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10 Games with Best Video Game Graphics in 2015
These games will blow your mind

1. Final Fantasy XV

Square's most anticipated game for almost a decade.

Final Fantasy XV, oh how we have waited for you. The story takes place in an urban fantasy setting similar to that of Final Fantasy VII. The game also stays true to the Final Fantasy tradition of revolving the main conflict around a massive crystal. A fierce war between two states over the Power Crystal is raging on and it is up to the protagonist and his party to put an end to it.

One of the best/worst things that could ever happen to the gaming industry would be the merging of Blizzard and Square Enix. They would release the absolute best games in the history of mankind… 20 years later. Both companies are known very well for their high quality games and very long development times.

Final Fantasy XV was announced in 2006 and has since changed both name and console. With the recent release of the demo we finally got a taste for what the game will be like, and was it good or what? The graphics are mind blowing. I remember watching the summoning of Rammuh in battle and almost falling out of my chair. On the list of the 10 best video game graphics ever, Final Fantasy XV easily wins the number one spot.

So which games do you think has the best graphics? Let us know in the comments below.

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