Top 21 Best Tycoon Games Loved By Millions Worldwide

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If you're wondering why he's happy, it's because you made your park better than Disney World. All in a day's work as a master tycoonist.

What Are The Best Tycoon Games To Play Right Now?

Ah, tycoon games. You know the ones. They’re the games where you can build theme parks, massive cities, prisons, and weed factories without ever needing to take a business course. No real-life bank loans needed, no construction, and no actual citizens that hate you if you inflict natural disasters on them — what a life.

Tycoon games are loved and cherished by the gaming community for their freedom to create a perfectly pristine (or perfectly disastrous) world in a sandbox environment that has no consequences and no limits. Here are some of the most successful tycoon games in the industry, and some of the reasons why they could become your next favorite money-making simulator.

21. Big Pharma

Big Pharma - A First Look

Don’t expect to break bad and be the next Walter White in Big Pharma, but you can still become a shady pharmaceutical conglomerate in your own right. Inadvertently cause comas, infringe patients, and cover up trials to make a pretty penny. Sure, you can play by the books and have everything be legal and neat. Look the other way, however, and those additional zeroes will tack on fast.

What Makes Big Pharma Fun:

  • You don’t start as a pharmaceutical powerhouse overnight. You’ll work with rusty, bare-bones equipment in the beginning, treating minor illnesses if you’re lucky. As you progress, you’ll gain access to better equipment and rarer ingredients.
  • In Big Pharma, medicine goes out of style faster than the new iPhone models. Your cold medicine might be all the rage in the winter, but once the sun is out, your consumers will replace flu medicine with SPF.
  • Here’s the unspoken truth: some medicines sell better than others. Capitalize on people’s illnesses, and try not to feel too guilty doing it. It’s totally a fictional concept, after all.

Big Pharma: Marketing and Malpractice is an available DLC that grants new unlockable perks and production line tools to make your factories more robust and productive.

Big Pharma has thirty-five challenges to test your skills. How many can you complete?

20. Tavernier

Tavernier Trailer

Have you ever heard the joke that starts with ‘a Djinn walks into a tavern’? Oh, wait. That’s just a normal day in Tavernier, the game where you’re in charge of managing a humble tavern and paying weekly taxes. Your potential customers are anything from suspicious-looking rogues, wanderers, magical creatures, to even talking hens.

Taking place in a fantasy setting, Tavernier is both a quirky management sim and an interactive story game. Make your business prosper, decorate the tavern to your choosing, and select music that’ll best soothe the ears of the common folk. So, if a hen walks into your tavern and asks for a pale beer, you aren’t going crazy. It’s just a typical Tavernier afternoon.

What Makes Tavernier Fun:

  • Your customers all have different music tastes, and the music style you choose provides different stat boots for each customer type. For instance, epic music gives 3% to wanderers, and -1% to everyone else.
  • There are multiple endings and scenarios in Tavernier. Will you give your first customer his drink on the house, or be a penny-pincher and make him pay up? Do you befriend the quiet old man with the mystical aura, or watch him walk away?
  • Tavernier has many random encounters and events that can change your alignment and sway you from being the stingiest innkeeper around, to the most generous in the village. Your tavern, your rules.

Tavernier isn’t just about talking to magical creatures or solving their problems. You must also manage your supplies and decorate your tavern in order to accommodate the needs of every potential customer.

Being the innkeeper doesn’t mean you’re immune to the ever-growing corruption around you. The town and its residents are fishy, and you must have your wits about you if you don’t want to become the bait.

19. Startup Company

Startup Company: Early Access Trailer

Startup Company is for people who prefer their tycoons with a good dose of HTML. You have big dreams of running a successful website, but you start out with only your ambitions (and CSS knowledge) to guide you. Make wise investments, produce high-quality products, and improve your staff’s working conditions. You’ll be on your way to becoming the next Zuckerberg before you know it.

What Makes Startup Company Fun:

  • Design your very own offices. The more successful you are, the more computers, staff, and space you will get.
  • Use the integrated crafting system to create modules and merge components. Hiring experienced developers and researchers will grant you more time to customize to your heart’s content.
  • Run marketing campaigns and manage your servers. Or, focus on hiring a larger and more productive team. After all, you’re the CEO. What you say is what goes.

Set up your own hosting facility once your website starts making a name for itself. Balance your cache and database servers while simultaneously making sure they aren’t overclocked.

With the expansive crafting system and wide array of furniture options, you can make the office your home away from home. Add a ping-pong table, a water machine, or keep it nonchalant with a minimalist theme.

18. Weedcraft Inc

Weedcraft Inc - Scenario One Story and Gameplay Trailer

There are very few instances where you can say, “I operate a large-scale business that distributes recreational marijuana all over the world,” without going to prison. Weedcraft Inc, a game that focuses solely on building a weed empire, is an exception.

Yet, the game doesn’t rely on its controversial shtick to carry its gameplay. Weedcraft Inc offers not only a tight-knit management sim experience, but sheds light on the political and societal implications of the marijuana industry. Stoner or not, this game is highly (no pun intended) praised for a reason.

What Makes Weedcraft Inc Fun:

  • Offers a mix of both story-driven and management sim gameplay. Make moral choices that affect the game through hard-hitting scenarios and comical characters.
  • Cross-breed plants, hire staff at your disposal, and dominate the industry through profitable sales and economically-savvy investments.
  • Climb to the top and become a marijuana mogul, whether it be through the eyes of the law, or resorting to shadier means. Everything’s fair in bud and war.

Build your pot empire while simultaneously changing society’s view on the devil’s lettuce. Your decisions have the power to shape the country.

Choose from a variety of strains, and cross-breed plants to make profitable hybrids.

17. Dealer's Life

Dealer’s Life - Gameplay Video

A procedurally generated tycoon that centers around managing a pawn shop, Dealer’s Life places a heavy emphasis on infinite items and combinations. Every customer has their own psychological makeup, and no two customers will have the same items or appearance. For the pop culture fans, Dealer’s Life has no shortage of video game and television show references, so expect to see items like a Sara Zroft action figure or novels by George R. R. Merlin (no idea when Merlin’s next book will be released, however).

What Makes Dealer's Life Fun:

  • Bid for prestigious items in auctions. Legendary items sell for a higher profit and attract more customers.
  • You can haggle and negotiate with your customers for a better price. The more you learn about each person’s personality type, the more successful your pawn shop will be.
  • Once your shop begins to gain recognition, you can expand your inventory and move to a new location. An upgraded shop will grant you a greater concentration of customers, along with higher-quality goods.

Multiple endings and infinitely generated items make every playthrough of Dealer’s Life a unique experience.

Your crew is an essential part of maintaining your shop. Hire restorers, analysts, clerks, and profilers, all with their own experience level and abilities.

16. Mashinky

Mashinky is a transport strategy game where your main goal is to build a train empire. Using a mix of isometric grids and board game style rules, make your trains go from Thomas the Tank Engine to the Orient Express, one cargo bin at at time.

What Makes Mashinky Fun:

  • If you think building in Mashinky is as easy as laying down train tracks, think again. The isometric construction mode takes the form of a grid-based puzzle, where you combine stations, junctions, and signals to make your train operation run smoothly.
  • Improve your trains with upgrades, which offer individualized bonuses and different cargo types.
  • Take a load off and sit in the passenger seat. Ride the trains you build, and observe how each of the routes operate. A cohesive system will yield greater results.

To keep up with the technological advancements of the train industry, you must continuously upgrade your buildings, train stations, and wagons.

While it’s still in early access, Mashinky will eventually allow players to venture from the Age of Steam to the modern world. New upgrades, industries, and vehicles will be available to you as you travel through each era.

15. Planet Coaster

Coaster Builder Showcase

A game that takes the traditional theme park tycoon and gives it a stylized upgrade, Planet Coaster lets you design and ride your own scream-inducing roller coasters. Coupled with gorgeous graphics and a large selection of downloadable content, it’s the perfect management sim for players that crave a more modern theme park experience.

What Makes Planet Coaster Fun:

  • Shape and control the landscape. Create mountains, lakes, and caverns to add more nuance and depth to your park.
  • Adapt and evolve your park to best suit your guests’ needs. Every guest has their own desires and suggestions on how they think the park could improve, and it’s up to you whether you heed their advice or not.
  • Use the Steam Workshop to trade rides and parks with other players, or use it for creative inspiration.

Design your coasters from the ground up. If you want a new perspective, switch into first-person view and take it for a ride (hopefully you’re not queasy).

Planet Coaster has multiple DLCs that grant you access to new themes, rides, and props for your park. Pay homage to different cultures in the World’s Fair Pack, go old school with the Vintage Pack, or bust out some ghoulish attractions in the Spooky Pack.

14. Cities: Skylines

Basics of Map Making

City: Skylines is a city builder that grants you the city experience without the smog, crowded subways, and overpriced street vendor food. You take on the role as mayor, but constructing skyscrapers and residential buildings isn’t your only priority. To make your city a successful one, you must strategically manage your budget to accommodate not only the citizens’ happiness, but their educational wellbeing, healthcare, and law enforcement needs. With the right strategy, your city can soar as high as the skyscrapers you build. If you lack direction, your city will crumble at the seams.

What Makes Cities: Skylines Fun:

  • Your citizens will react to their ever-changing city as you continue to build things. Pollution and poor sewage removal will only diminish their happiness. Overtaxing and poor supply chains won’t fare well, either. Striking a balance in each zone type will ensure a happier and healthier population.
  • The traffic system is dynamic. Each vehicle and the route they take is mapped out, ensuring a more lively and realistic setting for your City: Skylines playthrough.
  • The available DLCs give the player more gameplay and customization options to extend replayability and allow for more creativity. Natural disasters, concerts, parklife, and snowfall are only a select few of the potential add-ons that can make the building sim all that more customizable.

Cities: Skylines offers extensive modding support. You can import new structures or maps, download custom cities made by other players, or share your own creations.

The ‘After Dark’ expansion of Cities: Skylines adds a day and night cycle. Expect to see your citizens flock towards nightclubs and karaoke bars once the sun goes down.

13. Lobotomy Corporation

Lobotomy Corporation Official Trailer

Lobotomy Corporation is a monster management rogue-lite sim that is inspired by the likes of Warehouse 13, The Cabin in the Woods, and the SCP series. The energy-producing monsters, called Abnormality, are grotesque and bloodthirsty creatures that wreak havoc if not carefully controlled. You must collect the energy from the Abnormality, all while braving the dangers that lurk around every corner.

What Makes Lobotomy Corporation Fun:

  • You won’t know much about the Abnormality at first, but by observing their behaviors and gathering new information, you’ll soon learn how to best extract their energy.
  • The Abnormality can take your employees as pawns, rendering them unruly and disobedient. Getting rid of a compromised employee is an option, but beware. By doing so, all of the information that the employee has previously obtained will be erased.
  • In moments of chaos, you can decide whether to try and tame the incident, or cause a massive explosion to save the rest of the facility. Above all, never let the Abnormality escape.

Your employees aren’t just people that work for you, but they’re also people you have to protect. The Abnormality are vicious and alert. Keep your extraction level high, but make sure your employees don’t succumb to being attacked or brainwashed.

After completing the main story, see how well you fare in Challenge Mode. In this mode, you play until Day 99 without any player checkpoints provided. Good luck, you’re going to need it.

12. Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em Up

Overcrowd: A Commute ‘Em Up Let’s Play Gameplay (KatherineOfSky)

The T, MBTA, Grand Central Terminal. These are only a few nicknames of the essential (yet often annoying) city public transportation method known as the metro station. In Overcrowd, you get to design your own. You’re now in charge of the crowded terminals, confusing map routes, and questionable commuters. Whether you make a convoluted mess or a functionable business is up to your tactical decisions.

What Makes Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em Up Fun:

  • It’s not just train delays or a dirty station that causes customer dissatisfaction. Rat infestations, pickpockets, and thieves are all potential occurrences that can make your station go from tolerable to a downright nightmare.
  • Design your layout in an efficient way with directional signs. Excavate four layers of dirt and put your puzzle-solving skills to the test.
  • Commuters want fast and reliable transportation, and the staff you hire can make or break that. Don’t let your stockroom run dry, and make sure to give your team breaks and deadlines to prevent slackers.

Choose from multiple game modes for your ideal Overcrowd experience. Opt for the procedural campaign, a sandbox mode that lets you determine the overall parameters, or a ‘commute of the day’ mode that has you build a station on a random map.

Your actions can make the commuters irritable. If you want to rake in the money, find a way to make both your wallet and your commuters happy.

11. Parkitect

Parkitect Gameplay (Welsknight Gaming)

A theme park sim that doesn’t deviate too much from the classic formula, Parkitect is a simple and intuitive tycoon that lets you build coasters, rides, and all of the necessary attractions to make Six Flags keel over with envy. This game is perfect for those hot summer days where you'd rather manage a virtual amusement park rather than drive to a real one.

What Makes Parkitect Fun:

  • Place different terrain types, rides, and decorative objects around your park. Custom scenery from the workshop is available if you’d fancy a wider selection.
  • Pay attention to guest satisfaction if you want your park to be a success. Obtrusive staff and not enough resources can make your guests irritable and less lucky to shell out their coin.
  • Parkitect has the option to design your own roller coasters, or choose from a mix of default options. Although a relatively standard practice in most theme park sims, it is always an appreciated feature.

26 scenarios are available to satiate your theme park tycoon itch. If that isn’t enough, use the Steam Workshop to download scenarios made by other players.

Play Parkitect’s sandbox mode if unlimited creativity and no objectives is your thing. Make your theme park so awesome that not even Universal Studios or Epcot could hold a candle to your masterpiece.

10. Project Hospital

Project Hospital Release Trailer

Unless you’re a doctor or nurse yourself, you probably try to steer clear from visiting your doctor more than you have to. Project Hospital, a management sim where you operate your own hospital, is an exception to that. With an expansive amount of customization options and the power to treat hundreds of medical conditions and diseases, this is one doctor’s office that you won’t want to eat apples for.

What Makes Project Hospital Fun:

  • Use a predesigned hospital model, or design your own. It’s less anxiety-inducing being in a doctor’s office if it’s pretty, after all.
  • Perform surgery, hospitalize patients, and contact insurance companies for all of the important details. The different departments and real-life inspired diagnoses make the game both entertaining and educational.
  • Hire doctors, janitors, and other staff to keep everything running smoothly. It’s your job to make both your patients and your team members happy.

For beginners, the tutorial will help you grasp the basics of Project Hospital. A sandbox mode, campaign, and six challenge levels are available to test out your learned skills.

When designing your own hospital, choose from a variety of decorative objects and colors to give it a personalized touch.

9. Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon Trailer

Game Dev Tycoon, a video game about video games, is sort of like Inception (only it’s much less confusing and doesn’t star Leonardo DeCaprio). You play as a video game company in the 80s, and your goal is to develop critically-acclaimed hits and become a AAA showstopper. Research new technologies, expand your team, and decide whether or not you want your games to be more gameplay or story focused. Change the industry, one 10/10 game at a time.

What Makes Game Dev Tycoon Fun:

  • Unlock labs as your business progresses. These allow you to conduct secret projects, such as piracy management, digital downloads, and indie developer awareness.
  • Move into bigger offices as your company grows. You start off in a small garage with nothing but one of those behemoth 80s computers to your name. Gain more recognition, and your squad and office size will increase.
  • Modding and workshop support are available, so you can tailor your Game Dev Tycoon experience to your liking.

As your company grows, you’ll have the ability to develop more difficult and complex games. While this provides an added challenge, it can also help your business if the reviews are positive.

When designing your games, choose which resources to allocate your time to. Once the game is launched, the players will tell you whether you made the right decisions.

8. Prison Architect

Prison Architect Timelapse

If you’ve ever seen Prison Break, you have probably wondered what it would be like to attempt a prison escape yourself. With Prison Architect, not only can you play as an inmate who tries to tunnel, dig, and fight their way out of an institution, but you can also jump in the creative chair and design your own prison from the ground up. Whether you make it thrive or you make it an inmate’s worst nightmare, the choice is yours.

What Makes Prison Architect Fun:

  • Multiple gameplay modes that allow for replayability and different outcomes. Play as a warden or inmate in a sandbox environment, or opt for campaign mode for a more linear, objective-driven experience.
  • Has both single and multiplayer gameplay, where you can either design everything yourself, or add up to eight people to help you build the biggest, baddest, and meanest prison anyone has ever seen. OITNB’s Piper Chapman would be trembling in her orange jumpsuit.
  • Dig tunnels, build execution chambers, and hire dog handlers. Make the prison your way, without having to sacrifice gameplay for creativity.

Be sure your prisoners’ needs are met. Unhappy inmates can lead to riots and/or field trips to the morgue.

The more prisoners you have, the more maintenance is required to keep them happy, healthy, and bloodbath-free.

7. Airline Tycoon Deluxe

Airline Tycoon (Bigfoot)

Airline Tycoon Deluxe uses comical graphics and real-time gameplay to provide a quirky and strategic economic simulator. Become a lucrative money-maker and build your airline to grand new heights.

What Makes Airline Tycoon Deluxe Fun:

  • With over thirty places that you can visit, the ability to choose where you want to go gives players an extra level of freedom.
  • Airline Tycoon Deluxe is locally compatible, so you and up to three of your friends can build your airline and make strategic decisions together.
  • Purchase different aeroplane types, hire personnel, fill order books, and keep track of your finances. With a variety of activities and objectives to challenge you, Airline Tycoon Deluxe makes sure that profitable airlines stem from diligent work.

If you fill your aeroplanes to capacity, have your customers take a charter flight. Buying stocks, selling valuable items and being careful of your finances are what brings in the moolah.

Managing your airline isn’t just about building new aeroplanes and hiring staff. Competitors won’t shy away from attacking you, so install security measures to prevent a nasty breach. If you want a little karmic justice, you can sabotage the competition yourself.

6. Rise of Industry

Rise of Industry (Full Release Update)

In Rise of Industry, you play as an entrepreneur in the 1930s. The market is cutthroat, and losing auctions can be costly. Build factories, arrange trade deals, and construct production lines with the materials that you move. With enough depth and complexity to please experienced and casual gamers alike, Rise of Industry offers a great deal in terms of replayability and entertainment.

What Makes Rise of Industry Fun:

  • Choose from trading, gathering, production, or dabble in all of them. Players aren’t penalized for choosing one avenue over the other, allowing for easier management and a more streamlined experience.
  • Each town has their own personality, and the game’s intelligent A.I. makes your rivals a potential detriment to your business.
  • Build and produce items such as computers, cars, trains, and airships. Skill is required to succeed, but the rewards are plentiful.

Fossil fuel waste? Pollution? Environmental destruction? No, we’re talking about the game, not our own current environmental state. In Rise of Industry, you can focus your efforts on being both planet-conscious and profitable, or resort to being a money-hungry maniac who lets the world around you suffer in the process.

Random events means you can gain the upper hand as fast as you can lose it. Bid for contracts to smoke the competition, and don’t let the ever-changing business climate give your rivals an advantage.

5. RollerCoaster Tycoon®: Deluxe

RollerCoaster Tycoon® Deluxe (PC) Gameplay

Released in 1999, RollerCoaster Tycoon®: Deluxe is a game where you can build roller coasters, even if you tremble at the sight of them in real life. Whatever you like most about actual theme parks — go-karts, ferris wheels, food stands, to name a few — you can replicate them in RollerCoaster® Tycoon on an even larger scale. The popular management sim has not only paved the way for other business sims to follow in its footsteps, but it still holds a spot as one of the most iconic and cherished classics in video game history.

What Makes RollerCoaster Tycoon® Deluxe Fun:

  • Amusement parks can’t operate without staff. Hire mechanics, handyman, security guards and entertainers to help keep the park running smoothly.
  • Choose from a variety of pre-built coasters or design your own. Use loops and corkscrews to make the coaster as tame or as thrilling as you want.
  • Play through a variety of park scenarios, which allow you to progressively unlock more challenging maps. Or, try your hand with the Mega Park sandbox mode, where you’re free to design a theme park with no restrictions or set objectives.

There is no shortage of ride types you can add to your park. Among these ride types are transport rides, gentle rides, roller coasters, thrill rides, and water rides. 

What good is an amusement park if the guests aren’t happy? Keep track of your guests’ moods. If they’re too tired, you probably need to add more benches or food stands. If they’re grumpy, you may need to make your park more balanced.

4. Project Highrise

Let’s Try: Project Highrise (quill18)

Skyscrapers are like little cities all in themselves. Business leaders, politicians, and everyday people all live out their own intrinsic lives in these tall glass buildings of dreams. In Project Highrise, you must build a skyscraper that soars in profit as high as it soars above the clouds. Learn how to adapt to your population and its needs, and establish a reputation that’ll bring more eager customers to your door.

What Makes Project Highrise Fun:

  • Your highrise shouldn’t only be comprised of residential apartments. Offices, retail stores, and restaurants are big revenue-drivers.
  • Campaign mode gives you challenging objectives to complete, while sandbox mode puts an emphasis on free will and creativity. Choose the one that peaks your interest the most for the ideal Project Highrise experience.
  • As more tenants arrive, their demands will increase. Fail to deliver, and they’ll move out and drag your name in the dirt. You must adhere to their wishes and keep evolving if you want to stay on top of your game.

Project Highrise requires a balance of different gameplay elements to succeed. Keep your tenants happy, coordinate your construction efficiently, and invest in new developments. You won’t get by on luck alone.

The available add-on packs provide new decorations, offices, and other gameplay features that can make your Project Highrise experience more robust. Add a twinkling Christmas tree to your lobby, or go Las Vegas Style and build casinos.

3. Software Inc.

Software Inc. Alpha Trailer

Software Inc. is a management sim where you design, furnish, and run your own software company while simultaneously beating out the competition. Coupled with vibrant graphics and a streamlined interface, Software Inc. lets you manage your company in style.

What Makes Software Inc. Fun:

  • Each team member has their own specialization and personality. Tend to their wants as both individuals and a group so that the environment stays symbiotic. Large parking spaces and more roads go a long way in making sure your employees are satisfied.
  • Customize your avatar and furnish the office to make it more personalized and functional. 
  • Run your own online store, mod the software you want developed, and upload the building blueprints to make your company a success.

Software Inc. has a dynamic weather system that prevents the environment from looking stale. Rain will fall, thunder will boom, and snow will envelop the ground and rooftops.

You can furnish up to ten stories (and a basement) in your office buildings. The intuitive copy-paste feature allows you to easily construct a symmetrical and aesthetically-pleasing office without too much tinkering required.

2. Evil Bank Manager

Evil Bank Manager - PC Strategy

Evil Bank Manager isn’t a game where you make money, it’s a game where you control money. Set in the 16th century, you compete against your rivals, make investments, and establish dominion over the world’s war of economic resources. You can become a force to be reckoned with, or you can crumble against the pressure. In Evil Bank Manager, you have to be strategic to survive.

What Makes Evil Bank Manager Fun:

  • What’s yours now doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way. The other countries are as competitive as you are, and will buy your property out from under you if given the chance.
  • Officials can be bribed and the government can be swayed. Your decisions shape the relationships you have with other regions, but the other countries are fickle and can team up against you.
  • Has a dynamic map and events that constantly change, regardless of your own personal investments. Wars and riots can break out, and trade resources will diminish. Be smart and manipulate your surroundings if you want to reign superior.

In Evil Bank Manager, nothing is static. Invest, trade, conquer. You have to be flexible and quick on your feet to come out on top.

The key to Evil Bank Manager is strategic micromanagement. Create new weapons, hire more guards, and loan out resources. Learning to balance each element is what separates the little fish from the big fish.

1. Capitalism 2


Capitalism 2 Gameplay

Released 18 years ago, Capitalism 2 is a management sim that still holds up to the modern tycoons of today, despite its older graphics and simple interface. Its emphasis on realism and risk-taking business strategies makes it a rewarding and challenging management sim that won’t let you win without real thought and precision.

What Makes Capitalism 2 Fun:

  • Sixty product types are available for marketing and manufacturing. Whether it’s retail, agriculture, mining or real estate, no stone remains unturned.
  • Twitter and Instagram may not have been invented yet, but you can still use the media to your advantage. Radio stations, TV, and newspapers are all outlets to get the word out and heighten your success.
  • The available business strategies are comprehensive and complex. You can acquire your technology from another company, make the tech yourself, or take the route of a merger and acquisition.

The stock market relies heavily on realism. Whether you trade for a quick buck or invest in long-term success, the stock market is a vital component of Capitalism 2.

You can hire (and fire) the upper management at will. Choose who is business-savvy enough to crush the competition.

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