This map is pretty fun if you value armed helicopters shooting rockets at buildings - this map has a lot of destructive environment(towers, bridges, building, etc) and plenty of space to fly in - the constructions have pretty realistic physics and generate satisfaction when destroyed and that’s the reason why I’m placing this map in the TOP 3 - I’ve had mega fun carpet-bombing the lighthouse with 10 dr Kleiner’s inside!

What’s great about this map:

  • Realistic and immersive destructive environment
  • You don’t have to rejoin the map, you have reset options ON the map
  • You can fly into buildings and destroy them, not bounce off of them!

Download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=110311417

2. sb_gooniverse

Is this a flying or a floating map? Or a drifting in space map?Idk

I was conflicted about whether to include this map because it’s almost perfect, but it’s not a flying map in a way that you think - here you build space ships and fly in black cosmos. This map is pretty popular on Spacebuild servers that are still around to this day. You can also craft yourself a spaceship and either elegantly fly around or just attach 1 thruster to your barrel with a chair welded on top and sperg around!

What’s awesome about this map:

  • Multiple different planets to visit(with different landscapes, visuals, etc)
  • Badass skybox
  • There’s a space station that might cause FPS problems, but after deleting it you’ll run the map very smoothly

Download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=104542705 

1. gm_fork

The best.

I believe that I’ve included this map in one of my previous articles 5000 years ago, but this map is simply the best flying map there is in my opinion, it offers the biggest skybox the Source engine can offer with a kick-ass scenery that involves mountainous, forested terrain that stretches out for a long time!

Flying on this map feels awesome and immersive, generally, this map is one of the most recognizable maps in Gmod, and for a good reason, it took a very long time to make and the author put his heart and soul into it - I highly recommend trying this map for flying, because it will feel perfect.

What’s awesome about this map:

  • Multiple areas to explore(Lighting house, Silo, Airstrip, Fork Castle, etc),
  • Natural setting(Dense forests, a river and hills/mountains, cliff)
  • The map has its ambient sounds
  • Might sound silly but this map has some awesome views

Download link: 


There’s not much to include any more boys. This is it, the Top 10 flying maps that I’ve encountered in my history of playing Gmod, you might say that some of ‘em sucked and that I’m an idiot, but I do not care <3. But seriously boys, I did my darndest to properly rate these maps from 10 to 1 and I think I did decently, I suggest you check these maps out, and thank you for reading my article, cheers m8!

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