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Train games are one of the best simulators to play, and assuming you’re into the genre, you’ll know what I mean. In this article, I’ll take you through some of the best train simulator games for all players.

17 Of the best train games to play

17. Train Simulator Classic (PC)

Train Simulator Classic Trailer: 

Train Simulator Classic was first released as Railworks and has since had a name change. It features actual routes of Europe. In the later version, the developers added two more with the help of some fiction.

It’s one of Steamworks’ titles; therefore, it doesn’t run without the Steam store. Train Simulator Classic’s reviews are positive, which means players agree that this is a great simulator!

It was developed and published by Dovetail Games in 2009, thirteen years ago!


16. Train Sim World 2020 (PC / Xbox One / PS4)

Train Sim World 2020 Trailer: 

Train Sim World 2020 is the fourth version of the game. It features four main routes, and The Great Western Express is one of them. The game has additional ones that can be added as “add-ons” to the game.

The 2020 version of Train Sim World also has a deluxe edition where a bonus route is added! The trains are pretty realistic, and when it comes to graphics, the game is one to play. It’s also one of Dovetails’creations and was published in 2020. (The name states it!)


15. Train Valey (PC / Linux / Mac OS / iOS)

Train Valey Trailer: 

Train Valey is an addictive train game that features puzzles and building with strategy elements. The player builds railroads so that cities can connect through them, with five seasons for players to make through.

The rails come low cost unless you’re demolishing houses to build them. Train Valley was developed and published by Flazm in 2015. 


14. Transport Fever 2 (PC / Linux / Mac OS)

Transport Fever 2 Trailer: 

Transport Fever 2 empathizes with the transport used for the last few decades and takes place across different continents. Just as in the previous game, Transport Fever 2 still focuses on the evolution of transport and business transport.

Even though the transport history is rewritten by the campaign mode, making it somewhat different from the first one it’s still an addictive game. Urban Games developed Transport Fever 2 and Good Shepard Entertainment for the first time in 2019.


13. Unrailed (PC / Nintendo Switch / PS4 / Xbox One / Mac OS / Linux)

Unrailed Trailer: 

Unrailed is an entertaining co-op train simulator game where you can play with other players to complete your objectives. Though it’s under the indie game genre, it grew popular among players in a short while.

The task of this game is to build a rail longer than ever! You can upgrade your train and master encounters as random as can be while keeping your train from derailing. Indoor Astronaut developed this game, and it was published by  Daedalic Entertainment and Bilibili Co., Ltd in 2019.


12. Train Life: A Railway Simulator (PC / Nintendo Switch / Xbox One / PS4 / Xbox Series X/S / PS5)

Train Life Trailer: 

In Train Life, the player gets to play both the driver and the company director for the first time in the history of railway/ train simulation! You negotiate deals, build trains, and grow your railway empire while playing.

Develop your network as you take the controls in this fun simulator game, developed by Simteract and published by NACON and Bigben Interactive in 2021.


11. Railway Empire (PC / Linux / PS4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch)

Railway Empire Trailer: 

Set in the 1830s, in the United States-based game Railway Empire the player can buy multiple locomotives to serve different cities and build a strong network of railway lines. Railway Empire has five main gameplay modes in which players can earn bonuses and revenue.

During gameplay, the player completes tasks and competes against AI competitors. Railway Empire was developed by Gaming Minds Studios and published by Kalypso Media in 2018.


10. Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic (PC)

Workers & Resources Trailer: 

Workers & Resources is an open-ended game and is only playable in single-player mode. It has an option to enable electricity and heating requirements for your buildings, requirements of fuel for the vehicles you use, and a school for your kids.

It emphasizes reality, which makes the game interesting in an “I’m going to work, but my kid needs to go to school first.” way. The game was developed based on the success level of the genre, and the reviews received were very positive.

Workers & Resources was developed and published by 3DIVISION in 2019.


9. Rail Route (PC / Linux / Mac OS)

Rail Route Trailer: 

Rail Route is another fun game on my list and features a tycoon and management game inspired by railroad dispatching. The player can construct their railworks, control their network, and expand as wide as they want!

Players can also unlock new technology by upgrading their game packages. Rail Route was developed and published by Bitrich.info in June 2021.


8. Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 (PC /Mac OS)

Trainz Trailer: 

Though there’s not a lot of information on the wiki about the game itself; however, this simulator game has a high reputation among players, and its rankings are excellent. Trainz Railroad Simulator was developed and published by N3V Games in 2018.


7. Hmmsim Metro (PC)

Hmmsim Trailer: 

Everyone knows that first impressions last, and this game has an excellent one from start to finish. Hmmsim Metro is a simulator game with a very realistic outlook on how trains move around and is operated by the subway line in Seoul.

Though there's no branding of the subway visible in the game, it features the subway beautifully. Hmmsim Metro is one of the games in the Hmmsim series and immediately has you wanting to play more!

It was developed by Jeminie Interactive and released in December 2021.


6. Voxel Tycoon (PC / Linux / Mac OS)

Voxyl Tycoon Trailer: 

Voxel Tycoon is a management simulation game taking place in the infinite voxel world! The player mines resources, turn them into goodies, and manage their factory during gameplay. 

It was developed and published by Voxel Tycoon in 2021.


5. Open TTD (PC / Mac OS / Linux / Android / iOS / Solaris / Free BSD)

Open TTD Trailer: 

Open TTD is a complete remake of the 1994 video game Transport Tycoon Delux and was initially supposed to release in 2004! Yes, that’s 18 years ago; however, its official release was in 2022.

In gameplay, players earn money by transporting passengers and goods using air, water, rail, and road transport. Open TTD mimics most of the features instilled by the original game, with a few advanced and unique ones.

It’s a fun game to play, thus it made it to number 5 on my list! It was developed and published by the Open TTD team in 2022.


4. Train Station Renovation (PC / Nintendo Switch / PS4 / Xbox One / Mac OS)

Train Station Renovation Trailer: 

Set in an abandoned railway station, this game is an attention grabber and keeper! The player is tasked to renovate and restore it to its former glory as a renovation company. Starting with small and rural renovations, then moving to bigger train stations in metropolitan areas.

Train Station Renovation was developed and published in 2020 by Live Motion Games.


3. Railroad Corporation (PC)

Railroad Corporation Trailer: 

In Railroad Corporation, players can live their dream in an open world full of possibilities! Craft their fortune, manage a corporation, and complete missions. The game is based on the history of railworks across North America.

Though this simulation game focuses more on management than railway building and place, it's addictive and keeps players entertained in their little world. It was developed by Corbie Games and published by Iceberg Interactive in 2019.


2. Sid Meier’s Railroads (PC / Mac OS / Os X)

Railroads Trailer: 

Railroads is a business simulator game and is part of the Railroad Tycoon series.  The game is fully 3-D and focuses on head-to-head strategy, making it slightly different than others in the series.

It emphasizes the economy, and players use the railroads they develop to manage industries. It was developed by Firaxis Games and Feral Interactive and released in 2006. As number two on my list, the game is a lot of fun to play.


1. Chris Swayer’s Locomotion (PC)

Locomotion Trailer: 

In this game, players earn money by using rail, water, air, and road transport in a transport company. It’s set between 1900-2100, making it interesting to see how the economy has changed over the years as well as the transport!

Cris Sawyer’s Locomotion has five different levels of difficulty, featuring 40 scenarios along with an editor. It’s available in multiplayer mode making it even more fun to play with others who love the game.

It was developed by Chris Sawyer (Obviously), and published in 2004 by Atari.

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