[Top 10] Clash Royale Best Arena 5 Decks

Top Clash Royale Decks Arena 5
Start climbing the arenas and wreck your enemies!

You’ve finally unlocked the mighty Hog Rider, congrats! In Arena 5 you have a total of 6 new cards to explore. If you’re still wondering what the best decks are to use so you can climb up the arenas, then this article is for you.

I’ve gathered a list of the top 10 arena decks that will definitely help you out. The list isn’t sorted in a particular order, so you’ll be able to pick a deck that suits you according to the card levels you have.


10. Miner Wall Breakers

3 elixir deck

With strong defense and a 3.0 average elixir, this deck has some potential to wreck your opponents hard. Against other heavy decks, you’ll be controlling the game completely. Keep getting good trades on defense and use this to chip damage on the other lane with your Miner or Wall Breakers.

What Miner Wall Breakers excels in:

  • Chip damage, trade well and send your Miner/Wall Breakers.
  • Counterattack, with such a strong defense you’ll be able to have a lot of elixir on your hands to counterattack often,
  • Early game, due to the low average elixir you can out beat your opponent early on.

Miner Wall Breakers full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=bbbafbit...

Deck rating: 9.5/10


9. PEKKA Witch Bait

3.6 elixir deck

The PEKKA Witch Bait is a great defensive/counter-attack deck. You’d want to defend with your PEKKA and counter-attack by putting the Witch behind. To spice things up you can send your goblin barrel with your PEKKA, OR send it with a barbarian barrel to the other lane.

What PEKKA Witch Bait excels in:

  • Late game, at double elixir you’ll out beat your opponent easily.
  • Strong defense, you’ve got a PEKKA, what else do you need?
  • Balanced, you won’t face many counter decks.

PEKKA Witch Bait full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=pkmiwigb...

Deck rating: 8.5/10


8. Hog Valk 2.9 Cycle

2.9 elixir deck

Although the attack of this deck isn't the best, the low average elixir cost will make up for it. Your ability to send your hog rider swiftly will catch both you and your opponent off guard. You won't have any trouble keeping enemies away from your towers because the defense is also quite strong.

What Hog Valk 2.9 Cycle excels in:

  • Early game, you’ll definitely out-trade your opponent many times.
  • Solid defense, whether you’re facing an air deck or a ground one, you have the cards to do the trick.
  • Fast cycle, you can send your Hog Rider many times even in the early game.

Hog Valk 2.9 Cycle full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=hrmucask...

Deck rating: 8.5/10


7. Giant bait

3.6 elixir deck

The stats speak for themselves. This deck has godly ratings in almost all aspects. Makes sense don’t you think? Musketeer, Mini PEKKA, Skarmy, Mega Minion for defense. Giant, Goblin Barrel for a counterattack. This deck is highly recommended.

What Giant bait excels in:

  • Defense, you’ve got 4 super strong defensive cards.
  • Double lane pressure, Giant and Barrel on one side, and the Mini PEKKA on the other.
  • Early game, due to the low average elixir, you can outtrade your opponent.

Giant bait full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=argbfbgi...

Deck rating: 10/10


6. Hog Control Deck 

3.5 elixir deck

This is a great all-rounder deck. You have great cards for attacking and top-tier cards to defend as well. On top of that, you can bait your opponents’ spells and you’ll be unstoppable then. Try this deck out and I’m sure you’ll want to stick with it for a long time.

What Hog Control Deck for Arena 5 excels in:

  • Against heavy decks, utilize the Inferno, Skarmy, Valkyrie, and your witch.
  • Double lane pressure, the Hog Rider and Goblin Barrel got your back.
  • Trades, you have a low average elixir deck.

Hog Control Deck for Arena 5 full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=hritwiza...

Deck rating: 9.5/10


5. Hog Barrel Breakers Offensive

3.4 elixir deck

If you’re still hesitant about which deck to use, the Hog Barrel Breakers Offensive is a great choice. Those stats talk for themselves, you’ll have no trouble attacking or defending. Also, the deck is balanced so you won’t face many counter decks.

What Hog Barrel Breakers Offensive excels in:

  • Controlling the game, many low elixir cards for defense.
  • Double lane pressure, Hog and Wall Breakers on one side, Valkyrie and Barrel on the other.
  • Synergy, the cards complement each other pretty well, especially on offense.

Hog Barrel Breakers Offensive full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=musavahr...

Deck rating: 10/10


4. Defensive PEKKA Zap Bait

4 elixir deck

This deck is pretty straightforward. You’ve got top-tier defensive decks. Play safe and avoid any damage early on. Keep baiting the zap or the spell with your Skeleton Army and send your Goblin Barrel with your Valk if possible. 

What Defensive PEKKA Zap Bait excels in:

  • Counter-attacks, the PEKKA is one of the best cards to do this.
  • Solid defense, PEKKA + Skeleton Army + Valkyrie + Wizard, that’s just too much defense.
  • Late game, this deck excels during double elixir.

Defensive PEKKA Zap Bait full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=acfbsava...

Deck rating: 9/10


3. Giant Skeleton Push

3.8 elixir deck

The Giant Skeleton Push is a pretty solid deck. You almost have the perfect balance in terms of offense and defense. You also have a Baby Dragon which gives you some extra air support. This deck is a solid choice if you want to stick to one for a longer time as it’s still effective in higher arenas.

What Giant Skeleton Push excels in:

  • Has high overall stats, you won’t have trouble on either attack or defense.
  • Good against both ground and air decks.
  • Early game, most cards cost low elixir, leave the Giant Skeleton for the double elixir period or use it if it’s a must.

Giant Skeleton Push full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=argbbdgs...

Deck rating: 10/10


2. Miner Zap Bait

3.1 elixir deck

This deck has a very low average elixir cost, it’s a man’s best friend during the early game. You can play aggressively and lose some trades and it wouldn’t be such a big deal. With great defensive cards, you can keep the enemies away from your tower and keep chipping damage with your Miner/Barrel.

What Miner Zap Bait excels in:

  • Chip damage, keep sending the barrel and baiting the zap with your Skeleton Army.
  • Early game, try to play aggressively in the beginning, especially against heavy decks.
  • Baiting spells, you can use both the Bats and the Skeleton Army to provide cover for your barrel.

Miner Zap Bait full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=gbmubdsa...

Deck rating: 9.5/10


1. Giant Hog Offensive (3.3 Elixir)

3.3 elixir deck

This deck is for the ones who love to go all out on offense, not sacrificing defense in the process! The stats talk for themselves, and the synergy and balance on this deck are amazing. You don’t lack either offensive troops or defensive ones.

What Giant Hog Offensive excels in:

  • Balanced, this deck won’t face many counter decks.
  • Cards synergy, the Hog is a perfect match with the wall breakers and the Giant is great with the Witch.
  • Has high overall stats, you won’t have trouble on either attack or defense.

Giant Hog Offensive full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=zawbgisa...

Deck rating: 10/10


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