The Sims Series Facing A New Competitor Called “Vie”?

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Can The Sims really be beaten?

The Sims, over the last 17 years, has really been the only decent life simulation out there. But is that about to change with the upcoming game "Vie"?

The competition in question had been labelled “Project Vie”, and we were all lead to believe that the game was aiming to try and knock EA’s The Sims 4 right of its pedestal, which it has been on for years. “Vie” was teased to eager players back in September 2016. The makers of the upcoming game had said that their game is similar to The Sims in some ways, but completely different in others. They stated that you will end up doing the same thing in both games, but players will supposedly have a lot more fun with Vie than with The Sims.

What the producers of “Vie” told excited fans

People began to ask questions – why make a game that is pretty much the same as The Sims? What is the point and why bother? Well, the apparent producers of “Vie” also stated that “Vie isn’t for every The Sims player and The Sims isn’t for every Vie player”. They went on to say that they think all players will absolutely love “Vie”, and that, to make sure of it, they will be paying close attention to what the Sim community to see what they love and what they would want in a new game that is put up against The Sims.

It had been suggested that the producers of the game everybody started getting excited about was being produced by either keen fans of The Sims who aim to make their own fan-made game, or by game producers that have once worked on The Sims themselves. It was announced that a lot more details were to be released on 15th March 2017. So, we all got excited, and starting counting down until the day we would find out about The Sims first ever serious competitor.

So… should EA be worried?

15th March came, and something was indeed announced about “Project Vie”. One small, tiny fact was announced, and that was the long-awaited “Project Vie” was in fact a hoax. Yes, the whole build-up which lasted around 7 months turned out to be a huge hoax, probably by Sim-lovers (or perhaps even haters?), meaning some Sim-lovers sighed in relief, and others felt cheated due to the excitement that had been growing inside them for all those months!

To be honest, it is probably safe to say that The Sims will never get any serious competitors. The game is brilliant in its own special way, and it would be difficult to come up with a decent competitor without just copying right from them. So keep on at it, EA – and don’t get put off by some hoaxers who claim to be bringing out a game that will knock you off your life-simulation pedestal!

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