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Taking the world by storm!
Taking the world by storm!

3. They show the world that gaming isn’t a male-only hobby

The stereotype that gaming is an exclusive boy’s club has hurt the medium in many ways. For one thing, many developers have produced titles featuring content that are offensive to women (and to men who aren’t douchebags). Marketing a game exclusively to males could also be harmful, as it means the game could potentially make less money than if it were something both men and women are drawn to play.

Thanks to gamer girls, however, women are being increasingly recognized as a huge portion of the gaming market. Contrary to the stereotype, games that let you play dress-up or apply make-up to a cartoon avatar’s face aren’t that appealing to women. Gamer girls want action, adventure, and excitement as much as the next guy. Games like Call of Duty, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, The Last of Us, World of Warcraft, StarCraft, and League of Legends? Gamer girls love games like these, and they’re not too shy to share their interests with the world.

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