Top 10 Best Ark Dino’s (2019 Edition)

Ark Best Dinosaurs
Ark Dino's are not created equal.

What Are The Best Dinos in Ark Survival Evolved?

Ark: Evolved dinosaurs play an important role in making it through the game from finding the right one to help you explore easier, to finding a good one to help you gather all those berries. With all the choices there are, it can be hard finding which dinosaurs are the best to use during your adventures of exploring, building and taming in the game. To help break down what dino you want to be sure to have, we’re compiling a list for you because we know to try to stay alive and have someone on your side isn’t going to happen with a Dodo!

10. Doedicurus

The Good: One reason you’ll love this mammal is that he is by far the easiest to care for and comes with a few good perks to boot. First and foremost, this spiky dinosaur will pig out on vegetables, and came to be easy to tame. Other perks include being able to ride him around, is tamable, and can be bred to make others.

The Bad: Do you enjoy going slower than a snail or at least close to it? Well, then hop aboard the Doedicurus express, because this dinosaur won’t be taking you too far very fast at all which can be a bit of a downer when it comes to things like escaping other dinosaurs in the game or even fighting them. While this creature may be easy to tame, unfortunately, if you get its health down to low it curls into a ball. Once he has curled into a ball, the health is typically too low to further try to tame and is best to finish off for food or materials.

The Wonderful: Need some harder to get supplies such as Obsidian? Well, look no further than this spiky ball of fun. While he may be a vegetable eater, he can use that big ball of his for more than show when he breaks down rocks and other materials to gain obsidian!

Battle Power: If you’re wondering why this spiky tailed friend is great for a boss fight there are a few good reasons. First, he is a smaller creature with a wider attack range. With a large spike ball on the end of its tail, this allows for a wide swing. Being low to the ground means easily avoiding larger dino’s that must work harder to reach you.

Best Method of taming: Using Norco berries or tranq darts is your best bet with this one. Using any of the stronger weapons can cause him to retreat in a ball due to low health. From there the taming option will no longer be available and should just be killed off for the meat.

How To Tame Doedicurus

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