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RUST Best Base Designs For Defense
10.Faded’s simple solo base design Faded’s simple base This... Read More
RUST Best Ways To Get Cloth (Top 5 Ways)
What is Cloth? Cloth is a natural resource that can be gathered... Read More
RUST Best Ways To Get Scrap (Top 5 Ways)
5.Farming the road (best for early game) Junkpile by the side... Read More
RUST Best Ways To Get Guns (Top 5 Ways)
5.Farming Scrap to buy guns The Outpost Scrap can be used... Read More
RUST Best Settings For FPS Main Image
15.Grass Quality This is simply the quality of the grass on the... Read More
sandbox games, best sandbox games, best open world games
What would you do if you had no limits? The world is truly your... Read More
Cute skin for BAR in Rust.
Do you have a tendency to camp on your roof and kill people from the... Read More
Sleeping bag in the wild.
Have you ever been jealous of your friends, because they have cool... Read More
Large wooden box from hell.
Have you ever seen a large wooden box that glows in the dark while... Read More
A geared guy with a crossbow.
Have you ever found a crossbow with a skin lying on the ground? I... Read More
Have you ever seen a hunting bow skin in Rust? Have you ever wondered... Read More
Waterpipe shotgun
Have you ever wondered how to start a successful wipe? Do you always... Read More
Two loot crates
Have you ever wondered what is the best thing you can get from a loot... Read More
A player with skins mentioned in the article
Have you ever wanted to have an advantage over other Rust players?... Read More
A picture of a wolf
In Rust one of the most important things is animal fat, it is used... Read More
A naked with a bow having to fight a dude with the hazmat suit and a crossbow
If you are a new player, then you have definitely came to the right... Read More
Player holding a pretty AR skin
Have you ever wanted to show off to your friends, have you ever... Read More
Rust armor demonstrated
Are you jealous because others are better than you, do you want to... Read More
Blueprint of a base
Does your base always get raided? Does it get destroyedby other... Read More
Rust graphics settings
Have you ever wondered how to see your enemies clearer in Rust, is... Read More
Scientist holding a gun
Are you not sure about researching a certain weapon, are you afraid... Read More
Rust Is Hosting a Christmas Base Decorating Contest!
Rust has announced that, along with the release of its December ‘... Read More
Day 2 of Rust Charitable Event for Preemptive Love Goes Live
Day 2 of Rust’s charitable event for Preemptive Love has just gone... Read More
Rust Permanent In-Game Store Goes Live
Rust has announced that the Rust permanent in-game store is now live... Read More
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