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Taking the world by storm!
Taking the world by storm!

2. They’re great gamers

Some of the best gamers in the world are women.

Kim “Aphrodite” Ga Young is a member of a professional South Korean StarCraft II team known as MVP. And this eSports champion just so happens to be one of the world’s most badass Terran players – so much so that she can make your most well-thought-out Protoss strategies look like an elementary school exercise. You’ve also got Kaitlyn “kaitlyn” Richelle, another StarCraft II player with some serious Zerg skills. She can kick your butt and make you call her “queen” any day of the week.

Then there’s Sjokz, whose sweet first-person shooting skills can make grown men weep (and who is so badass she named herself after the shockrifle weapon in Unreal Tournament); SSSniperWolf, who’s well-known for lining up the headshots in Call of Duty; and Rachel Quirico, an eSports journalist who also happens to be an amazing League of Legends player.

And the list goes on. This conveys a simple truth: if you’re going to enter the world of gaming, check your prejudices at the door, because the next person putting a bullet through your head in Battlefield 4 could very well be a woman.

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