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28 May 2015 - 10:39 am

Discover the best pre-built gaming desktops in the world. Which one would you choose?

As a PC gamer, you must have already noticed the clear distinction between playing a game on a console and playing the same on a gaming rig. At ultra-high settings, it is pretty easy to spot the graphical superiority that a decent gaming desktop holds over the consoles. Here we are going to take a look at the top of the ladder, pre-built gaming desktops. Keep in mind that each of these desktops offer a ton of customizations while ordering but we are going to check out the basic ones and a look at little into the available customizations. Also, we are not sticking to any fixed price range. Here is the list of Best gaming PCs in no particular order:

15-Lenovo Erazer X700

Lenovo Erazer X700                                         

If this epically designed cabinet case doesn't impress you, I don't know what can?

  • Processor and Motherboard: This monstrous looking desktop is powered by 2nd generation Intel core i7-3970x or i7-3820 processor (3.5GHz) which can be overclocked (to about 3.8GHz) with a single button click. The system is liquid cooled to prevent the heating up of the computer when overclocked.Graphics: This desktop can support up to 3 displays with the NVidia GeForce GTX 660 as the graphics card.This system also comes with AMD Radeon HD 8950 3GB (dual cards).
  • RAM: The system is equipped with 12GB DDR3 RAM which can be upgraded up to 32GB (Quad-Channel).
  • Storage and Optical Drives: It is also packed with 1TB HDD (which can be upgraded up to 4TB) with an additional 128GB SSD in tandem. It also comes with a DVD burner and a 7.1 surround sound support.
  • Price: The basic version of the Erazer X700 starts at $1699 and the cost goes up with better memory specs and GPUs. With the intimidating design and the great performance parameters, this computer would be a pretty good choice for gaming.

The ultimate chassis design of Lenovo Erazer X700  makes it worth its price

The main issues with this computer are the mid-ranged GPU and the unruly wiring inside the cabinet. The GTX 660 is a much lower end Graphic card when compared to the 980s that are generally used in gaming rigs. But keeping the cost of the entire system in mind, this decision to go with the 660 sounds pretty reasonable. The second issue was that Lenovo was not able to making the interiors as pleasing to the eye as the exterior casing. Being a gamer myself, I have been through countless scenarios where I had to open up the case and work with the insides of my computer and the cluttered wiring of this computer doesn't make my job any easier.

14-Alienware Alpha

Alienware Alpha Teaser Video

This is the closest the world has got to the Steam Machine. Alienware Alpha is an attempt to replace the consoles in your living room with a desktop. The computer comes in extremely compact casing which incorporates elements of both desktop and laptop design. The casing is not awe-inspiring but it has a decent, polished look to it. The color of the LEDs can be changed using the software.

  • Processor: The Alienware Alpha is packed with the Dual Core 2.9GHz Intel Core i3CPU.
  • RAM:4GB of DDR3L RAM
  • Storage: 500GB (5400RPM) HDD.
  • Graphics: The system is equipped with custom NVidia GeForce GTX GPU with 2GB of GDDR5 video memory.
  • Extras: A wireless X-Box 360 controller is included with this computer. The steam big picture mode does justice to the controller by adding the console-like environment to the computer and makes it easy for the user to control it using the controller.
  • Price: The Alienware Alpha starts $499 and the price goes up with the additional memory and better processing power.

 The living room desktop - Alienware Alpha 

13-Acer Predator AG3-605

Image By ComputerBild

The predator comes in a not-so appealing case with a black-matte finish and a glossy front panel. The system consists of easily accessible ports including an SD card reader and a USB 3.0 jack on the front panel. There is also a retractable headphone holder on the front of the case and a single swap-able 3.5 inch storage bay.

  • Processor: The system comes with Quad Core Intel i7-4770 (Haswell) which runs at 3.4GHz
  • Graphics: The Predator is equipped with NVidia GeForce GTX 770 with 2GB GDDR Memory
  • RAM: A system memory of 8GB is provided which can be upgraded to up to 32GB with the Quad-channels provided in the chipset.
  • Storage: The system comes with a 1TB Barracuda HDD.
  • The games may take a little longer to load due to the lack of the SSD but the performance of the system at the ultra-high settings is smooth as butter.
  • Price: The Acer Predator AG3-605 starts out at $1199($749 for i5 processor) with a keyboard and mouse included and can be customized according the budget.
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    Author_04 9 months 4 days ago

    I keep forgetting how fast technology is evolving.

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    legr96 7 years 10 months ago

    Since I live in Venezuela, and the minimun salary here is 63$ I would be able to buy an Alienware area 51 in about 6 years without spending not even a penny of my mothly wages.