[Top 3] Horizon Zero Dawn Best Bows and How To Get Them

HZD Best Bows
Outnumbered but never outgunned

3. Shadow Sharpshot Bow

There are three different types of bow available to Aloy ; Hunter, War & Sharpshot.

The best Sharpshot bow, number 3 on this list, is the Shadow version. It deals insane damage, offers Precision, Tearblast & Harvest Arrows, and has 3 mod slots.t’s yours for some measly shards and a Sawtooth heart.

Fair warning - best used from a distance, as its terrible reload speed makes Aloy a sitting duck between shots.


  • +20 Handling
  • 3 mod slots

Good for:

  • Sniping


2. Shadow Hunter Bow

A tough choice between the Sharpshot or Hunter bow, but the Hunter just about edges it for me. Although it doesn’t pack the punch of its Sharpshot cousin, its elemental arrows and speedy reload time have got me out of many tight situations.

Watch the machines burn (from a safe distance, of course) with its Fire arrows, or add Hardpoint arrows for an extra kick.

It’s easy to get, too - 650 shards and 1 Watcher heart. By the time you’ve reached the Tier 3+ merchants that carry it, you’ll have dismantled enough Watchers to equip an army with these.


  • 80 Handling
  • 3 mod slots

Good for:

  • Anything Aloy’s size.


1. Lodge War Bow

It’s fair to say that Aloy is significantly outgunned against even the lowly Watchers, let alone the giant Rockbreakers you’ll find later, but the Lodge War Bow finally starts to even the playing field.

Armed with 3 elemental arrow options, high damage, and blink-of-an-eye reload speed, it’ll become your default for facing...well, anything. What’s the catch?

To get your hands on it you’ll need to complete all Lodge Trials and turn in 15 blazing suns. Better get to work...


  • 50 Handling
  • 3 mod slots

Good for:

  • Absolutely everything.

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