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simulation game, farming, farm, pixel, cute, animals
Stardew Valley has many skills which, while playing, you will... Read More
simulation game, farming, farm, pixel, cute, animals
Stardew Valley is a chill, colorful, fun simulation role-playing game... Read More
simulation game, farming, farm, pixel, cute, animals
If you are looking to make money in Stardew Valley, there are many... Read More
Pools may change color as you help your fish make themselves at home.
Fish ponds are relatively cheap construction that will slowly produce... Read More
Row upon row of fruits, cropping for the whole season!
Fruit Trees – they cost a lot and take a month to grow, but will... Read More
Sometimes you need to make tough choices.
Building relationships with the residents of Stardew Valley is a huge... Read More
There are plenty of crops to pick between for spring, summer or fall!
So. You have your farm. You’re going to grow things. But what, and... Read More
One of the first buildings a farmer is prompted to build is a coop,... Read More
10. Salmonberry Jelly Salmonberries are everywhere in the spring.... Read More
You’ve moved to Pelican Town, taken over your grandfather’s farm, and... Read More
A farmer and Birdie are fishing on Ginger Island, surrounded by tackle, bait, and a Pearl.
You’ve learned to fish, gained a few levels, and bought your Iridium... Read More
Any river, lake, or ocean fish can be put in a pond. So what makes... Read More
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