[Top 10] CSGO Best M4A4 Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome!

The M4A4 is one of the most commonly used weapons by the CT, as you may know. It is preferred for its great damage and ease of control. We decided to compile a list of the top M4A4 skins based on the CSGO community's interest.


10. M4A4 | Hellfire

The Hellfire M4A4 skin is the only way to burn opponents in the fires of hell, with a devil-like monster painted on the side. Moreover, since its addition to the game in 2017, the skin has been quite popular.


How To Get Hellfire: Operation Hydra Case; The Operation Hydra Collection; or via Steam Community Market


Price: $46


9. M4A4 | 龍王 (Dragon King)

The design of Dragon King feels the influence of Oriental culture, specifically Chinese culture. As soon as you look at the skin, you will see a beautiful Chinese dragon and a range of unusual colors that make the skin stand out.


Hot To Get 龍王 (Dragon King): Chroma Case; The Chroma Collection; or via Steam Community Market


Price: $21


8. M4A4 | Evil Daimyo

Evil Daimyo is one of my favorite skins. One might ask, what is so amazing about this skin? However, in my opinion, the contrast of black and red in such a futuristic design is really eye-catching and distinctive. Also, do not forget that the price is very reasonable


How To Get Evil Daimyo: Falchion Case; The Falchion Collection; or via Steam Community Market


Price: $4


7. M4A4 | Bullet Rain

Bullet Rain is one of the greatest M4A4 skins in CSGO, and it was created a little over half a decade ago. You may not see it very frequently, but it is still one of the best M4A4 skins in the game. With a furious storm cloud painted on the side, this colorful covert rifle is the ideal metaphor for how you'll be raining bullets on the T-side if you own it.


How To Get Bullet Rain: eSports 2014 Summer Case; The eSports 2014 Summer Collection; or via Steam Community Market


Price: $38


6. M4A4 | In Living Color

Living Color is a brand-new skin that first appears in the year 2021. His design, on the other hand, quickly won the hearts of the players. The neon-colored handstyle graffiti is particularly striking. This skin is absolutely unique due to the graffiti creator girl represented in the middle of the pistol.

How To Get In Living Color: Snakebite Case; The Snakebite Collection; or via Steam Community Market


Price: $55


5. M4A4 | Asiimov

In 2013, the M4A4 Asiimov was first released. It was launched alongside the "Winter Offensive" update as part of the Winter Offensive Weapon Case. This technique allows for highly personalized appearances in a wide selection of hues. The skin has been painted in an orange and white color pattern.


How To Get Asiimov: Winter Offensive Weapon Case; The Winter Offensive Collection; or via Steam Community Market


Price: $146


4. M4A4 | Tooth Fairy

This is an M4A4 skin Tooth Fairy with a unique design. The weapon's whole body was decorated in varied colors of red, green, and yellow. The creepy picture of the Tooth Fairy in the middle of the weapon can also be seen clearly. With its totally skeletal look and fly-like wings, it has become a horrifying tooth fairy who is up to take the teeth of dead opponents.


How To Get Tooth Fairy: Fracture Case; The Fracture Collection; or via Steam Community Market


Price: $10


3. M4A4 | Neo-Noir

Neo-Noir is a CS:GO skin collection that includes skins for a variety of weapons. Within the M4A4, it appears to be pretty good. In terms of skin, we can easily see distinct tones like white, pink, black, and purple. A female figure with a katana on the rifle's body also awaits opponents. The woman's illustrations are so well-crafted that it quickly becomes one of our favorite skins on the list.


How To Get Neo-Noir: Clutch Case; The Clutch Collection; or via Steam Community Market


Price: $48


2. M4A4 | Cyber Security

Here's Cyber Security, the fourth skin in our list of the top M4A4 skins. with Operation Broken Fang it became a part of the CSGO community's favored skins. In the skin, we can notice the design of a prominent black hue. At the same time, the design features a light blue, yellow, and red color scheme.


How To Get Cyber Security: Operation Broken Fang Case; The Operation Broken Fang Collection; or via Steam Community Market


Price: $25


1. M4A4 | Poseidon

This is another beautiful blue CS:GO skin with a mythological character. Poseidon is the God of the Sea in Greek mythology, as many people already know. What color would look better on this skin than blue? Along with the Gods and Monsters Collection, the M4A4 Poseidon skin was released in 2015.


How To Get Poseidon: The Gods and Monsters Collection; or via Steam Community Market


Price: $1800



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