[Top 10] Smash Ultimate Dr. Mario Combos

Smash Ultimate Dr. Mario Combos, Smash Ultimate best Dr. Mario Combos
Doc checks you into the fray

The Doctor is in the House

The Doc is back in Smash Ultimate, and he’s better than ever. Personally, I’ve never had so much fun playing him. He not only feels stronger than before, but his combos feel more reliable too. Even if his fire throwing counterpart is faster, I think it’d be a great idea to learn some of Dr. Mario’s combos. Here are my favorites.

The Best Combos

10. D-Throw > U-Air

Down Throws a decent way to start (Starts at 0:10)

Doc’s D-Throw is an amazing combo starter, especially for aerial combos. Using U-Air is a pretty reliable option. What’s more, you can combo U-Air into itself which makes racking up damage a breeze.

9. U-Air > D-Tilt > Up-B

Aerials for days (Starts at 0:02)

Falling Up Air is a decent move for follow up attacks. A good move to use is D-Tilt, since it doesn’t have much end lag. A strong Up B can end the combo with a whopping 40% damage!

8. Up Throw > U-Air

Good way to keep opponents airborne (Starts at 0:18)

Doc’s U-Air is a decent combo tool, as you’ve seen so far. The great thing is it can combo into itself while falling, so feel free to use it as often as you like.

7. Dair > U-Tiltx2 > U-Airx2

String those combos (Starts at 0:56)

This one needs timing but can deal massive damage if done right. Doc’s Dair doesn’t send opponents far at low percent on the ground. However, they’re in hit stun long enough to quickly follow up with a decent string of attacks. Pummel your opponents quickly before they have a chance to react!

6. U-Throw > Down-B

Tornado's a great KO option (Starts at 0:00)

Dr. Mario’s Tornado attack hits multiple times and rises if B is pressed repeatedly. The last hit sends opponents flying far too! If opponents try to DI, you can move around by tilting the control stick left or right.

5. Nair > Jabx3

Nair hits further in front (Starts at 0:12)

You can use falling Nair to put your opponent into hit stun, like with grounded Dair. It’s a weaker hit, though, so a quick Jab is the best option. You can worry about chasing down your opponent after that.

4. Bair > Grab

Remember your setups (Starts at 0:04)

A decently safe grab setup is always a good option. Bair is a good aerial attack, and at low percent, a good setup for other attacks. After the grab, you can do whatever you see fit.

3. Bair > Side Tilt

Give yourself some room (Starts at 0:25)

This is a good tactic if being chased, to get an opponent away from you. This will hopefully give you enough time to regain control of the situation. You could also do this at the edge of a stage and attempt a spike.

2. D-Throw > Dair

This one's a bit complicated (Starts at 0:53)

At mid percent, this move feels incredibly satisfying. The D-Throw sends the opponents flying just high enough for a devastating Dair. Try it on a ledge.

1. D-Tilt > Up-B

What an amazing combo! (Starts at 0:58)

This simple yet versatile combo is a great way to end or start a string of other combos. It works as an excellent get off me tactic as well. Plus if done with high enough percent on the opponent, it can absolutely kill at ledge.

In Conclusion

Doc’s seriously improved since his debut in Smash Melee, and I see it only getting better for the character. If you have a chance, definitely give Dr. Mario a chance. He won’t disappoint.


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