[Top 10] Clash Royale Best Arena 7 Decks

Top Clash Royale Decks Arena 7
Start climbing the arenas and wreck your enemies!

Congrats champ, you’ve climbed the ranks, faced too many “HEHEHEHAs” and you’ve finally reached arena 7! A total of 7 new cards are unlocked and let me tell you, these are some of the best cards in the entire game.

I’ve gathered a list of the top 10 Clash Royale Arena 7 decks to choose from. If you’re worried about changing your deck due to your card levels then you’re in the right place. The following list isn’t sorted in a particular order. You’ll be able to choose the deck that suits you the most!


10. Giant Double Prince 3 spell

3.6 elixir deck

This deck is quite good; it almost has everything you need. You'll have a lethal deck if you combine the double prince combo with the Giant, a few supporting soldiers, and a few supporting spells! Try this one and you’ll wreck your opponents hard.

What Giant Double Prince 3 spell excels in:

  • Pushes, the Giant + Prince + Dark Prince + Minions is a strong push.
  • Double lane pressure, you can split push with the Giant on one side and the double prince combo on the other.
  • Late game, the full potential of this deck is unleashed in x2 elixir.

Giant Double Prince 3 spell full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=ardpfbgi...

Deck rating: 9.5/10


9. Mega Knight Wall Breakers

3.6 elixir deck

The stats speak for themselves. It is rare to find a fully maxed-out deck like this one. The Mega Knight is one of the best cards in the entire game during this meta. It is unlocked in arena 7 and this deck fully utilizes his abilities. 

What Mega Knight Wall Breakers excels in:

  • Strong defense, you’ve got a lot of great defensive cards
  • Balanced, you won’t face many counter decks either air or ground ones.
  • Card synergy, the cards go way too well with each other on both offense and defense.

Mega Knight Wall Breakers full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=arbamkmn...

Deck rating: 10/10


8. Hog Valk 2.9 Cycle

2.9 elixir deck

As a low elixir deck, you’ll be able to cycle your cards way too fast. You can send the Hog Rider on two lanes during the double elixir phase. The deck relies on good trades and good Hog Rider timing. Follow this strategy and you won’t regret choosing this deck.

What Hog Valk 2.9 Cycle excels in:

  • Early game, you’ll definitely out-trade your opponent many times.
  • Solid defense, whether you’re facing an air deck or a ground one, you have the cards to do the trick.
  • Fast cycle, you can send your Hog Rider many times even in the early game.

Hog Valk 2.9 Cycle full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=hrmucask...

Deck rating: 8.5/10


7. Dark Hog

3.9 elixir deck

This deck uses two of the seven newly unlocked cards in arena 7. The Mega Knight and Dark Knight combo is a good one to have. Add a Hog Rider and strong defense, you’ll be getting on your opponent’s nerves way too often.

What Dark Hog excels in:

  • Double lane pressure, the Hog Rider can be sent after your opponent runs out of elixir defending your Mega Knight push.
  • Late game, this deck is great during the x2 elixir phase.
  • Defense, plenty of great defensive cards.

Dark Hog full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=fbsawzhr...

Deck rating: 9/10


6. MegaKnight Balloon Miner Minions

3.6 elixir deck

If you’re looking for a deck to carry you even after arena 7, try this one for sure! The stats also speak for themselves here, it’s just a step away from being fully maxed out. This deck doesn't lack anything on offense or defense, it’s also fun to play with.

What MegaKnight Balloon Miner Minions excels in:

  • Wrecking towers, the Mega Knight Balloon combo is a deadly one.
  • Double lane pressure, send a Mega Knight on one side and a Miner + Balloon/Bats on the other.
  • Card synergy, the cards go way too well with each other on both offense and defense.

MegaKnight Balloon Miner Minions full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=blbammsd...

Deck rating: 10/10


5. Royal Dark

3.8 elixir deck

The Royal deck is a great defensive deck for arena 7. It relies on good defense followed by a tactical counter-attack. With great defensive cards and the Royal Giant, you can follow this strategy and you’ll have many steady wins.

What Royal Dark excels in:

  • Controlling the game, many good cards for defense.
  • Chip damage, send the Royal Giant after good trades.
  • Late game, this deck is great in the late game phase.

Royal Dark full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=rgmmdpbd...

Deck rating: 8.5/10


4. MK DoubleHog

4 elixir deck

Here’s another nearly maxed-out deck on this list for you to choose from. This is a super solid deck to run if your card levels allow it. It nearly lacks anything either on offense/defense, or air/ground troops composition. 

What MK DoubleHog excels in:

  • Counter-attacks, you’ve got a deadly combo of the best offensive cards in the game.
  • Late game, this deck excels during double elixir.
  • Double lane pressure, split the Royal Hogs and send a Ram on one side and a Hog on the other.

MK DoubleHog full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=bahrmmmk...

Deck rating: 10/10


3. MK Skelly Barrel Miner Prince

3.6 elixir deck

Another maxed-out deck? I’ve really beaten my high score with this one. This deck uses two of the 7 newly unlocked cards. The Mega Knight and Prince combo is a great one to have. Add great defensive and support cards and you’ll be running a super deck.

What MK Skelly Barrel Miner Prince excels in:

  • Has high overall stats, you won’t have trouble on either attack or defense.
  • Good against both ground and air decks.
  • Card synergy, the cards go way too well with each other on both offense and defense.

MK Skelly Barrel Miner Prince full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=baggbdmk...

Deck rating: 10/10


2. P.E.K.K.A Ram

4 elixir deck

Although the synergy isn’t maxed yet, all other stats are. If you give the cards in this deck a good look, you’ll realize that it is a pretty great one. You’ve got a PEKKA, what else would you possibly want right? It can single-handedly stop a 15-elixir push.

What P.E.K.K.A Ram excels in:

  • Defense, the PEKKA can do the heavy carry on this one.
  • Double lane pressure, the Bandit and the Ram are great cards to send when your opponent is low on elixir.
  • Balanced, this deck won’t have a hard time with other decks as it has a good air-to-ground troop ratio.

P.E.K.K.A Ram full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=bndpmipk...

Deck rating: 9.5/10


1. Hog Rider Royal Giant Barbarians

3.6 elixir deck

With good offensive and defensive cards, as well as a good air-to-ground ratio, this deck is an easy pick. Many great support cards are added too, so you won’t have any trouble giving the extra support for your pushes.

What Hog Rider Royal Giant Barbarians excels in:

  • On offense, you have a deadly Royal Giant Giant Hog combo.
  • Counter-attack, defend with your Goblin Cage, and send a Hog/Royal Giant.
  • Early game, you can save the Royal Giant for the late game and keep trading with your low elixir cards.

Hog Rider Royal Giant Barbarians full details: https://www.deckshop.pro/deck-builder/clan-wars/build?n=1&deck1=arbshrba...

Deck rating: 9.5/10


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