[Top 10] Clash Royale Best Arena 4 Decks That Are Powerful

Top Clash Royale Decks Arena 4
Start climbing the arenas and wreck your enemies!

Hooray! You finally reached arena 4. Are you curious about the possible combos you can make with the newly unlocked cards? I’ve got you covered. I gathered a list of the top 10 decks that are just too powerful to play without. 

Fear not, the list has a wide variety of cards. It is not sorted in a particular order either, so you can choose the one that fits your card levels. Give the decks a try and you’ll have an easy time climbing up the ranks, guaranteed!


10. Pekka Goblin Barrel Zap Bait

3.8 elixir deck

Bait the zap and send your goblin barrel. It’s as easy as it gets. This deck is great for Arena 4 for sure. It’s also recommended by the one and only KashmanTV. You can outperform your opponent on defense and keep getting some damage with your goblin barrel.

What Pekka Goblin Barrel Zap Bait excels in:

  • Chip damage, use your goblin barrel wisely, and bait the spell first.
  • Strong defense, you’ve got a PEKKA, what else do you need?
  • Balanced, you won’t have hard times with many enemy decks.

Pekka Goblin Barrel Zap Bait full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=pkgbsawz...

Deck rating: 8.5/10


9. Inferno Miner bait

3.6 elixir deck

This is a pretty solid defense-type deck. You’ve got some of the best defensive cards out there, for both air and ground troops. Keep getting good trades with your opponent and use this to deal damage constantly. Don’t forget to bait the zap. You’ll be amazed by how fast you win games.

What Inferno Miner bait excels in:

  • Early game, you can easily out-trade opponents.
  • Chip damage, send your miner and the goblin barrel.
  • Strong defense, you’ve got great defensive cards. 

Inferno Miner bait full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=argbfbit...

Deck rating: 9.5/10


8. Miner Fireball cycle

3 elixir deck

Although this deck doesn’t have the strongest offense, nothing tops a good defense and chipping some damage. You’ll rely on your defense heavily as well as how fast you cycle it. For offense, use your miner and fireball for cover.

What Miner Fireball cycle excels in:

  • Godly defense, whether you’re facing an air deck or a ground one, you have the cards to do the trick.
  • Fast cycle, you can send your miner and fireball many times even in the early game.
  • Against tanky decks, you can easily beat a Golem/Lava Hound deck, utilize your Inferno Tower.

Miner Fireball cycle full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=bbfsfbit...

Deck rating: 9/10


7. PEKKA Ram

4 elixir deck

The PEKKA Ram won’t disappoint at all. It’s super balanced meaning you won’t have a hard time against many decks. It has godly defense and solid offense. Use your PEKKA defensively and turn this into a deadly counterattack with your Battle Ram!

What PEKKA Ram excels in:

  • Top tier balance, it won’t get countered by many other decks.
  • Good air-to-ground defense ratio.
  • Great during double elixir, the full potential of this deck is unleashed during the late game.

PEKKA Ram full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=pkbrarfb...

Deck rating: 10/10


6. Giant Skeleton Barrel Offensive

3.9 elixir deck

This deck is super strong against other ground-based decks. The only problem is that it has no air tank killer unit. Yet, it’s manageable to give air decks a hard time if you keep the pressure on. Try this deck out and you’ll wreck your opponents!

What Giant Skeleton Barrel Offensive excels in:

  • Offense, the Miner + Barrel on one side and a Giant Skeleton push on the other.
  • Defense, against ground-based decks mainly.
  • Synergy, the cards complement each other pretty well, especially on offense.

Giant Skeleton Barrel  full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=gsgbmnbd...

Deck rating: 8/10


5. Defensive Giant Mini PEKKA

3.8 elixir deck

Musketeer? Mini PEKKA? Good spell combination? Talk about defense all the way! This deck excels at counterattacks. Use your strong defense units and add a 5-elixir giant to their frontline. That’s it, go “HEHEHEHA” your opponents now.

What Defensive Giant Mini PEKKA excels in:

  • Double lane pressure, push one lane with the giant and the other with a Mini PEKKA.
  • Solid defense, the Mini PEKKA and Musketeer are great damage dealers
  • Great during the early game, the average elixir is relatively low.

Defensive Giant Mini PEKKA full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=gibdmpac...

Deck rating: 9.5/10


4. Giant bait

3.6 elixir deck

The stats speak for themselves. This deck has godly ratings inalmost all aspects. Makes sense don’t you think? Musketeer, Mini PEKKA, Skarmy, Mega Minion for defense. Giant, Goblin Barrel for a counterattack. This deck is highly recommended.

What Giant bait excels in:

  • Defense, you’ve got 4 super strong defensive cards.
  • Double lane pressure, Giant and Barrel on one side, and the Mini PEKKA on the other.
  • Early game, due to the low average elixir, you can outtrade your opponent.

Giant bait full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=argbfbgi...

Deck rating: 10/10


3. Balanced Giant Barrel

3.4 elixir deck

With enough air troops, defensive troops as well as offensive ones too, you’ll have no trouble winning most of your arena 4 games. Card synergy is top-notch; the Barrel can be used with a Giant or a Knight. The minions are also a great addition to bait the zap.

What Balanced Giant Barrel excels in:

  • High synergy, the cards complement each other perfectly for counterattacks and defenses.
  • Has high overall stats, you won’t have trouble on either attack or defense.
  • Early game, you can out-trade your opponent. Especially if he has a high average-elixir deck.

Balanced Giant Barrel full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=fbkngbgi...

Deck rating: 9.5/10


2. Valkyrie Goblin BaRam

3.6 elixir deck

High on attack and defense, this all-rounder deck will wreck so many opponents with ease! You have two win condition cards and tons of defensive ones. You’ll be able to pressure your opponent on both lanes all the time.

What Valkyrie Goblin BaRam excels in:

  • Has high overall stats, you won’t have trouble on either attack or defense.
  • Early game, you can out-trade your opponent. Especially if he has a high average-elixir deck.
  • Balanced, the deck will perform great against most arena 4 decks.

Valkyrie Goblin BaRam full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=vampbdar...

Deck rating: 9/10


1. Miner Barrel Zap Bait

3.6 elixir deck

Baiting the spell here is your top priority. Deploy your skeleton army, or as I prefer to call it the Larry army, to bait the spell. Immediately send your miner and goblin barrel to handle the rest. This deck is OP if you know how to bait well.

What Miner Barrel Zap Bait in:

  • Chip damage, the miner and the barrel are a great combo.
  • Has high overall stats, you won’t have trouble on either attack or defense.
  • Early game, the low average elixir cost allows for great trades at the beginning.

Miner Barrel Zap Bait full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=mnfbmpsa...

Deck rating: 9.5/10


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