Top 10 Best Destiny 2 Fusion Rifles Right Now

Best D2 Fusion Rifles
Read on to discover the top 10 Fusion Rifles in Destiny 2.

Tired of Shotgunners in the Crucible? Fusion Rifles are the best counter!

Destiny 2 is all about the unique loot you can pick up along your adventure. Nothing is more unique than the weapon class, Fusion Rifles.

These unique energy weapon usually fire 7 bolts in quick succession after a charge up phase, absolutely devastating whatever is in their path.

Check out the top 10 Fusion Rifles you can get your Guardian’s hands on right now.

10. Tempered Dynamo

“Reinforce the bonds of legacy.”

A cool-looking Fusion Rifle obtained from the Black Armory raid.  Melt your enemies in style!


With a 740 charge time and 5 Bolt To Kill, it’s easy to get kills in PvP and PvE alike. Not to mention it’s a cool looking raid weapon.


Though it made this list, it’s actually a standard experience. If you got a decent roll on it, and don’t mind just using a Fusion Rifle, you will slay with this thing no problem.

How to Obtain

Random drop from finish a boss encounter in the Scourge of the Past Raid.

Tempered Dynamo full details:

9. The Emperors Envy

“The son’s ambition will be his undoing.”

When you grab this Fusion Rifle, Emperor Calus will definitely become envious. It has a precision frame which will make it easier to land your shots.


With a slightly longer range than Temper Dynamo, it also has an unmatched ammo economy among Fusion Rifles.


Like you’ll notice with most weapons on this list, it really doesn’t do well in PvP against anything other than Shotguns and rushers.

How to Obtain

Random drop from finish a boss encounter in the Spire of Stars Raid Lair.

The Emperor’s Envy full details:

8. Techeun Force

“Sworn into faithful service to the Queen, the Techeuns of the Reef have long protected the secrets of the Awoken.”

A returning favorite from Destiny 1, Techeun Force returns with a quick sting.


It charges up at a decent speed and can easily wreck in PvE. You can one shot a Guardian in the Crucible and leave them with a fusion of confusion and anger!


Techeun Force is better suited for PvE. It will probably get gunned down by a shotgun in PvP.

How to Obtain

Random drop from finish a boss encounter in the Last Wish Raid.

Techeun Force full details:

7. Proelium FR3

“Make their victory Pyrrhic.”

Tired of getting blasted by a shotgun in Crucible? Give Proelium FR3 a spin and kill that charging shotgunner.


With the quickest charge at 540 time on this list, Proelium FR 3 will vaporize a group of adds faster than any other on the list.


Like the Techeun Force, it takes 6 bolts to kill a Guardian in the Crucible. Since a Fusion Rifle shoots 7 bolts, you would need to catch someone off guard.

How to Obtain

Random reward upon ranking up with Ana on Mars.

Proelium FR3 full details:

6. Loaded Question

“Hey. You see Cayde around, tell him his gun’s ready.” -Banshee-44

Being the Vanguard pinnacle weapon, the Loaded Question was built for PvE. It has a unique perk called Reservoir Burst, which makes a full battery will grant additional damage and cause enemies to explode.


It’s a powerful Fusion Rifle. The Reservoir Burst works perfectly with Auto Loading Holster to make sure you’re always at the top of the magazine. Match it with Rally Barricade or Lunafaction and watch the destruction ensue. 


Not great at PvP because you won’t have full ammo to active Reservoir Burst. Also actively keeping your battery full takes getting used to in PvE.

How to Obtain

Complete the associated questline given from Zavala at the tower.

Loaded Question full details:

5. Main Ingredient

“Now stir the sauce…”

If you’re looking for a Fusion Rifle, but aren’t keen to taking up your exotic slot, give the Main Ingredient a shot. Being a Precision Frame, Main Ingredient is extremely accurate. Its charge time may be on the slow side but it’s damage is almost unparalleled.


This thing hits like a truck. In PvP, It only takes 5 bolts to kill a Guardian. In PvE, it turns anything in your path to dust.


It’s charge time isn’t the fastest at 740. That being said, it could be helped with the backup plan, but that leaves it up to RNG.

How to Obtain

Random reward upon ranking up the Vanguard Faction.

Main Ingredient full details:

4. Erentil FR4

“Bring on the sunrise.”

Think of everything you like about Main Ingredient, and think of this as a stronger version.


It has a slightly longer charge time, but it only takes 4 bolts to kill a Guardian in PvP.


Like the Main Ingredient, its charge time is on the longer side. This can be negated by pre-charging before combat or backup plan.

How to Obtain

Random reward upon ranking up with Banshee-44.

Erentil FR4 full details:

3. Merciless

“Entropy is inevitable.”

Merciless is an exotic Fusion Rifle designed for one purpose: Destroying bullet sponges. With its signature perk, Conserve Momentum, it makes Merciless charge faster with every non-lethal hit it does. It eventually turns it into a full auto shredder.


When Merciless is fullyspun up, it becomesthe highest DPS weapon in the game that can be fired from a safe distance. Pair it with a Titan Rally Barricade or Lunafaction Rift, and this thing is meant for being merciless on bosses.


The ammo economy for this gun is pretty bad. It has a max reserves of 1.75 magazines.

How to Obtain

Random drop from Exotic Engram. Xur occasionally sells it.

Merciless full details:

2. Telesto

“Vestiges of the Queen's Harbingers yet linger among Saturn's moons.”

The Telesto is probably the most versatile fusion rifle in Destiny 2. It can lay mines, has the longest lethal range in the game, and great for area control. In Crucible, it constantly gets collateral kills. It’s also the perfect counter to the current shotgun meta. Remember–Telesto is the Besto!


It’s exotic perk, Unplanned Reprieve, allows it to stick its bolts into the ground. This allows for the user to set traps for adds and opposing guardians alike.


Though it’s amazing in PvP and clearing adds in PvE, it’s not the greatest at DPS’ing bosses.

How to Obtain

Random drop from Exotic Engram. Xur occasionally sells it.

Telesto full details:

1. Jötunn

“Untamed. Destructive. As forceful and chaotic as Ymir himself.” –Ada-1

If you’ve been playing Destiny 2 at all, you knew this was coming. Jötunn in Norse mythology could be translated as a giant, or entity contrasting with gods. This weapon is both: A giant god killer.


Where do I start? Not only does Its bolt deals MASSIVE damage, it tracks whoever you’re firing at. If you miss the shot but hit the area near your target, it has a crazy blast radius and burns on impact. In PvP, you always spawn with ammo for this gun since it is an energy weapon. You can think of the Jötunn as an in game delete button.


You would be hard pressed to find a negative on this gun. I’ve heard people complain about the charge time, but for essentially an energy tracking rocket launcher, it doesn’t sound too bad.

How to Obtain

Random drop when completing a powerful black armory weapon frame at the Bergusia Forge.

Jötunn full details:

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