[Top 10] Clash Royale Best Arena 6 Decks

Top Clash Royale Decks Arena 6
Start climbing the arenas and wreck your enemies!

Arena 6 is quite a challenging stage (as if the previous arenas weren’t). A lot of cards have been unlocked, and it’s only getting harder from here. If you’re looking to climb the ladder and perhaps wreck your opponents hard, you should definitely check out these top decks I’ve gathered for you relevant to the current meta!

The following decks aren’t sorted in a particular way, so you will be able to pick the deck that suits your card levels. Try to pick two and cycle between them so you can avoid the beloved Clash Royale algorithm. 


10. Mortar Miner

 3 elixir deck

The stats on this deck speak for themselves. The Mortar Miner is a pretty solid deck if you’re looking for one to stick with for a while. It’s still pretty effective in higher arenas. The low average elixir gives the deck a super fast cycle which can win you tonnes of games.

What Mortar Miner excels in:

  • Early game, due to the low average elixir you can out beat your opponent early on.
  • Chip damage, defend your mortar at all costs.
  • Defense, the deck contains a lot of top-tier defensive cards.

Mortar Miner full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=bafblomn...

Deck rating: 9.5/10


9. Miner PEKKA Ram

 3.8 elixir deck

This is another solid deck that could carry you to higher arenas as well. It doesn’t lack anything in particular. Solid defensive cards. Great offensive cards. Air troops, ground troops, and two spells. What else would you need?

What Miner PEKKA Ram excels in:

  • Late game, at double elixir you’ll out beat your opponent easily.
  • Strong defense, you’ve got a PEKKA, what else do you need?
  • Balanced, you won’t face many counter decks.

Miner PEKKA Ram full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=bdfbmnmi...

Deck rating: 10/10


8. Counterattack Hog Barrel


3.1 elixir deck

The newly unlocked log is a great complement to this deck. Send it with your Hog Rider to clear the way and destroy your opponent's towers. This deck relies on good defense and a strong counterattack. You surely have the best cards to do this.

What Counterattack Hog Barrel excels in:

  • Keeping your opponent nervous, the strong defense followed by a good counterattack makes your enemies go crazy. Trust me!
  • Solid defense, whether you’re facing an air deck or a ground one, you have the cards to do the trick.
  • Fast cycle, you can send your Hog Rider many times even in the early game.

Counterattack Hog Barrel full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=gbhritkn...

Deck rating: 9/10


7. Barrel Princess Rocket chip

 3.3 elixir deck

Although this deck might seem to have a weak offense, it packs a strong and consistent punch. The barrel can be used after baiting the spells on your Skeleton Army/Princess/Inferno/Fire Spirit. You’ll also be able to send a rocket after good trades. 

What Barrel Princess Rocket chip excels in:

  • Chip damage, every few good trades send a Barrel/Rocket.
  • Early game, due to the low average elixir, you can outtrade your opponent.
  • Surprising the enemy, you can always do the Rocket followed by a Barrel surprise attack.

Barrel Princess Rocket chip full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=fsknitro...

Deck rating: 8.5/10


6. Giant Goblin Cage

 3.5 elixir deck

The Goblin Cage is a pretty diverse card. It’s great for defense and counterattacks. Couple this feature with a strong Giant push and a Mini Pekka from the other lane and you’ve got a tower-wrecking combo. The spells in this deck are a huge plus too.

What Giant Goblin Cage excels in:

  • Balanced, this deck won’t face many counter decks.
  • Has high overall stats, you won’t have trouble on either attack or defense.
  • Early game, the low average elixir cost allows for good trades in the beginning.

Giant Goblin Cage full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=arfbgigc...

Deck rating: 8.5/10


5. X-bow Rocket cycle

 3.6 elixir deck

Be advised that this deck requires a very relaxed player. You must establish dominance in the game with superior defense for it to be effective. No doubt, the card combination makes this possible. The key is to cycle fast to the X-Bow and defend it with your troops that use extremely few elixirs.

What X-bow Rocket cycle excels in:

  • Defense, you’ve got great defensive cards for any kind of attack.
  • Controlling the game, many low elixir cards for defense.
  • Chip damage, if the X-Bow doesn’t fully take down the tower, your Rocket will do the trick.

X-bow Rocket cycle full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=acarboit...

Deck rating: 8.5/10


4. Giant Skelly Hog Barrel

 3.9 elixir deck

If you’re looking for a deck that’s fun to play and super strong at the same time, definitely give the Giant Skelly Hog Barrel a try! It nearly lacks anything. The deck is as solid as it can get. Make sure you utilize it to put pressure on both lanes and you’ll win more games than you could’ve ever imagined.

What Giant Skelly Hog Barrel excels in:

  • Double lane pressure, Giant Skeleton and barrel on one side and the Hog on the other. You can also replace the Skelly with a Valk or even put her in front of your Hog.
  • Late game, this deck excels during double elixir.
  • Card synergy, the cards complement each other fantastically on offense.

Giant Skelly Hog Barrel full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=gbfbgshr...

Deck rating: 10/10


3. Miner 3.0 Cycle

 3 elixir deck

Cycle fast, win more. This deck is super fast; you'll be sending the wall breakers constantly. With strong support cards such as the Flying Cart, Miner, and Valkyrie, you’ll guarantee a strong attack. 

What Miner 3.0 Cycle excels in:

  • Chip damage, the wall breakers won’t take down the tower from one push, but you’ll hit a lot of shots with them guaranteed.
  • Card synergy, the spells help with chipping extra damage.
  • Defense, you’ve got many great defensive cards.

Miner 3.0 Cycle full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=bacafblo...

Deck rating: 9/10


2. Hog Musk Barrel bait

3.3 elixir deck

With only an average elixir cost of 3.3, you’ve got a pretty tough deck on both offense and defense. The Hog Rider coupled with the Barrel is a devastating combo. If you time the Zap/spell bait correctly, you’ll be able to do some serious damage.

What Hog Musk Barrel bait excels in:

  • Offense, many options to attack your opponent.
  • Defense, nothing’s getting past your Inferno Tower + Musketeer.
  • Baiting spells, you can use both the Skeleton Army to provide cover for your barrel.

Hog Musk Barrel bait full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=fszafbmu...

Deck rating: 9/10


1. Giant Balloon Musk beatdown

 3.5 elixir deck

Double the threat with the newly unlocked Balloon. This beatdown deck is low on elixir and packs a heavy punch. It also has great defensive cards as well as support spells to secure the push. Try this deck now and you’ll be amazed by how fluid and easy it is.

What Giant Balloon Musk beatdown excels in:

  • Offense, the Giant and Balloon are your best friends,
  • Defense, plenty of great defensive cards for air and ground attacks.
  • Late game, you’ll be able to send 2 giants on 2 separate lanes during double elixir.

Giant Balloon Musk beatdown full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=fszamiar...

Deck rating: 9.5/10


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