Horizon Zero Dawn coming to Steam and the Epic Games Store

Horizon Zero Dawn PC release
Aloy prepares to fire on a Shell-walker in the lush landscapes of Horizon Zero Dawn

Playstation Exclusive No More

Horizon Zero Dawn features a variety of enemies with an array of different strengths and weaknesses

The wait is almost over for those who have been unable to enjoy the Guerilla Games developed, Sony published, hit Horizon Zero Dawn. In a recent string of tweets Guerilla, along with Steam, announced the game would make its arrival to both Steam and the Epic Games Store on August 7th, and is available for pre-purchase from both stores. 

The game features a $50 price tag on both sites, but that has not stopped it from already reaching the front page and climbing near the top of the top sellers list on Steam. With the release date in August new players to the game should have plenty of time to shoot and explore before the arrival of the recently announced sequel: Horizon Forbidden West. Perhaps getting the original in the hands of more players could prompt some, not intending to purchase the PS5, to need to know what happens next in the Horizon saga. 

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