5 Best Mario Games to Play in 2015

Who doesn't love classic Mario?

5.) New Super Mario Bros.

Hurry to rescue Peach! 

Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach and you must rescue her.

Play as Mario once again and go through water, desert, and castles to find your princess. Jump, duck, slide, and swim through the levels to get to Bowser and fight him.

The best thing about Super Mario Bros. is the amount of levels you can go through, who doesn’t love lengthy games? So you can play for hours and still have new levels to go through!

Play as you favorite plumber once again.

Varied locations and levels, intense fights with Bowser, and extended gameplay, what’s not to love?

My rating: 3/5  

4.) Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga

Help Peach get her voice back!

The brothers are back together - with a surprising ally - to save Peach from a terrible curse.

Join forces with Bowser to give Peach back her voice that was stolen from Cackletta and Fawful.

The boys are back in town. 

Combine your powers and play through mini games in order to face the villains and get Peach back her voice.

The best thing about Superstar Saga is the mini games and puzzles you have to complete in order to level up; they’re so much fun and really test your abilities.

Long for classic arcade games and the thrill of unlikely alliances? This is the game for you.

My rating: 3/5

3.) Super Mario World

Gotta love throwbacks. 

It’s a never-ending adventure for Mario and Luigi. Princess Peach has once again been kidnapped by the evil Bowser. Run, jump, fly, and swim your way through over 50 levels to rescue her.


Play as either Mario or Luigi and go through Dinosaur Island to try to find and fight Bowser for your princess. And you can play through the game as Mario and replay it as Luigi which adds to replayability.

Do you like classic Mario, lengthened games, and games that give you a sense of accomplishment for finishing? Look no further, Super Mario World is for you.

My rating: 4/5

2.) Paper Mario

Play through your storybook and save the happy endings.

Bowser is intent on stopping everyone’s happy ever after in this addicting Mario game.

Travel through worlds and make new friends in order to save Princess Peach yet again and restore everyone’s storybook endings.

Save everyone’s happy ever after.

As you travel complete different puzzles and games in order to level up and ultimately defeat Bowser. Also see new worlds on each chapter which offer a diversity to the game.

The best thing about Paper Mario is the boss fights. You have to develop a new strategy each time you fight one which adds some more depth and diversity to the game.

If you like classic storybook style gameplay mixed with classic Mario stories, Paper Mario is the game for you.   

My rating: 4/5

1.) Mario Kart Super Circuit 

Ready. Set. GO!

It’s a game that never gets old; whether you’re dusting off your Game Boy Advance or warming up your new WiiU Mario Kart is a game everyone can enjoy.

Choose your character, your kart, and the track then begin speeding away to beat the other drivers. Utilize shells, mushrooms, and the ever-frustrating banana peels on the track in order to win the race.

And we have a winner!

The replayability is the greatest thing about this game. You can play just one course a few times over using new characters every time to master it, or play for hours with your friends in order to come out on top.

With so many ways to mess with your friends at kick their butts, what’s not to love about Mario Kart?

My rating: 5/5

Did this list bring back all those memories I promised? If you liked it or think I should have added any other games leave a comment and tell me why!


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