Top 25 Best Garry's Mod Addons Every Player Needs (2020 Edition)

Best Garry's Mod Addons
Add-ons that are not bad... ones.

Top 25 Best Garrys Mod Addons Every Player Needs (2020 Edition)

Does fighting aliens with a musket in a cave thrill you? How about finding traitors in a Star Destroyer? All of this (and more) is an option in Garry’s Mod! With the power of Addons, you too can see the best user generated content from one of the largest gaming communities on the planet. Hmmm… Maybe being an old timey salesman isn't the best approach to making Addons sound sexy.

Addons are the heart and soul of Garry’s Mod. Every gamemode, player character, weapon, and map can be found in Garry's Mod workshop on Steam. Darth Vader with an AK-47? They have that. Rick Sanchez wielding a cat? Pic-cholas Cage? Yes, and please stop asking before we find out what you secretly google late at night.

It can be a hassle to find your perfect Addon, or an Addon that is going to save you some time loading into a very populated server. So, as a seasoned Garry’s Mod player (over 2600 hours), I have found and compiled some of the best Addons for your perfectly weird, unnatural and awkward night of gaming.

25. Star Wars Lightsabers

Let’s start with something essential - a lightsaber. If this is your first addon, then you are in for a treat. Customizable hilts, crystals and multiple force powers makes you the Jedi or Sith of your dreams.

Why You Need Star Wars Lightsabers:

  • There are 14 different hilt styles to choose from; including old favorites like Luke Skywalker and Yoda; and newer hilts like Kylo Ren, Count Dooku and of course Darth Maul.

  • Ever feel the need for a Cyan lightsaber? This add-onaddon has completely customizable Lightsaber colors. 

  • Multiple force powers allow you to fight your frenemies with countless hours of fun and angry steam messages.

Get Star Wars Lightsabers Here:

24. Player Status Icon

Now that you have something to play with, you might want to think about playing with a few people. But before you jump into Sandbox multiplayer, you might want to make some adjustments on your end. The Player Status Icon will help you and your friends decipher what is happening with your fellow players, and might help you stop your friend from spawning an antlion on your head.

Why You Need Player Status Icon:

  • This add-onaddon will show what menu your friends or server mates are actively on. This might stop a few headaches of waiting to see if someone has lagged out or not.

  • With 7 different icons, including AFK icons, this will optimize your server and add a nice little touch of life to your average Sandbox game.

  • This addon is generally seen as an essential Addon; meaning its not only widely used but is widely accepted as something that should be in the vanilla game.

Get Player Status Icon here:

23. Infinite Ammo

Do I really need to explain this? This is another quality of life Addon that will make your solo adventures more fun. Who has the time to reload when you spawned 50 headcrabs! 

Why You Need Infinite Ammo:

  • Improve your Sandbox games by getting rid of the most boring part - Reloading.

  • Infinite Ammo incredibly increases the speed at which you play and might help your ADHD brain stay focused on building that perfect Trouble in Terrorist Town map.

  • A great quality of life Addon that will help you create and kill anything you want!

Get Addon Name here:

22. Prop Hunt Gamemode

So you’ve played the Sandbox gamemode to death eh? I understand that, and so does pretty much everyone else who has ever played for more than a few hours. Prop Hunt is the easiest and easily the most fun game mode available. Disguise yourself as a prop or hunt for your friends in this super fun and fast paced gamemode!

Why You Need Prop Hunt:

  • Enjoy hours of entertainment as you try to find out if its the toaster or the refrigerator blasting K-Pop at you.

  • One of the most played game modes available, with heavily modded servers that include extra taunts, addons and player models that improve on the vanilla game.

  • A great game to play with your friends and even your family! It's not weird to wish your brothers or sisters were small harm able props, I promise. 

Get Prop Hunt here:

21. WireMod

Up next is a very complicated mod: Wiremod is an essential when creating in Garry’s Mod. WireMod is your first step to creating contraptions; Star Gates, Combine doors, teleporters and even airboats. This is an essential if you plan to make a Trouble in Terrorist Town map or a Ruth Goldberg machine that chops peoples heads off.

Why You Need WireMod:

  • WireMod is your first step into the world of contraptions and advanced map editing for Garry’s Mod.

  • Create unique contraptions for every type of game.

  • Put a secret in any map you build or edit, just make sure you tell me about it first.

Get WireMod here:

20. More Materials

Now that you are programming computers inside a computer, you need to up your Sandbox game. The More Materials aAdd-on will do just that, and add more textures from Half Life and Half Life 2. Now you can make a mountain of meatballs, or you know, literally anything else.

Why You Need More Materials:

  • Adds several textures that are not in the vanilla game, but are in the original Half Life games.

  • Expand your ability to create in Sandbox and the other editors.

  • You do not need Counter Strike Source to get the new textures; but I highly recommend you get Counter Strike before you start seeing the untextured hell that is Trouble in Terrorist Town.

Get More Materials here:

19. Precision Tool

By this point in your Garry’s Mod experience, you probably hate the vanilla tools in Sandbox. The Precision Tool will help take your migraines away by making your tools more precise and intuitive. Now you can build the super oven of your dreams; just make sure it also makes super C4. (If you get that reference you need to stop playing Trouble in Terrorist Town.)

Why You Need the Precision Tool:

  • Add this to your arsenal of growing tools to create amazing contraptions and maps!

  • Create new and interesting contraptions that can injureinjury, hurt and kill. The holy trinity of Garry’s Mod.

  • Make your multiplayer Sandbox games less frustrating - well for you at leastatleast.

Get More Materials here:

18. GM_Highway14800

Are you still playing on GM_Contruct or GM_Flatgrass? Pathetic. Jump on your new airboat and join the cool kids on GM_Highway14800 for a look at what Garry's Mod Sandbox maps can really do. Explore multiple terrains and do a flip on the loop-d-loop. 

Why You Need the GM_Highway14800:

  • Explore multiple different terrains like deserts, highways, underground tunnels and even a really deep canyon!

  • Put your Garry’s Mod NPC minions to the test on a grueling map or fight your friends for supremacy of the highway.

  • I am almost 100% sure you could do a shot for shot remake of the Gorillaz “19-2000” music video on this map. 

Get GM_Highway14800 here:

17. M9K Specialties

Now this is a special Addon you are going to love. Murderthon 9000: Specialties is part of the Murderthon weapons Addons for Trouble in Terrorist Town and DarkRP. If you're brave, download them all, but this one is the most important one for playing on heavily modded TTT servers like ForerunnerGaming and Moat.GG. Basically, if you can think of a strange weapon, its in here and its ready to go on a murder spree.

Why you need M9K: Specialties:

  • Load into heavily modded TTT and DarkRP servers faster. This Addon is heavily used in some of the most played servers in Garry’s Mod.

  • Beat someone to death with a sword, with your bare hands or with a HARPOON.

  • Hours of entertainment going through all of the weapons this Addon actually has incorporated into Garry’s Mod. It's a top notch example of how dedicated this community can be.

Get M9K: Specialties here:

16. Cinema

Now that you have a nice bloodlust going, how about funny and cute cat videos? Cinema is one of my favorite addons by far - this addon allows you to play on cinema servers and watch viral videos Mystery Science Theater style. Bring your friends or put a YouTube video on the screen to attract a few random players to enjoy it with you.

Why you Need Cinema:

  • Watch hilarious videos with friends or randoms on a multiplayer server.

  • One of the largest communities, Swamp Cinema, has a huge amount of mini-games and trolls. If you join Swamp, you better not hate ponies.

  • Watch feature length films, anime, viral videos and… and… just awful things. With friends!

Get Cinema here:

15. Hit Damage Numbers

An essential mod when killing, Hit Damage Numbers shows you how effective your weapons are against a player or NPC. This is a great indicator of what guns could give you an edge in certain Trouble in Terrorist Town servers like Forerunner Gaming or on certain DarkRP servers.

Why do you need Hit Damage Numbers:

  • To show you how powerful your guns are at murdering. Which, trust me, is very important.

  • Another essential add-onaddon used in heavily modded servers, beat the loading time by pre-downloading!

  • Use the power of knowledge to your advantage! YEA! GO JOE!

Get Hit Damage Numbers here:

14. Orbital Friendship Cannon

What is better than the power of friendship? How about experiencing the raw power of that friendship directly to the face! Orbital Friendship Cannon is a family friendly version of the most loved Gears of War weapon. Get some of that rainbow today!

Why you need Orbital Friendship Cannon:

  • The colors are great! Especially the amounts of burnt ground colors and blood left behind.

  • Probably the most beautiful way to kill hordes of enemies. It's also an excellent traitor weapon in Trouble of Terrorist Town!

  • Demolish your friends and foes and not get demonetized on YouTube. It's a win-win!

Get Orbital Friendship Cannon here:

13. Minecraft SWEP

Are you tired of playing Garry’s Mod? Do wish things were more… square? That's oddly specific, but look no further! Minecraft SWEP will add all your favorite assets from Minecraft into Garry’s Mod Sandbox. Just make sure you don't go punching Source engine trees, they might make your hands bleed. 

Why you need Minecraft SWEP:

  • Relive your favorite Minecraft exploits, but with an assault rifle and gravity gun.

  • Fight combine soldiers in a way you have never done before, and go spelunking with their bodies afterwards.

  • Build and create awesome Minecraft themed maps and contraptions for use in other gamemodes.

Get Minecraft SWEP here:

12. Elevator Source

One of my absolute favorites, and it's a great piece of content that can be enjoyed solo or with a few friends. Elevator Source is a fun and wacky game in which you ride an elevator and stop on various floors to interact with some strange entities. There is not much more to it than that, and it has become a Garry’s Mod staple for as long as anyone can remember. 

Why you need Elevator Source:

  • A fun and wacky gamemode that guarantees a unique experience for at least the first playthrough.

  • If Garry’s Mod had a single player campaign, I think it would either be this Addon or a video of G-man screaming for six hours straight.

  • A fun introduction to Garry’s Mod, and how creative the community can truly be.

Get Elevator Source here:

11. Enhanced Player Model Selector


Let’s face it, most of the gamemodes in Garry’s Mod have a few UI problems, especially when it comes to selecting your character model. If you're like me, you might have over 150 player models downloaded and need help finding that new model. Enhanced Player Model Selector is just that; this simple Addon adds the Sandbox player model selector to all game modes. 

Why you need Enhanced Player Model Selector:

  • Adds the Sandbox character selector to any gamemode, and lets you blacklist the addon to certain game modes if wanted.

  • You no longer need to die to have your player model be permanently changed.

  • Goes well with the next addon in this list. Like really, really well.

Get Enhanced PlayerModel Selector here:

10.  Picolas Cage playermodel

Now I know what you're thinking, a scientist changing into a pickle is the funniest thing you ever witnessed. How about stealing the declaration of independence as a pickle? That could literally kill a few people from laughing, but Picolas Cage is here and is well worth the download. 

Why you need Picolas Cage Playermodel:

  • Meme with the best, and forget the rest. If they don't want to star in B movies, then they shouldn't be playing Garry’s Mod.

  • This is the creator's first Playermodel, and he did a great job. Don't forget to help out the smaller creators; they might surprise you with something amazing in the future.

  • The “This is literally the funniest thing I have ever seen” meme will NEVER DIE. 

Get Picolas Cage here:

9. SligWolf`s GoKart

Now I know what you're thinking, Mario Kart Double Dash was too easy for you. So how about embracingembrace your inner gangsta cart and grabbinggrab SligWolf’s GoKart add-on? Imagine driving a GoKart through a swarm of headcrabs, or if you're really brave, challenge your friends to run you over before you shoot them down. *SPOILER* You shoot them down every time.

Why you need SligWolf’s GoKart:

  • Grab a ‘member berry and relive your youth in the closest recreation of Mario Kart to hit PC!

  • Challenge your friends to death races and challenges using color changing GoKarts with customizable turbo and drifting controls.

  • SligWolf is the man when it comes to great Addons, making some of the best vehicles available on the workshop.

Get SligWolf’s GoKart here:

8. Murder


Murder is another great RP gamemode; one person is a murderer and is hell bent on killing everyone around them. Armed with several different devices and, what I like to call, Murder Thingeys (TRADEMARK PENDING) you can make your fellow players feel very, very fearful. 

Why you need Murder:

  • One of the classic Garry’s Mod gamemodes, and is still very popular to this day.

  • Works on several CounterStrike Source maps, including Clue themed maps.

  • A great way to lose your friends' trust. Sorry Taylor. (I'm not sorry).

Get Murder here:

7. Driveable Bathtub


Now I know what you're thinking “Surely there are better addons than a Driveable Bathtub!”. Well, first off, don't call me Surely. Second; there really isn't. Welcome to Garry’s Mod, and nothing says that better than blasting some Mac Miller and rolling over to your friends crib in most gangster vehicles available.

Why you need Driveable Bathtub:

  • Stylish way to arrive at your destination, and it will help you make a great first impression.

  • Ironically, this is one of the easiest vehicles to drive in the workshop, and it feels great to move around in!

  • Listen you don't truly need this, but you can't say you played Garry’s Mod until you have this. Garry’s Mod is all about freedom, and what's more liberating than a Driveable Bathtub?

Get Driveable Bathtub here:

6. Spiderman SWEP

The most important SWEP of this list is a golden age Addon that has been updated to work on the current version of Garry’s Mod. Spiderman SWEP is a nod back to the grapple hooks from games like Quake 3, and allows you to fly to any point on the map. Just point your crosshairs, and squeeze the trigger.

Why you need Spiderman SWEP:

  • A very popular Grapple Hook Addon used in many different game modes, including Grapple Hook Deathmatch and other specific game modes.

  • A great tool to get around a huge map; making asset creation inside Garry’s Mod easier.

  • A very common Trouble in Terrorist Town item, and since its reintroduction into Garry’s Mod, has made a big comeback on big TTT servers like FRG (ForerunnerGaming).

Get Spiderman SWEP here:

5. VJ Base

Now let's jump into the advanced sections of Sandbox creation. If you think building computers inside of computers is hard, try building AI that can shoot accurately. VJ Base is less of an Addon, and more of a tool to help you build better Addons. This Addon is essential in creating great AI and SNPCs for Garry’s Mod.

Why you need VJ Base:

  • Essential in higher level creations for the workshop. With a custom spawn menu and intuitive controls, it is one of the reasons Garry’s Mod can still compete with the thousands of gaming communities active today.

  • Create awesome NPCs for single player missions or for multiplayer excursions.

  • You will have the satisfaction of killing something almost human. That sentence got me all kinds of hyped… for some strange reason.

Get VJ Base here:

4. Zombie Survival

Another personal favorite, Zombie Survival is one of the most overlooked game modes in Garry’s Mod. Having been a game mode for almost 20 years, Zombie Survive is your basic zombie horde game mode where players play against NPCs and zombie players to survive an oncoming zombie horde. Speciality zombies are included and are very considered overpowered. 

Why you need Zombie Survival:

  • Fast paced game mode and very intuitive UI.

  • A great community surrounding the game mode and its custom maps.

  • A great game mode to play with friends who are just getting into Garry’s Mod. Just remind them, that the vanilla game came out in 2004; and that they are not real gamers until they kill a zombie horde while driving a bathtub.

Get Zombie Survival here:

3. SligWolf's Blue-X13


The final vehicle on this list is an example of how far SligWolf has come. One of his best creations is the Blue-X13. This Addon is used in countless other Addons and has become a favorite among a lot of players in the community. Also, it’s a freaking light bike. LIGHT. BIKE.

Why you need SligWolf’s Blue-X13:

  • An awesome start into motorcycle Addons, as well as it being a freaking LIGHT BIKE.

  • An old Addon but is still topping the charts on the Steam Workshop.

  • Widely seen as “bad-ass” by literally everyone.

Get SligWolf’s Blue-X13 here:

2. CS:GO Knives SWEPs

I am going to come clean; I love CounterStrike: Global Offensive. Their knives, assets and textures are the next level of the Source Engine (literally). So any chance I get to put that content in Garry’s Mod, I try hard to do so. This Addon adds CS:GO Knives to your growing arsenal of weapons for Sandbox and Multiplayer. 

Why you need CS:GO Knives SWEPs:

  • Beautiful knife textures make things like Surf and Deathmatch fun and add a little bit of flair to your characters.

  • A good number of Surf servers use this SWEP, so download now to cut down download times.

  • Practice your knife skills before getting destroyed in CS:GO for the 100th time.

Get CS:GO Knives SWEPs here:

1. Customizable Weaponry 2.0

Our final Addon is something of pure delight. Escape from Tarkov is captivating streamers and players alike, so why not bring it into Garry’s Mod? Customizable Weaponry 2.0 is exactly what it sounds; fully customizable weapons that have realistic features like recoil and weight. Download this mod now to blame it for every shot you ever miss.

Why you need Customizable Weaponry 2.0:

  • I am starting to see more servers use either this addon or its assets to create custom weaponry. This would help you beat the competition when using the guns on their servers!

  • Add a real challenge to a game that was built off the most competitive game on the Source engine.

  • Practice for your next Tarkov run. … We both know it won't help, but it couldn't hurt to try.

Get Customizable Weaponry 2.0 here:

This list has a lot of different Addons to try out. Some are oldies, and some are just goldies. But, ultimately, the best Addons will be the ones that fit your personal taste. I am a fan of FRG’s heavily modded Trouble in Terrorist Town server; but not everyone is going to play Garry’s Mod for TTT. Maybe you would want to try MelonBomber or an addon that will make Garry’s Mod into a RTS. So, what addons did I miss? What are your favorite addons and gamemodes? Leave them in a comment below!

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