[Top 10] Garry's Mod Best Game Modes

Welcome to the cringe.

Garry’s Mod is an ever changing game. One minute you're a Detective/Terrorist trying to find the traitor, and the next you're a lampshade trying to find love. Whatever excites you, Garry’s Mod has it.

Over the last decade I have played hundreds of game modes that dont even exist anymore. Some of which actually became their own games. But, there are a few gems that do stand out. Let's grab that railgun,  jump in the mini-karts and show the world exactly what it means to die by a gigantic alien swarm.

Something to note before we begin, there are many different versions of the same gametype. There are many reasons for this, mostly due to server preferences and game updates. I will try to either pick the best version of each gamemode or the original version. Also, I will be leaving out game modes that have become their own games. Most of the servers associated with those game modes are now defunct or only run at specific times.

10.  Melonbomber

Starting off strong is one of my personal favorite games. What can I say, I love Bomberman, melons and killing people. I am a very simple man. Melonbomber is exactly that, a small Bomberman clone that is ridiculously fun to play with friends. Melonbomber also sports some unique and interesting powerups; as well as a lot of mic spamming children.

What’s great about Melonbomber:


  • A spin on the classic game, but has a wickedly fast paced feel that adds new experiences to each game. 

  • The unique Power Ups change the feeling and competitiveness of the game. I recommend always having the ability to kick melons away. It's a good way to deliver your melon to an unexpecting victim.

  • Your killing people with fruit. This is like a doctor's wet dream… or worst nightmare.

Download Link:


9. Murder

Murder is the most wholesome gamemode in Garry’s Mod. There's a good helping of roleplay, a great chance to meet players, and you potentially get to murder someone with a various weapons. What is there not to love? Play with friends or with a server of randoms; Murder is a great way to learn what a game mode can really become with some polish and creativity.

Also a side note, because Murder and Hide N Seek are very similar, I wont be adding Hide N Seek on to this list. Hide N Seek is just too much of the same thing, but is a well known Garry’s Mod game mode.

What’s great about Murder:


  • Everyone gets assigned a random name, so you technically don't have to call them by their IGN; sorry poopscooper459.
  • An easy start to the advanced RP mechanics that are similar to the rest of the game modes.
  • Murder your friends or better; manipulate them to kill each other.

Download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=187073946

8. Morbus

If you like the movie Alien or any alien survival game you have ever played; then Morbus is for you. Morbus is a survival type game where one player is secretly an alien in disguise. Your goal is to find that person and kill them before they turn everyone else into aliens. All while finishing tasks and getting better weapons. This game mode is great with friends, and if the servers are up, it is an awesome online experience as well.

What’s great about Morbus:


  • Once again, kill and betray your friends. I am starting to think I might have some pent up issues that are coming out in my writing. Oh well.
  • The game feels great; the alien controls are a little buggy at times, but are easy to use.
  • The weapons are awesome and a ton of rotating tasks makes it so players cannot camp in one area.
  • One of the scarrier game modes available and is truly a great time.

Download Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=139263490


7. Ragdoll Combat

Ragdoll Combat is basically a Battle Royal that cannot be understood; only played. Jokes aside, Ragdoll Combat is a game mode where you use your body to fight your friends. The controls are wonky, and you feel like your character is extremely drunk, but that is part of the gameplay. Play with your friends or on a server with twenty other people. A great game that kills time in an awesome way.

What’s great about Ragdoll Combat:


  • A funny way to hurt your friends and foes, as well accidentally hurting yourself at the same time.

  • The majority of maps are all based off of the original Sandbox maps, so you will be introduced to the most played maps for all game modes.

  • This idea has been done before in quite a few games, but there is a certain quirkiness to this game mode and Source physics.

Download Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=669688763

6. Jailbreak

Ah yes, one of my favorite game modes. This is where the real Role Players shine; Jailbreak is a game mode about breaking out of prison and playing a ton of minigames that usually end with dead inmates. You start in your cell, with the warden (another player) giving you instructions. You fail to do so, you die. Last inmate alive usually gets a last request, which can be a request to play a certain game next round. It's great fun, and introduces you to the heavier role playing mechanics used in most RP games.

What’s great about Jailbreak:

  • Introduces you to advanced rules and role playing mechanics that make most game modes fun.
  • Play with friends or on servers with literally a hundred other players. This is a loved game mode for sure.
  • Listen, outsmarting little kids can be very fun. Just remember, they usually like to play as the warden and use shotguns. 
  • Whoops, someone opened the doors early. Freeday. 

Download Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1097131782

5. Cinema

Cinema is exactly what you think it is. It’s your definitive movie theater simulator, where you watch YouTube videos with friends. Imagine it: No more wondering if your friend has gotten to “that part” of the video yet, or seeing them react to something weird in real time. Well, seeing their Garry’s Mod avatar react - which is sometimes better. WARNING: Some servers show some pretty twisted stuff, so be aware of the server you are joining. Don't get stuck in the Swamp… unless you want to be.

What’s great about Cinema:

  • A very active community surrounds this game mode; with a ton of servers open to join.
  • Watch any YouTube video in real time. Or let others show you a video.
  • Many servers are set up to have extra addons that include things like mini-golf, moon bases, a pony room and vape pens.
  • Swamp’s mottos of the day are never wrong, but are never good.

Download Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=118824086&searcht...

4. Sandbox

Alright, let's talk about the most vanilla game mode there is: Sandbox. This is the original game mode for Garry’s Mod, and the reason the game exists. Build awesome structures, vehicles or literally anything. Then, spawn NPCs to either kill, harm or pose in funny ways for videos or pictures. I wanted to make sure this made this list, because it's the reason everything in Garry’s Mod exists, and it's still a great way to play the game.

What’s great about Sandbox:

  • Destroy, build and destroy again - hopefully with Andrew WK blasting in the background.
  • The workshop has a thousand different things you can add to make this gamemode great. 
  • Obviously, it's the reason this article exists and why I still have friends who judge me for playing a game that came out in 2003. 

Download: Buying Garry’s Mod gives you this game mode.

3. Prop Hunt

Prop Hunt is one of the most popular Garry’s Mod game modes ever created. It's simple, fun and can be very creative. The goal: if you are a prop you will try, to hide and taunt the other players. If you are a player, then you must hunt down your friends and end their sad existence as a coffee mug. Most Prop Hunt maps have hundreds of props to choose from, and some of the maps even have custom props that were brought in to make the game more interesting.

What's great about Prop Hunt:

  • Play against your friends or against the world with one of the most active communities in Garry’s Mod to this date.
  • Find awesome hiding places on your favorite maps or learn how to dodge bullets. It really is one or the other.
  • Everything is fine until you find the twenty people hiding as soda cans under a bed. Then it's mayhem.

Download Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=135509255

2. DarkRP

DarkRP is the heaviest role playing game in Garry’s Mod. It's basically just Sandbox, with server specific addons that change the way you play. Most DarkRP servers have a job system, and a money system. Do the job, get the money, build your base/RP needs, ???, profit. That may seem very simple, but it's pretty amazing to watch people really take this game mode to the next level. 

What’s great about DarkRP:

  • Be as creative as you want, or be as destructive as you want. Just don't get yourself banned.
  • Trolling in this game mode is very common; which to me, is a plus. 
  • Use your Sandbox skills to build a base, a pizza parlor, GameStop, or play as the police and kill everyone who is robbing those places.

Download Link: No download, it's another version of Sandbox, but with server specifics. Joining a server will automatically download and add the game mode to your lists.

1. Trouble In Terrorist Town

This is my favorite game mode in Garry’s Mod, hands down. With replay ability and fun light role playing action, play as a Terrorist who is looking for the traitor amongst you. Join your detective or kill the other terrorist buddies as a traitor to win the game. It is the most fun to be had in Garry’s Mod because of the awesome communities surrounding the game mode. I suggest a vanilla server for a first timer, or if you're experienced and looking for a reason to try TTT out again; try joining either Forerunner Gaming (FRG) or Moat.gg . Both are great servers with custom guns, progression systems and little kids screaming.

What’s great about Trouble in Terrorist Town:

  • An easy game to learn and has one of the greatest communities in Garry’s Mod. 
  • Great with friends or join one of the MANY online servers. 
  • Except for server addons, this game mode runs entirely off of Counter Strike Source textures and guns. This makes it extremely fast to join a vanilla server.
  • Finally, put your Counter Strike murder skills to the test by killing all of your teammates. Sadistic, violent and fun; all at the same time.

In all honesty, I know I am biased. I have played Trouble in Terrorist Town since 2013. But, it's the only game mode that brings me back into Garry’s Mod time after time. If you get a chance, check out FRG. It's a heavily modded server, but us regulars are usually very welcoming to new players. 

Download Link: No download, it's another version of Sandbox, but with server specifics. Joining a server will automatically download and add the game mode to your lists.

There it is, the definitive list of game modes for Garry’s Mod. There are literally hundreds of game modes to choose from, which made this decision hard. Mostly, I wanted to show the difference between some of the most well known game modes and the ones that are great. That doesn't mean game modes like Hide N Seek, Breach, Hidden, Horror, Zombie Survival, Trash Compactor and Star Wars RP are not great. It just means in a sea of diamonds, some shine brighter.

Besides, how often do you play most of those game modes? I played Hide N Seek for the first time in years a few weeks ago, and it was great. But: TTT, DarkRP and Prop Hunt will always be the reasons I press play on Steam. Well, that, and the fact that my world might be on fire (how about yours?). 


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